Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of TakeYouCare

Please take your time going through our privacy policies if you have any confusion on security while using our website. Also, in terms of any user’s privacy-related query, please feel free or contact us.

User Information.

TakeYouCare is very serious and careful about visitor’s privacy. TakeYouCare doesn’t intend to use any collected information, and it’s applicable for both personal and general purposes. The data is always kept secure from any third parties knowing, without the consent of the particular user or through lawful requirement.

What Data do We Collect & Why?

TakeYouCare might gather general and personal information of the visitor or user. However, any selling, leasing, or sharing of that information (name and email address) to a third party is a strictly prohibited act that TakeYouCare follows without any question.

Those who visit or use TakeYouCare, have the right to provide or not provide their information for using the site. For specific tasks such as comments, a visitor may need to give detailed personal data.

It’s a common practice of many websites and TakeYouCare to track user’s general information just for user experience improvement. It helps analyze the current trends, tracking site movements of visitors, administration matters, and certain demographic information.

Such information might include but isn’t restricted to the type of browser, internet protocol addresses, service providers, exit pages, click-activity, and access time. Such tracking does not cause any personal identification of visitors in any way.

In terms of uploading a particular image, you should consider not including any image that consists of embedded location data.



TakeYouCare collects such information through cookies. It’s used to determine a particular user’s preference for information or simply keep a record of the site usage done by the user for customizing suggestions on contents or simply to provide a better user experience of the website.

Disabling the cookies from your browser will take the permission away, and you have complete control to decide that. However, this will limit you from using certain features and services of TakeYouCare. Cookies do not have any connection with personal information, though. You can grab more information about cookie management from the browser.

Affiliate Program.

We may earn a small fee whenever you choose to purchase by visiting the link provided on our website. You help us by supporting TakeYouCare with that small commission earned through affiliation participation. 

Please keep in mind, these commissions are minimal and not enough as the whole budget of TakeYouCare. We never recommend or randomly put links to products to earn; it’s just one of the many ways our visitors chose to support us for running TakeYouCare.

Using the contents of TakeYouCare, you agree upon all the privacy policies, terms of use, and disclaimer with consent.