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If you can combine a sound body with a peaceful mind, life will be easier for you. But it is a tough task to have both at the same time. Do you want to get relief from your daily life stress? Do you know the best way of getting the ultimate peace of mind? It is possible only with “Gentle Yoga.” By practicing a gentle form of yoga regularly, you can get complete relaxation.

People of any age can do these yoga forms. It is not actually for fitness practice. You will get give the inner peace of the soul instead of losing calories. Here we are to make you familiar with this yoga form. So, let’s know why this form of yoga is the best solution?

What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle yoga is one of the minimalistic forms of yoga. You will find this practice easier and less intensive. The origin of the gentle form of yoga is in America. They start practicing these yoga forms for years to have a refreshed mind. Thus, they can be more focused on their duty. 

You can have a meditative feel from this type of yoga. This yoga has some simple instructions which make it easier. And so it suits best to senior people. You just need to put your full concentration and enjoy the peace. It will give you joy in mind and ease to your body posture.

gentle yoga
Gentle yoga cow pose

Gentle Yoga Poses

The gentle poses of yoga are designed to work on your whole body. Each pose is to make any of your body stronger. Especially chest, shoulders, arms, core, and thigh- these parts of the body get enough strength by this form of yoga.

The yoga forms are considered as gentle pose are:

  • Mountain pose
  • Mountain-Chair pose flow
  • Standing lean side pose.
  • Wide arm cobra
  • Chest opener
  • Cow pose
  • Crossbody or overhead shoulder stretch
Chest opener pose

Benefits of Gentle form of Yoga

This yoga form is getting more popular day by day. People are eager to practice this yoga style for its vast benefits. Here are some important benefits you can get from this yoga style:

  • The practice of this yoga style will provide you with an available range of motion postures. Thus, your body will quickly get the ultimate comfort. It can heal your muscle and every joint.
  • The calm and slow-paced setting creates a pure connection between body and mind. So all of your focus fixes entirely on your motions. It makes the whole nervous system of your body calm.
  • The minimal movements will let your mind listen to your body. As a result, you will gain an inner appreciation and more confidence in your work.
  • Suppose you need to do duty when your body is not ready for the pressure. Such a situation stresses your psychological body. This yoga session can create a restoration space in your mind in such a state. Thus your mind can balance the decisions and demolish the access stress.
  • The soothing feeling of this yoga form will enhance your confidence. As you get complete body support, your mind feels safe. It helps to lessen all the muscle stress and makes you relaxed.
  • It will make you have some slow and smooth movement. Thus, it is helpful to overcome any muscle injury. That is why the athletes practice this form of yoga often. You can also get relief from body pain.

You can get all these benefits with proper practice. It can also harm your body unless. If you are a newcomer, you must do it under the instructor.   

Reasons of this yoga to Be More Effective

The gentle form of yoga is not similar to a normal form. There are variances in the environment and instructions. Therefore, you must practice it under a skillful instructor. If you practice yoga under an unskilled instructor, it will not be beneficial for you. 

There are some factors which presence can make your yoga session fruitful. Let’s know about those:

Ensure slow pace environment:

You must practice this yoga session in a calm and slow pace environment to be strongly focused. Environment plays a firm effect on your mind. When you stay in a calm and quiet place, you will be more focused. Thus, the yoga session will be more effective.

Proper Breathing:

Your inner peace is related to your breathing quality. It always focuses on proper deep breathing. Gaining a deeper breath give you a refreshed mind.

Proper instruction:

Clear and proper instruction is a must to have a successful yoga session. When you get a firm and empowering command, it will work effectively. Thus, it is considered a major factor for the desired outcome from your session.

Cross body pose

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Yoga has different branches among them, “Hatha Yoga” is a common one. Hatha yoga refers to the forms which enforce your physical body. Still, some styles contain less motion and smooth postures. These styles of hatha yoga are known as a gentle form of yoga. 

Here are the three most common hatha yoga styles, which are renowned as gentle hatha yoga. These are:

  1. Kripalu Yoga 
  2. Integral Yoga
  3. Shivananda

These yoga styles include breathing practice, meditative features. They also work on different parts of the body. Thus you can follow these yoga classes too. Gentle hatha yoga can be a good practice for you to have an overall health improvement. 


Who can Practice Gentle Yoga?

This yoga is a suitable session for people of any age. People who are fit and need some more flexibility can do it. However, its calm and slow motions can be the best for seniors. It is also suitable for physically challenged people.

Why should I practice this form of yoga?

This form of yoga will: strengthen your body, increase energy, enhance flexibility and balance, calm you down and relieve stress and anxiety. Thus, you should follow this form of yoga.

Is it possible to do gentle form yoga at home?

You have to adopt the correct postures of gentle form yoga. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial. Once you become experienced, you can do practice at home.


It would help if you remembered gentle yoga is not for burning your extra calories. It is to play magic on you and remove any physical and mental stretch of you. The best time of yoga practice is in the fresh morning air.

Now we hope you know how beneficial this yoga form is for you. Therefore, search for the best instructor and start your classes now to bring peace to your life. Make this form of yoga your lifetime companion; stay relaxed and live a happy life.

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