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Yoga is a method of exercise that can make your brain calm, nerves getting quiet, blood flow getting normal. It helps you revive anxiety and depression and improve your stamina, strength, and more than that.

There are so many postures here, and it has worked in different kinds of diseases. Now we are going to talk about the Journeys in yoga. Where it was invented, how it works, and who can do this.

What is the journey?

A journey is a word act of traveling from one place to another. Sometimes, it can be called if we live with something or are used to some stuff and passed a long time and can say, Journey. Either it can be called a lesson of what we have given but yet can feel the result.

This is such a word that can use in various types. As the road was terrific for the Journey, I passed that Journey where you are giving now. We can see both sentences have been used in Journey, but for different situations.

One is for travel and the second is for life experience. Overall, life is a journey; sometimes, it is called a metaphor and might be negative or positive.

journeys in yoga
Journeys in Yoga

Why should start journeys in yoga

Yoga is a mixed part that includes spiritual, mental, and physical practice. It leads to our life discipline. It is the oldest part of the gym in our life. It does not belong to either creed or any race. But nowadays, it has become religious. In 653, Japanese monk Dosho found Zen, started Yoga in China.

Came to Japan, he started a yoga class. It has increased since the 8th century, and humans have been practicing it for thousands of years. In modern days we have become ego-centric, attacked by so many unknown diseases.

To come over from this, we are trying to do Astanga. But sometimes, we compared meditation with Yoga. But both are not the same.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the same process; it will slow down your nerves and blood circulation. To have a good and fresh mind and heath meditation is incredible. Sometimes we get pain or get wounded, but meditation helps us to recover it earlier.

What is the difference between Yoga and meditation?

Meditation is a part of the Tour in Yoga. But that’s not the other part: Meditation is included. It is mostly done after Yoga; when you do asana, the body is filled with much frequency and needs to be stable; that time, Meditation makes you feel stable and gives you what you need at the time.

It is kind of tight to say what the differences between the two are. But after a lengthy study, it found out that Meditation is working for mental peace, & Yoga is for physical, though Pilates is much more physical than Meditation.

But one complements the other. If you think you can move forward and can do Pilates except for Meditation, you are on the wrong path. If you do not meditate, you are not doing Yoga.

journeys in yoga
Get used to the Journey of Yoga

How many types are there?

On the internet, you will find a vast amount of it. But here we are going to tell you the best 5 types of Yoga:

  1. Power or Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  2. Bikram
  3. Iyengar
  4. Anusara
  5. Restorative

So let’s describe.

Power or vinyasa flow yoga

It is the most popular gesture for athletes. Practicing this, have strong muscles, get more flexibility, and be well balanced. If you are a novice at Yoga, try to start with an easy gesture because this gesture is challenging.

Bikram yoga

If you are new, it may be weird of you. Because the system of it is the environment stays hot, above 100F. This name goes to Bikram Choudhury, the creator of this. It became popular in1970s. This yoga program provides 26 gestures.

Lyengar yoga

B. K. S. Iyengar is the creator of this. It is not hard as the first one. This is gentle. This posture will be perfect for anyone who starts Yoga. With this, you can add belts, blocks, and pillows for your convenience.

Anusara yoga

Anusara means “flowing with grace,” “going with the flow,” “following your heart. Anusara is modern Yoga. It was created by yoga founder John Friend, a master, in 1997. This Anusara provides 250 gestures, and this is so cool for beginners.

Restorative yoga 

It is a gentle kind of Yoga. Also, a long-term procession to calm down our nerves, to flow blood circulation perfectly. It is done mostly on the floor or with the support of a mat or blanket.

If you do not have any stuff like it to do this, you can quickly get it. This is mainly based on spirit, body, and mind.

Which gesture is the hardest on the tour?

Said, no yoga posture is tight for anyone. You need to prepare yourself through mind and body. Some say Ashtanga is the hardest one, created by K. Pattabhi Jois in the 20th century. It is based on breathing. It is also focused on the mind through the practice of breathing.

He has learned from his teacher, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. It is so energetic and simultaneous to our breath. It’s thought that this comes from India; two Indian teachers started this in the 21 century.

Do creeds agree with the Tour in Yoga?

Yes, every creed agrees with Yoga. If we stare at all the religious priests, they did it by the name of God. Let’s dive into this:

Christian: This religion belongs to Jesus. Doing Yoga, he brought the Holy Bible. He had done spiritual Yoga to contact God.

Islam: Prophet Muhammad is the creator of Islam. If we read his biography, we must see he also did Yoga. Before the age of 40, he started Yoga or Meditation. At the age of 40, he brought the Holy Quran to the Islamic race. After getting the scriptures, he continued it

Hindu: Every saint of this creed who belonged did Yoga. Most of the modern Yoga we have already talked about belongs to India, the majority of Hinduism. Lord Krishna, Baba Lokonath, an ascetic person of God, did Yoga if we look at Lord Shiva.

Jews: It belongs to Abrahamic, brought the Tanakh for human beings. He also did Yoga, and after contacting God, he spread the Jews’ creed.

Reading all these might get the idea that all religious’ heads did Yoga.

Does science allow the practice of Yoga?

According to scientific research, science agrees with Yoga. Instead of taking medicine, It can help to recover more than a hundred diseases. The study found that a yogi is more muscular than a non-yogi. It produces a chemical that reduces other toxic substances, makes us exhausted, and increases our anxiety.

So all we should choose is to lead a life with Journeys in-kind exercise Yoga.

 journeys in yoga
Creeds agree with the Journeys in Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions about Journeys in yoga

Is Yoga hard for a beginner?

Not at all. Nowadays, people do it to get better life from their current life.

What is the main difference between Yoga and Meditation?

Meditation is a part of Yoga. Yoga consumes spiritual, mental & physical. Meditation works for mental peace.

When do start the tour in Yoga?

It seems that over 5000 years ago, it was discovered in north India.

Who is the father of Yoga?

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, known as a yoga father, is a modern master. He was a teacher from India.


In the modern age, we have become ego-centric. Do not care for others. For that, we have gone too far from our relationship. 

Doing Yoga every day makes us take care of ourselves. Also, it makes our relationship strong. If we do or get used to the Journeys in Yoga, we can get fit.

So let’s check what we can get if we practice it:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Increase your energy
  3. Cultivate self-awareness
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Breathe deeper
  6. Improve concentration
  7. Correct posture
  8. Improve flexibility and mobility
  9. Build strength
  10. Live longer

Let’s start our life through the tour in Yoga.

journeys in yoga
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