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TakeYouCare is a combined approach of a few fellows who know how important it is to give oneself the care and love they deserve. And also how by being indulged in self-care, one can truly discover their full potential in personal and work life.

We want to reflect on several values that include regularly practicing everything meant to make you mentally more strong and physically more active. We talk about workouts, healthy eating, psychology breakdowns, self-discovery stories, and many self-focused topics to help people discover their true self that deserves to be taken good care of.

You’ll find a bunch of content on this platform that includes self-driven guides, tutorials, tricks, how-to, interviews, lifestyle advice, and reviews as well. We are super active with a team that’s blessed with all the experts in the field and, most importantly, folks who genuinely believe in the power of self-care.

Meet Our Brilliant Team of TakeYouCare

Who Work Really Hard to Make This Platform Worthwhile.

PK Majumder

PK Majumder

Founder of TakeYouCare

C Majumder

Contributor & Manager

Koyes Ahmed

K Ahmed

It Director

Our Vision

To aware people about take care of health.

We are not just happy but incredibly proud of a team that consists of some of the industry geniuses who share their experience on nutrition, health, and wellbeing through the contents of TakeYouCare so that it can be implemented by anyone out there in this world.

We have health foundation working experts, authors, psychology majors, researchers, editors, designers, SEO experts, product managers, and testing department, and an excellent support team combined working very hard to make TakeYouCare a reliable place for complete wellbeing practice.

Our squad also has a wide range of viewpoints and unique suggestive ideas that genuinely help us to never run out of themes and contents topics to come with.

The TakeYouCare team may work on different sectors but have a common goal of making people more aware of good health and wellbeing practices through a platform like this.

How TakeYouCare Works?

We follow a really systematic approach for creating content that talks about various mental wellbeing issues and even workouts. When we recommend or suggest a product, it comes from a structural and strict selection mechanism that TakeYouCare religiously follows. If you are curious about our scheme, then here’s a sneak peek.

Our Authors

We are pro writers


Pearl M Carter

I am a freelance author and involved with digital marketing, also I’m involved with health-related organizations, I love human welfare and making people health conscious.

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Supryo Deb

I am a freelance author and social worker in the human health field. My job to make people aware of their health. Also, I am involved with health-related foundations.

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S Diana

S Diana

I am involved with a health organization. Since 2017 I work on different health-related projects in various countries. I love it to conscious people about health.

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Our selection team would gather and list down topics that need to be discussed and gather all the latest information about them for the processing team afterward.

The next team takes the job of finding the appropriate products and solutions to specific topics and makes those information use worthy for our expert team to review them.

Then our main squad, a bunch of experts, goes through the whole material to give the next team a specialized version of the copy that consists of ideas and suggestions from them.

Finally, our writing and editing team takes the job of turning the whole material updated and processed till now into easy-to-read and understandable content that gets published to the visitors of TakeYouCare.

Your suggestions, ideas, and criticism are always under the attention of our support team, who forwards them to our expert teams and even get back to you in case of solving your inevitable confusion with help.

TakeYouCare is very serious when it comes to giving suitable suggestions, ideas, and recommendations on the overall welling of individuals. And so, we as a team give our best to bring you matters and thoughts that hopefully touch your heart and helps you live a better life!