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The Terms & Conditions of TakeYouCare.

You can take your time exploring the terms and conditions mentioned in this segment. By choosing to use our website, you agree to follow them without any problem. In case you have any issues, please choose not to use the information of TakeYouCare.

The TakeYouCare Content Use.

Contents of TakeYouCare are the site’s intellectual property protected by lawful copyright. The rights are entirely reserved for all the materials available on TakeYouCare, and you should not break any terms & conditions regarding the restriction on personal use of the contents.

Visitors can view the content and gather the information offline for simply using it for personal or non-commercial matters. However, any selling, reproducing, or distribution of TakeYouCare contents without permission is strictly prohibited. You can request a hard-copy reprint with the formal application of approval for a specific need.

TakeYouCare Liability Issues.

Any information available on TakeYouCare isn’t intended to replace professional guidelines, suggestions, or advice in any way. There’s no intention to substitute professional help, including legal, financial as well as medical advice.

TakeYouCare tries its best to give the most accurate information. But there’s no guarantee, assurance, claims or promises with the wholeness or accuracy of the provided data. 

TakeYouCare has the complete authority to change and alter the information without giving any prior notice to anyone. All the data is general, and we don’t take any responsibility associated with them.

Using the contents is a choice that visitors take at their own risk.

TakeYouCare will not take any liability for damage or issues to any third party, no matter what event or topic. There’s no involvement with product or service endorsement; TakeYouCare simply sometimes mentions specific recommendations on the.

TakeYouCare User Restrictions to Follow.

You must use the website by following all the terms of use and only for lawful purposes. The strictly prohibited activities are:

  • Violation usage applies to international, local, state, or even federal regulations.
  • In the intention of harming or attempting to harm any minors through inappropriate usage of the provided information.
  • To use the information for sending junk mails or spam to serve advertisement or promotional purpose.
  • Impersonating TakeYouCare or team members or any other users.
  • Causing harm to TakeYouCare or any user to disturb the peaceful running of the site.

User Agreements:

  • By using TakeYouCare, you are warranting and agreeing to the following representation.
  • Posting comments on TakeYouCare with proper license and consents to do so.
  • No comments will invade any right of intellectual property and not violate any copyright terms or third-party trademark issues.

Comments from you will be excluded of offensive, unlawful, defamatory, and problematic materials meant to cause privacy invasion.

You Also Agree to Never:

  • Manually or through automatized means scrape the information of TakeYouCare for commercial or marketing reasons.
  • Introduce any sort of malicious materials such as viruses, worms, and so on that can cause technological harm.

Damage, disrupt, or even interfere with any part of the site with unauthorized access gaining.

Your Privacy & Our Disclaimer.

Before using any content of TakeYouCare, make sure to read our privacy policies and disclaimers to avoid future issues or confusion regarding any privacy or liability-related matters.

Reservation of Rights

We can request for a link, post, or comment removal to you with complete reservation of the right. You will be bounded to get rid of the problematic removal without any argument right after the request.