How to spell exercise? your best bet to be healthy

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How to spell exercise? Is not it too awkward to ask this question to any adult who already did his/her bachelor’s? Are you going to ask like, “hey google, how do you spell exercise? Not necessarily. 

We spell exercise by following words — E X E R C I S E, i.e., 

where E stands for Exertion, X stands for bridging, E stands for effort, R stands for Roboustiousness, C stands for compromising, I stands for implementation, S stands for shape/stamina maintenance, while E stands for employment. 

A word but holds the meaning of tons that can change your life, from an unhealthy lifestyle surrounded by depression, to a healthier and full of life. When do you think of an exercise that comes to your mind?

A hectic physical routine in which you bother your body to move and get out of your comfort zone that you hate the most? Well, I am lazy too, and just thought of doing all of this made me had chills(sigh). 

And, lazy people like me would also love sitting all day idle without doing anything, eating your favorite snacks, and watching your favorite drama series; it feels like heaven. 

Unless you realize that you have gained tons of weight and now you can’t even move your joints, not a big deal, right? You would prefer living an unhealthy lifestyle, giving up on yourself, making it look ugly; you must be scared.

How to spell workout? Exercise secrets revealed

Our body is like any other digital device or machinery that needs proper maintenance and functioning. If you are using any machinery, such as a car’s engine, it will keep working as long you are taking it in occupation and are using it regularly.

If left unused and unchecked, it will get corrupted and will develop rust, becoming useless. The same goes for our body; if left unbothered, it will set its metabolism to slow, which won’t be sufficient for defenses against disease or survival instinct.

Your body parts will become useless, and soon, you have to suffer from uncontrollable physical conditions. Exercise keeps your body in operation, making you realize the changes you should adopt from time to time. It will burn unnecessary calories while consuming only the amount of food that you need at any time.

How are we living an unhealthy lifestyle?

physical fitness
Unhealthy lifestyle

Numerous factors are responsible for making us sit idle all day long. Our routines and schedules might seem to be so organized, but unknowingly, we lack something. These factors seem to be minor but are playing major roles in our lives. Some of which are:

1) Our hectic schedules

We were living in the 20th century, and we have to play our part in developing our surroundings. As the competition of earning money and getting a high satisfactory position increases, we find ourselves more engrossed in such activities.

We will spend all day long not realizing that we are killing ourselves on our own. It’s like a 24/7 job, and when it comes to ourselves, we would say, ‘ok, I’ll do it later. Either we are doing a job as an adult, or we are completing our studies as students. It is a huge reason why we can’t pull ourselves for any physical activity.

2) Improper lifestyle

It’s our hobby to go against nature, as it makes us feel that we can mess up with the natural cycle. Nature has implemented some rules, some processes, that we must follow to survive. For instance, the sun rising and setting indicate that when we should sleep and when we should wake up.

Nothing can replace the deep night sleep that keeps our body healthy and helps our mind function properly. We have destroyed this cycle, i.e., most people work all night, without sleeping for a second, and sleep all day. People also consider it COOL, not realizing that they are not feeding their body what it needs.

Moreover, if a person won’t sleep the whole night, you can’t expect him to get up early in the morning and to do some exercise. Our body starts its natural cycle at dawn, and it has more potential in the morning to burn calories and keep itself healthy.

3) Modern gadgets

It would be goofy to say that the latest technology is responsible for our unhealthy schedules, how we are neglecting ourselves, not paying attention to self-care.

The 20th century is all about touch, i.e., just one click, and everything is done, thanks to smart devices. But more than bringing benefits, it has made us stick to our seats, making us lazy, irresponsible.

How to spell Exercise?

Let’s abbreviate it

physical fitness
Morning Workout

E: Exertion

Exertion can be simply defined as the act of pulling yourself together for a vast effort or strenuous activity. It is a concept that focuses on using physical energy to get something done.

No wonder that first letter of exercise is abbreviated as exertion since that’s all you need to begin. Exertion means you first have to prepare your mind and then your body for physical activity. 

If you decide to say goodbye to fatty food and idle routine, you can’t just say, “ok, let’s do it. It would be just an immediate decision, the effect of which will vanish after a few days. You have to adopt exertion as a permanent part of your life. 

So, a firm decision is all that you need, for which you have to be mentally prepared. So, first set a goal, what you want to do, then make up your mind that you will stick to this decision as long as you can.

E: Effort

Again, you can’t just wake up one day and start working out; you must have the determination to do something. It takes effort, strength, mindset, and zeal. Exercise means you have to sacrifice your unhealthy activities, and you have to set a routine that you will follow strictly. 

You have to work up early in the morning and must maintain a tight exercise schedule. The outcome of your efforts will depend on the amount of investment you are making in these investments. You have to put your so-called ego aside; you must listen to your body.

R : Robustiousness

Being robust means you are sturdy in your decisions; once you make them, they become a mark on a stone. You have to make your mind exercise, and once you do that, not even yourself can keep you away from acting over it. For example, for overweight people who want to lose it, your willpower is the only thing that matters. 

You have to determine what you have set as a goal; losing weight is not an easy task. It’s all about how rebellious you are for your desires, for your most loved food, and your unhealthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, how strong you are to follow a proper exercise schedule for several months.

C: Compromise

Are you a die-hard lover of burgers, slices, hotdogs, fries, and junk food? Well, you have to throw them into the dustbin. Sleep lover, say bye to your unhealthy routine. Exercise is all about the compromise that you made in your life. 

The exercise would be only fruitful, what type of food you have to give up on and which healthy food you are making part of your daily eating routine. Hectic exercise would seem to be exhausting, but you will start enjoying it after some time as you will begin to feel alive.

X: Bridging

If you are known with mathematics, you might be aware of the X factor, whether you are a math freak or a lover. So we are going to have a short class for mathematics, just kidding. X is a symbol of bridging. Just like the theories, exercise X stands for bridging your body with your mind.

When You are not listening to your body, your mind says something else, but your body is doing it on the contrary. That conflict can affect your career, ability of reasoning, and your personal affairs. Exercise creates a mind full map that you have to follow. You are investing both in your mind and body. It’s like linking life with a soul.

I: Implementation

It means, creates a rule chart that you have to include in your exercise routine and implement it in your life. Continuous exercise will change the way you see your life; it’s a mess that would sum it up.

S: Stamina

Nowhere you will see both the input and output. S means you have to stay strong to your rules. Meanwhile, s also stands for stamina that you will build through physical fitness. It will make your multitasking, sharp mind, healthy body, and a person with strong willpower.

E: Employing

Think of hiring yourself; when someone hires you, he gives you a responsibility. You have to fulfill the demands and have to work according to your user’s given rule book. Apply the same rule to yourself. You have to hire yourself for your body.

You have to work according to the directions your body has given you. Like you get a salary, you will get the pay for yourself in terms of a healthy mindset and stress-free life.

What are the benefits of exercise?

There is a quote, “a healthy body keeps a healthy mind’. I will not exaggerate something; all I will do is stick to this agenda while putting facts in front of you. Although it won’t be a miracle, and you won’t observe any immediate changes in your body, it would take some time. 

But, by the time you will start feeling light and be a more energetic, enthusiastic, and hard worker. I, too, quit unnecessary habits and replaced them with regular exercise, and believe me, I am glad I did that. Here are the benefits of exercise that you won’t deny either, experience once, you will change your perspective of how you spell exercise.

how to spell exercise
Jogging is the best exercise

Exercise: what it pays off to you

So let’s know what does exercise give for me

a) Prevent and control obesity

What do you expect from your body? When you are eating all day long while doing nothing. Our body needs balance; it needs to burn the calories that we utilize every day. The foods we eat get converted to calories. Our body metabolism will digest it and only use the necessary amount to survive at that point. 

Suppose you don’t practice any physical activity. In that case, the calories will keep on building inside your body, and after some time, they will be nothing but a pile that will be visible through your tummy, thigs, arms, and other body parts. If not controlled, it can turn into obesity, which is responsible for several body diseases. 

But proper exercise along with a suitable diet helps you to control the initial stages of obesity, that you can put on restriction on easily.

b) Diminish the risky diseases

They say obesity is home to diseases,” and there is no lie. Junk food is all about storing useless calories that make you a victim of uncontrollable obesity. Obesity means a greater amount of fat in our body, which can be a cause of different kinds of diseases such as heart attacks, kidney failure, etc. 

When the fat percentage increases in our blood, the fat will start accumulating in our blood vessels, which will cause blockage and heart attack as a consequence. The arteries will get damaged, and the heart won’t be able to pump the blood anymore; it will alter the definition of how you spell cardio. 

Exercise reduces the fat level and ensures the proper availability of oxygen to all the body organs. Better blood circulation keeps the balance within the body and helps you to keep your mind fresh. You stay active all day long without feeling dizzy and enjoy life fully.

c) Prevent high sugar level

High consumption of junk food means high sugar levels that can lead to diabetes, a lethal disease that won’t allow you to live normally for the rest of your life. Proper Exercise allows the body to release proper insulin, which will prevent extreme sugar levels. It can also control already existing diseases related to sugar.

d) Ensures mental health

Exercise seems to be all about physical activity, but it’s more beneficial is our mental health. You must have noticed that if you are lazy, your mind stays asleep all day, and you can’t focus on anything. This is due to a lack of proper oxygen delivery to your mind and the fresh air. Mental instability prevents you from doing your tasks efficiently, and you will stay unfocused and soon fall victim to anxiety and depression. 

During Exercise, you regularly inhale the fresh air, and your mind knows how to work according to the day-night cycle. It will stay fully charged, allowing you to show your entire potential, thus making you feel fresh, and you will do your job more effectively. Just practice once, and you will see positive changes in your life, a better one that you must have dreamed of.

e) Sharp you are analyzing skills.

Staying lazy won’t help you much but will affect your mental abilities. Your IQ level is high; you are a sharp observer; you figure out things better and quickly; it does not matter. If you are not allowing your body to grab some energy, you are eroding your abilities. 

Exercise activates your brain cells and makes you a sharp observer. You will understand the commands quickly, and your mind won’t feel any exhaustion due to the hectic work or part-time work. You will feel relaxed, satisfied, and comfortable.

f) Better your sleeping cycle

If you have already experienced insomnia, just like me, you must be aware of how difficult it is to fall asleep. Even I took the pills to fall asleep for a few hours, but after some time, even those efforts start going useless, and I feel scared even from the thought of the night that now I have to start trying to fall asleep. 

But gladly, at that time, someone suggested my Exercise, which helps me a lot in keeping going with my sleep. The sleep I enjoyed was deep, and my mind plus body felt relaxed when I woke up the next day; that was just an imagination for me otherwise. Exercise improves the release of hormones and makes your body feel tired. This makes you fall asleep and also ensures that you are experiencing deep sleep.

g) Control depression and anxiety

We have to be multitasking to beat our competitors in the battle for success. We have to take care of our responsibilities, overwork, behavior, additional projects, personal life, and other concerns. Instead of doing all of this stuff in a sequence, we pile up all of these things on us, which makes us lose control of ourselves.

Soon, we start feeling insufficient for doing anything and fall for depression and anxiety. Improper sleep acts as a huge contributor in this regard. Exercise helps you to sum up all of this stuff without being hyped up.

You are waking up early in the morning, which gives you additional time to create a timeline for your entire day. Inhaling fresh air keeps your mind calm and allows it to organize everything. Your sleep was deep, and so your mind won’t get tired despite multitasking. It reduces stress and makes you a free soul.

How to implement a simple exercise routine in your daily life?

how to spell exercise
Run and keep fit your body

It is hard for us to withdraw the time for any physical activity due to our busy, 24/7 set schedule. But small steps regarding physical fitness can lead you forward, and you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just make these simple efforts a part of your life, and you won’t disagree with me.

  • Take a walk whenever you can, morning evening, if your office is nearby, or you are going to buy some groceries in the nearby shop. These few steps will keep a balance of your body, and if you adopt this habit as a regular one, you won’t need any other physical activity. You can have a morning and evening walk to gain some fresh air.
  • Before starting your day, first, do a little workout, and then do anything else. This activity will refill you and recharge you; you won’t feel tired for the rest of the day.
  • I prefer the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Limit the activities that pursue you to sit or lie down mostly, such as internet surfing. Instead, adopt any other fruitful habit, such as gardening or cycling, to do mental therapy.
  • Instead of wasting your weekend on joyful activities, make the physical work more instance. You can practice yoga and can also pursue your family for exercise. It will build up energy inside you for the rest of the week.
  • Wear a fitness tracker that will act as your trainer.


Regular Exercise minimizes the risk of diseases, helps to improve mental health and the physical benefits, and longer plus healthier life span. It removes inactivity from our lives and makes it easier to maintain proper blood circulation and better cardiovascular functions. 

Although the benefits won’t be visible after a few days, you have to be patient regarding the results. The effects will be longer and much more effective. You will feel better, relaxed, fresh, and active all day long.

If we consider our history, we will find out that we evolved from our nomadic investors. They have to practice intense physical activity to search for food, secure a shelter and make remedies from natural herbs. 

That evolution is responsible for the skeleton that we see today, modified due to physical activity. Our long forelimbs and hindlimbs are not only evidence but persuasion that we should not spoil our bodies while sitting idle. Do you already know how to spell Exercise? But now you have a different perspective regarding physical fitness; that is my purpose.


Why do we exercise?

Exercise is intended to guide you in the way of a healthy lifestyle. It means intense and regular physical work to burn the additional calories in our body to attain a healthy body and mind. The purpose is to organize your schedule so that you have proper time for work enjoyment and sleep without your mind getting tired.

Regular physical fitness care keeps your bones healthy, helps you avoid obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetic conditions. It burns extra calories, removes the fat formation in your body, and maintains proper oxygen availability to all the body parts.

Why is exercise so great?

Exercise is necessary for our body, just like food. If our body runs on the fuel that we obtain from food, it also needs to run enough to burn it. Otherwise, this fuel will start accumulating in our bodies, making it useless.

High Cholesterol is a significant factor in numerous diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other chronic conditions.

It also increases the glucose level in our body and produces diabetes and low oxygen availability to our brain. Our brain is not supposed to work if we don’t provide it with proper oxygen. Exercise reduces cholesterol levels and increases oxygen consumption, thus ensuring the proper functioning of our body, so it is a must.

How to spell exercise
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