Take You Care Disclaimers.

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We Only Encourage Good Health Practices, but We Can’t Guarantee Results.

The information on wellbeing, health, and mental soundness that we share through TakeYouCare is meant to encourage you for a better life with good faith practices. 

However, the activities that are talked about or shared ideas upon are only given with the intention of spreading information. When you decide to try something or use the contents, it’s ultimately your responsibility to deal with the outcome. 

We don’t encourage injuries or activities for people with physical or mental issues that a particular shared content activity might worsen. The person experimenting with our contents must bear complete awareness and take responsibility for whatever consequences.

Responsibility Disclaimer.

Any negative situation caused by engaging in the activities such as injuries or even death will be the person’s own decision. We have no hand in any sort of damage. We just share the information for a sensible person to utilize it by measuring their situation and taking necessary steps that sound right for themselves.

Products/Merchandise Disclaimer.

We also occasionally recommend products or services and get a small commission for affiliate advertising. Our website shares the personal and individual perspectives of a product or service. 

However, for any damaged item receiving, delayed shipment, warranty claims, or further issues, you should consult with the supplier and not us. We don’t sell or endorse those items; we simply spread our likings in the form of recommendations. 

TakeYouCare is not responsible for any outlook, guidance, or information available on this website for completeness, reliability, or accuracy.

Expertise Disclaimer.

We purely spread information to reach people for educational purposes. However, substituting the professionals or experts is never our intention. So, in case of any professional consulting need on severe health, physical or mental problems, you should get in contact with a licensed specialist to get more proper treatment or service. None of our contents are meant to treat, diagnose or replace professional consultation by any means.

External Links Disclaimer.

Some hyperlinks will take you to other websites. When you click on them, you chose to visit a completely different platform. Any content, information, or resource on those websites has nothing to do with TakeYouCare. 

When we share a link to a particular website, it’s not meant to recommend every content found on that different platform. Both the website owner and its contents can change without us noticing. And so, there could be a broken link like so that we have yet not discovered.

We also don’t have any connection with the terms and the privacy policies of those websites. So before involving in business, uploading information, or making a purchase with them, you must responsibly check their provided privacy terms and then conduct those deals at your own risk.

Visitors Agreement

Anyone who uses our website will be agreeing to all our disclaimers as well as terms.

Our Rights to Update.

Any change or update to privacy policies, terms, disclaimers, or any parts of this website is entirely in control of TakeYouCare. We have the full authority to do so anytime. 

We will constantly keep new updates and modifications to this website posted and transparently open for our visitors to check every day. We have your full consent on all the changes as long as you choose to keep using this website.