The death of world meditation day and how to avoid it

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Are we giving our body what it’s asking? Are we ignoring the alarming facts of our bodies? World Meditation Day is the solution, but we are making it die. Nature is our mother, and every year, we admire it by celebrating International Meditation Day on May 21.

Meditation can be explained as “the process of relaxation and leveling up the energy’. It’s like calming yourself thoroughly, getting rid of negative thoughts, and giving an inlet to some positivity. If adopted regularly, it can save you from anxiety, and depression, thus helping you lead a healthy life.

History of Meditation

The history of meditation started in the prior 1500 bc and is linked to several sacred ancestors who consider meditation a thriving force for a peaceful mind. It is not just an exercise, but meditation itself is an integral part of religious activities, is considered essential for clearing our mind from stressful thoughts.

The roots of meditation lie in the Buddhism and Eastern Faiths, where it is deemed necessary spiritual activity. Our every busy life is not allowing us to have any mental peace; that is why our world is struggling with depression and anxiety. The stress level excited us up, making us eligible to have any quality time for ourselves.

On Global Meditation Day, we take a step toward reminding ourselves that mental health is as vital as physical. It’s a day of facing your fear and anxiety and let these negative thoughts get drained through your body so you can restore yourself self.

People do a coordinated campaign that involves healthy activities and vowed that they would try to maintain a healthy lifestyle that consists of a balance between exhausting work routine and relaxation time.

Amateur World Peace Meditation Day; the thing that is making us neglect its significance

We all are trying to live a better lifestyle, as the modern era has set the time limits, a standard of luxurious life. And a dream come true life can be only possible if you are earning enough to have the gadgets based on l; latest technology. Man is striving in all the fields of energy, obtaining a healthy yet luxurious lifestyle.

So, their day and night nonstop hectic work are what we got. But, dramatically, we have gone too far in improving our living standards and have entirely forgotten our elves. Sitting idle is not good; being too much busy is not either. 

Just like any machinery around us, our body also needs some fuel and recharging. No doubt, our food, and daily diet, and sufficient sleep are enough to better our body’s functioning. But that’s not enough.

The natural phenomena occurring in our body demands balance from you. If you are working 24 hours in 365 days without any mental break, you can end up losing your mental health. Hectic schedules and no quality time for ourselves are why people face a severe type of depression and anxiety. 

The only path to bring inner peace is to meditate, make sure that you are cleaning your weapon, and prepare for a death shot at any time, i.e., your mind. 

Meditation helps you drain negative thoughts through your mind while refilling them with positive vibes that inspire you to start a new beginning. The Global Peace Meditation Day is scheduled each year to raise awareness about meditation and its significance in our lives.

Although some agencies are running the campaign in this regard, still that’s not enough. And it seems like the world meditation day is slowly dying, taking its last breath. The reasons for this can be just a routine for you, but what they’re taking from you is not neglecting worthy.

World meditation day
international meditation day

a) Extremely hectic everyday schedule

The human body is a triplet, holding three essential parts responsible for giving your hundred percent. Being busy can be used in the sense of responsibility that we know work is our priority and then anything else.

It is like a sign that we are not escaping from hard work and are not afraid of giving up on our hobbies when it comes to our job. Such a person that works 24/7 is considered to be an ideal type, the society admires that person and takes inspiration. But wait, are we not taking this too far?

If you are earning money through a hectic schedule and still not buy some worthy time for yourself, it is earning luminary. How expensive is quality time that we could not believe for ourselves and our minds? And if you are among those, sorry topo say but you are poor, regardless of how much bank balance you own.

World meditation Day is like a nudge, like an agreement with our body that we make. It reminds you that you are committing some compromise with your mind and body.

If you expect your body parts to work 24/7, these parts expect back from us a little bit, and only meditation can feed these parts. Being busy is not bad; it proves your product but marks the difference when the busyness becomes a factor contributing to your depression and anxiety.

b) Lack of proper time

Are you also stuck in your daily life routine just like everyone else? Do you feel like you are too busy with your responsibilities that you can’t even withdraw few minutes for yourself?

We all are engrossed in our work, and most people have Sam timeline. Office, home, and sleep, and then again and again, that makes you highly hectic.

Although the holiday gives you time to refill yourself, you can’t compare the exhaustion of days just within few hours. People have no time for meditation, and as a consequence, they think that days like world meditation day are nothing but a waste of time.

The awareness is not of that level as it should be. People don’t bother themselves about getting a little knowledge that how significant is meditation for them.

c) Lack of awareness

We celebrate world meditation worldwide, but are people aware of this day, although it has got the credit of global day. Well, I don’t think so. Most people are not even known about the phenomena of meditation; what is it? What does it does and how it works?

Only people related to religious values are aware of this phenomenon, and the level of its practice is low worldwide. That’s the reason why we are skipping the importance of world meditation day, and terribly, it might disappear from the book of days of the year. The campaign goes through a survey throughout the world, but the efforts seem to be not enough.

d) Misconception about the meditation day

Another reason for the lack of importance that people should live is the misconceptions people have created inside their minds. They think, just like other global year days, it is also an activity for enjoyment when on meditation day people occupy the street in the form of huge crowds and have fun together.

But that’s not the purpose of meditation day. It’s the reunion of body and soul when people collectively try to calm themselves through global campaigns. They preach the significance of meditation in our lives and spread awareness among mind-healing and body coordination.

They think that meditation is just a fancy name that the elite has adopted to rest or nap. The actual meaning of it is somehow lost. People also think that meditation is just another name for sitting quietly, but they never know the meaning.

It’s not just about cutting yourself from the rest of the world, but it’s about connecting your soul with your body. The whole process helps you gain a reconstructive mood and calm down your temper, thus raising forgiveness and kindness.

It starts from your body and thoroughly invades your soul, and finally makes the mind a cultivating component full of positive intentions.

e) Lack of patience

If you want the outcome of anything huge, then patience is the key that can lead us in this regard. Meditation is not a routine exercise that can bring you results within just a few months.

It’s like a consistent activity that you have to carry on for several months until you reach that point where you feel like you crave meditation to get mental peace.

It’s like coordinating the mind with soul, and the consistency will bring the result, where you will be able to feel light and peaceful despite your buy and hustle full life.

World meditation day
world meditation day

Provoking meditation, but how it works?

Meditation is not just confined to physical exercise; the benefits it brings to you can blow up your mind. Some benefits of meditation are given as

Get rid of depression and anxiety. Any physical sickness is curable, as it is detectable, and you can quickly get a remedy for it.

On the contrary, mental illness is undetectable, and a person has to cope up with it personally, no matter how hard it is. Others can’t understand your mental state unless they have not experienced it by themselves. 

Sometimes, you have to face a war inside your head that can destroy your ability to take over thoughts and emotions. You feel stressed and tired always, with little or no motivation. At this stage, a person becomes a patient of anxiety and depression.

He can no longer express his feelings in front of other people due to the fear of getting wrong. People would say it’s all in your mind, but you know there is something.

You don’t want to explain, and as you start distancing yourself. People are attempting suicides worldwide, and reports have shown that these deaths occur due to a person’s inability to cope with his depression—the tradition of visiting a psychiatrist doe not exist in our society.

Meditation can be the only solution to all of these problems, organizing your thoughts and bringing down the storm of questions you have in your mind. You can solve the mysteries inside your head that are bothering you and restricting you from doing your best. 

The essential thing that it does is remove unnecessary concerns that hinder you within the limit of the impossible. But it is just in your mind, and you have to take over the demons of your mind, which can only be possible through meditation and proper concentration.

1) Improve your vitals and energy level

Severe diseases are related to depression, such as obesity, high cholesterol level, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and heart disease. Meditation brings your vitals to a regular place and thus decreases the risk of harming your health.

It stabilizes your mind and coordinates it with body functioning. Within the days, you will be able to see a more fresh and energetic side of yourself. Energy levels mean the capacity of the human body to complete a task. 

Oviosouly, when we are burdened by overwork and are entangled within the responsibilities, it rigs us nothing instead of making us feel exhausted. Meditation relieves uncertainty and helps you figure out the better way to organize things. It increases your capacity to cope up with any problem without skipping a single task.

2) Make yourself strong spiritually

Is it possible to do something if you are entirely unsure about it? Our mind acts like mimicking machine that manipulates our thoughts. Whatever you will think, it will start sending the commands according to it. Positive reviews will bring positive changes to your body. 

On the contrary, negative thoughts lead you down into the hole of self-consciousness, where you can do nothing. To believe is something significant here. Through meditation, you learn how to make firm decisions and then sticking to those decisions. 

Believe in yourself that you can do anything, which can be the most significant turning point in your life. Another aspect is the manifestation that you believe in something that seems impossible, and that thing happens in reality.

3) Help you slow down

Are you tired, exhausted, and mentally sick? Does anybody care? So you should know where you have to stop yourself and to take some rest. If you ignore your stress level and tiredness, you are probably inviting bad luck to your doorstep.

Negligence can make you go long for some days, but you might have to give up on your work for months or some time years after that. You should know the warning signs that are stopping you from getting too far.

Just put down the burden of responsibilities and take some rest/ first admit that you are mentally sick and tired, then try to find the answers to why you are tired. Take a brief look at your schedule, and if you think that you lack self-care, meditation is the first step you should adopt at this point.

What would the world look like without meditation?

In our every day busy and stressful life, all you need is some quiet and peaceful place. The responsibilities you own being an adult restrict you from having a brief talk with your inner child. 

If there is no meditation, think once won’t be the world a wreckless and merciless place, where people are taking their lives because they can’t find a solution to their answers. A society can’t grow unless mentally stable people support it. 

So all would see will be anxiety and people struggling with their demons. But, blissful, we are not unlucky, as our ancestors and some legendary religious personalities left their teachings that taught us how to turn down the monsters of our mind through peace and meditation.

World meditation day
global meditation

World meditation day on a budget: how to cash it?

World peace meditation day is like an opportunity for us that we mostly waste in our regular life activities. But that’s not a healthy lifestyle. This international day has some demands; it needs you to break from your regular activities and try to spend some time on your site. 

Take it as a blessing and try to erase the negative thoughts from your mind. Recharge it with positive thinking and some inspiration that will guide you in the future. Here are some ways through which you can celebrate world meditation day.

a) Get some personal space

The first thing accessible and everybody can do is build a personal space for themselves. Everything matters here, the environment, surrounding condition,s time, concentration, and amount of focus. A natural environment is much better than any metropolitan area. 

Then simply sit down and close your eyes, and let the thoughts flow through you. It would be like a stream flowing from you, a kind of wave of silence and comfort that goes down through your body. What can be much better for celebrating the International day of meditation than spending time with yourself?

b) Get synchronized with global meditations.

Every year, on the day of world mediation, people hold online global meditation classes that you can attend physically and virtually. Here the communities like yoga and spiritual acts work together and provide the best way to promote this global, significant day. It not only creates a vast unified space but also inspires you to continue the journey of meditation.

c) Try to engage in social activities

Another perspective of meditation is to visit our mother nature, and specific global campaigns offer you tours in this regard. Such as feeding the homeless, visiting the patients, or removing the trash from the sea coast. These activities bring you mental peace through the realization that this world is more than just a materialistic ball.

World meditation day
International meditation day


When did people celebrate world meditation day?

Meditation is a remedy gifted by our ancestors, the history of which goes back to 1500 bc, and the roots come from Buddhism and eastern religious activities. We officially celebrate the world meditation each year on 21st May, which involves huge campaigns, and individual steps to raise awareness about meditation.

What did we do on world meditation day?

As a global day, people celebrate world meditation day through the campaign to raise awareness for meditation. The movements are both physical and online that are carried out throughout the world.

It’s like a firm promise that we make with ourselves that we will withdraw quality time for our health and care. People raise funds to raise public interest in meditation to let them know how significant it is to fight against depression and anxiety.

What do you mean by meditation?

Meditation is a recharging process and restoring the energy that gets drained due to overwork and busy schedules. Meditation helps you to remove the negative vibes and thoughts and to restore positive vibes through proper relaxation. It means to cut yourself out completely from the rest of the world and then let the emotions and feelings flow through you.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is a practice of practicing ultra-focused and concentration that helps you address the inside your head questions. Addressing your concerns through meditation allows you to find a solution and to rebuild the energy that you can use to overcome anxiety, depression, or stress full conditions. Generating positive thoughts enhances your creativity and allows you to give your hundred percent in every field of life.

How can I find time for myself for meditation?

The reason for doing meditation is to give yourself a break from stress full and busy life. Too much busy routine completely leaves you deprived of energy, and you can’t focus anymore. The bunch of thoughts inside your head keep on bothering you and affect your reasoning ability.

So, if you don’t want yourself to fall into the darkness of anxiety, you have to withdraw proper time for meditation. It can save you from any big blunder. Create a schedule that contains a good and repetitive routine for meditation, it would be hard at the start, but after some time, you will get addicted to the relaxation it brings to you.

Why do I feel so restless and uncomfortable while meditating?

If you are feeling uncomfortable while meditating, this could probably be a sign of depression. Usually, it is hard for people to jot up the thoughts suffering from post-depression symptoms.

And it would help if you were thankful that you are already doing a remedy for this mental illness. Keep trying; it would be hard at the start due to the war of thoughts inside your head. But soon, you will find the results.

Does meditation improve my physical health?

Probably yes, meditation is concerned with your mental health. If you are mentally disturbed, how can you expect your body to function properly? Meditation produces coordination within your body and soul, thus allowing you to work more efficiently.


So, no matter how you celebrate this fantastic day, always remember that the only thing that matters for you is your health, and you have to take care of it. All the global days are not about posting a few tweets on your Twitter account, but you have to participate personally to get the taste, and the same goes for World Meditation Day.

world meditation day
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