Covid 19 2nd wave: The Deadly Alert

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Covid 19 2nd wave

Each virus arrives with a particular timeline, and after that, it will slow down for a while. But the matter does not end here; instead, it would reach a peak after some time. So we can say that the virus attacks us in the form of waves that will keep on striking us unless there is the complete removal of it from the environment and the vaccination process is completed. 

The viruses that we have experienced have shown us the same procedure so far, which we also expect from Covid 19. Some people said that the experts are making statements about this virus, but this nightmare came to reality when the Covid 19 2nd wave strikes us in late 2020/early 2021.

The second wave was much more substantial and disastrous than the previous one. Again, it took thousands of lives, the amount that we paid just due to our negligence regarding preventing the spread of this virus.

Many substantial countries have experienced a massive wave of covid 19, such as Kenia, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan. The number of covid 19 cases recorded so far as of June 11 are 175, 626, 202, and the number is increasing day by day, which has left the authorities in a huge concern. 

Limitation to travel
Travel ban

What is Covid-19?

COVID 19 is not just a word, but it is an entire abbreviation that ultimately defines what this virus is. Co stands for the crown since the virus resembles the crown due to the strands that arise out of it. Vi stands for the illness, the ability of this virus to make people fall sick, whereas the D can be defined as the harm it causes to living beings. Before 2020 the virus was known by the name of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The outbreak of the second swarm of Covid 19: dig inside the facts

The virus resembled influenza and was first distinguished within a live creature in Wuhan, China, and since then, it is continuously being reported to spread worldwide. According to recent theories, the origin of this virus is unknown. 

However, it is being depicted that some old strand of covid 19 or so-called SARS was present in either bats or snakes. The Chinese people use this as food, so this strand gets transferred into human beings, from where it grows stronger and starts spreading. 

After the pandemic outbreak, the Chinese government soon put the traveling restriction in China, and sealed out the complete area. China realizes the seriousness of the situation, but the area is under complete lockdown to minimize the spread of virus. 

People were confined to their homes, the grocery was limited, and all the social gatherings and activities were canceled out. But despite all of these attempts, the virus succeeded in getting out of the country.

Covid -19


The virus is not new to human beings; you must be surprised, but this virus had already struck us a few decades ago. Moreover, this virus’s symptoms and core structure resemble another virus known as SARS, abbreviated as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. 

The virus is thought to be born naturally and first originated in the main headquarters of China, Wuhan city, in late 2019. Later on, the virus was carried out all around the world due to massive traveling activities.

How does the virus spread?

The virus is air-born and can stay in our atmosphere for several hours. Therefore, the inhalation of air containing this virus can easily carry it into our lungs and bloodstream. The other sources involve direct contacts such as handshaking, wheezing, or coughing. The symptoms are depicted by a runny nose, sore throat—difficulty in breathing, and acute fever. The virus can spread through:

▪ Coughing
▪ Sniffing
▪ Talking
▪ Tables
▪ Door handles
▪ Surfaces

Covid 19 virus spread
Covid 19 virus spread


The virus is not detectable unless it reaches a particular time limit, i.e., mostly 14 days. The reason is the hidden ability of this virus to use specific individuals as a host without showing any signs. The carrier of this virus is the most dangerous victim since it can spread the virus silently without any evident symptoms. The apparent symptoms of this virus are:

⮚ Fever
⮚ Dry throat
⮚ Sleeplessness
⮚ Throbbing chest pain
⮚ Nasal clogging
⮚ Migraine
⮚ Sore throat
⮚ Runny nose
⮚ Loss of taste smell
⮚ Rash on skins
⮚ Staining on finger and toes

Plus, the individuals who are already sick from some disease are most likely to be affected by this virus. For example, if you are a heart disease patient or have diabetes, you are most likely to be affected by this virus. The old fellow and children with weak immune systems are also at the edge of getting involved. 

Survival of this virus

  • It can stay in the air for as long as 3 hours
  • It can stay on plastic or steel for more than 72 hours.
  • It can stay on cardboard for 24 hours.

What are the reasons why the Covid 19 2nd wave strikes us?

The pandemics are a part of human history and have killed several billion people since the beginning of this earth. Human beings have fought some worst pandemics in each era, and what they learned during the subsequent fallout of pandemics. 

Similarly, any pandemic told us several things; it taught us certain factors that help to avoid its spread and exposure, such as

  • It would help if you stayed and should not leave the place where a virus bursts out.
  • You should not enter the region that is the origin of this virus.
  • Take the safety measures prescribed to avoid the complex and harmful effects of the virus and other such things.

But during covid 19, people exploited these rules significantly and did not follow the rules. Consequently, a severe wave of this virus explored several countries leading to the death of several thousand people. But right after the first wave, the virus was under control to a reasonable extent due to the precautions and proper safety measures. 

People started wearing masks, the social distance was maintained, and people started staying at home. But as soon as the situation got under control, people thought the virus was gone now, and they again became careless, which allowed this virus to reach its peak once again. Here are the specific factors that result in the arousal of the Covid 19 second flood.

Response of people

During the pandemic, it was observed that people from numerous sectors have reacted to this pandemic in versatile ways. The illiterate people who belong to the remote areas in developed countries thought that this is just a plan of grown-up countries to put the world on its knees; it sounds funny, lmao. 

Educated people, however, were exceptionally responsive, and they followed the rules quite strictly, showing responsibility. The government prescribed some precautions and prescriptions that everyone has to follow, and sadly, just a few sectors were following these prescriptions. 

The thing turned into a nightmare when even responsive people became careless, thinking that the virus is gone, the item that added fuel to the fire and majorly caused the second wave of this virus to strike us.


The spread of covid 19 is negligence, and even the academic community shows irresponsibility in this regard. The virus spreads easily due to close contact, and covid mainly spreads due to handshaking, sharing the same air within a specific diameter or direct contact. 

At the start of this wave, World Health Organization(WHO) set some parameters that involve avoiding close contact. But unfortunately, the countries that are experiencing the second wave of coronavirus have not paid attention to their gatherings. People continue meeting at festivals and were exploited the safety measures so brutally.

Lack of hygiene

The most important way to fight corona is to strictly follow the hygiene parameters, which involves cleaning your hands frequently and avoiding touching anything without need. When you go out, there a probability that you might have contact with the virus. 

Although you are wearing a mask, if you arrive home and start showing affection toward your family without washing your hands, you distribute death among your family. Therefore, hand washing is a must whether you went home or any other place. This can save both you and your loved ones from this deadly virus.

Lack of herd immunity

Herd means when a vast number of people in any particular area develop an immunity against the virus. They can do so either after they get cured or by just creating resistance inside their bodies. Unfortunately, we have adopted junk food so much that it has weakened our immune system. 

The lack of practicing a healthy routine and a healthy diet has made us susceptible to viruses. Another practice in this regard can be injecting the vaccine to develop immunity inside humans. Finally, we can think about the natural herd process. 

The virus is allowed to spread easily among the public so that our immune system develops resistance on its own. But the off chance of more deaths is more than extending the survival skills. One nerve-wracking fact is that the immunity from the covid after recovery lasts for a short time, and the patient is most likely to get the virus again, which makes the herd even much harder.

A considerable number of the unknown careers

At the start of this outbreak, the virus slowly took over the people, and it took it a while to have such a massive disastrous effect. But the second wave was much stronger than before and rapid to occur. The new facts about covid 19 have revealed the reality upon us, why the second wave was deadlier than the first one. 

First of all, the virus has ultimately emerged in the environment, and we can’t say indeed if any particular area is entirely free of this virus. Secondly, the infected people are not as risky as the career ones. The virus can infect people without showing any evident symptoms. 

Such patients are known as the careers, who seem to be immune to this virus, and quickly transfer the virus to other people. While a storm took up the second storm of covid 19, the virus was busy establishing its roots via the careers. 

Unhygienic gatherings

The festivals continue worldwide throughout the year, and people organize huge gatherings to celebrate these festivals. How you are supposed to maintain a social distance in a crowd, and a considerable number of people ended up getting the virus. 

The summer is already an era of critical national festivals, and people can’t help but have to attend these gatherings. Moreover, the presence of the carriers even makes it much harder to detect the source of this virus.

The myths about the weather effect

When this pandemic burst out, it was late 2019, which means the winter era. So, it is thought that this influenza-like virus has emerged just in winter, and the virus can’t survive above the specified limit of temperature. This theory let us wait until summer 2020 arrived, but unfortunately, the virus was still there. 

However, due to an absence of proper guidance and consciousness, people stopped adopting the safety measures, and the prudent rules were severely exploited. Then, it was the second wave of corona burst out. So, it is both the responsibility of health authorities and people who made this statement, a huge reason why we had this terrible second attack of this virus. 

How is winter worse for this virus than summer?

The summer does affect this virus, but not to the extent that we were considering. In summer, people are less likely to have pneumonia or other influenza-related diseases. In winter, people fall sick more, and the weak immune system plus insufficient body heat provides the favorable conditions for this virus to attack more brutally. 

But in winter, the water temperature is above average, with sufficient body heat, and high temperature also affects the growth of this virus.

Unnecessary removal of lockdown

As the first wave of covid 19 settles down, certain countries start moving, including reopening restaurants, hotels, cinemas, other business-related institutes, and educational institutes. While the first wave of covid 19 ended, people started going back to normal, not realizing that it took much longer for a pandemic to disappear than it seems to be. 

The virus can slow down for a while but doesn’t leave the atmosphere so quickly, especially when there are careers all around us. The negligence in this regard was a huge contributor that triggered the second wave of covid 19.

The myths and insufficient hospitalization

The fact that I observed while studying covid-19 made me laugh and scared me to death. People don’t consider this virus any severe problems, and they think that if they visit the doctor for covid 19, they will die; it sounds insane. 

Secondly, they feel that they must not call the doctor unless they need to be put on a ventilator, pure stupid behavior. The virus acts slowly on our body, and it takes a bit of time to overcome the defensive mechanism of our body

After which, it will probably start showing apparent symptoms such as fever, coughing or wheezing, etc. So we can say that several cycles of this virus can exist before could spot it out. The second wave strikes us so hard that we stumble. 

The hospitals were completely booked, and people started feeling fear of visiting the hospital. This scary situation made people not see the doctor, which increases the chances of spreading the virus since they continued the social activities despite symptoms. 

How to protect yourself
How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself?

Although we could not control the second wave of covid 19, our negligence made us pay a considerable amount in the form of loss of lives. The irresponsibility was shown by both the public and authorities, which made everyone pay. 

As it is not too late to start again, we can still have a new beginning by making promises to ourselves that from now on, we will pay attention to all the details shared regarding the covid 19. By following strict rules, we can save ourselves from any unexpected misfortune, just like we have in the form of the second wave of covid 19. CDC has recommended few things that are

  1. Clean your hands frequently with liquor-based hand wash. 
  2. Keep a 1-meter distance from other people
  3. Avoid crowded areas.
  4. Stay away from getting close to eyes, nose, and lips. 
  5. Avoid handshakes or hugs.
  6. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow to avoid the spread of mucous
  7. Wash your hands frequently wear a mask while going outside
  8. Properly discard the tissue and make it that you use.
  9. In case of fever or coughing, visit your doctor.
  10. Maintain social distancing
  11. Wear a mask every time you have to go out, and discard it properly after using it.


What is the second wave of covid-19?

The covid 19 is a virus that burst out in China, the Wuhan city, in early 2020. Till now, it has taken millions of lives and has severely affected our daily routines and work schedule. The first wave of covid lasts for a few months, from December 2019 to the middle of 2020. 

The virus gets entirely under control due to the precautions and safety measures proposed by the WHO (World health organization). However, soon, after the arrival of summer, due to some myths about the complete disappearance of the virus, people start showing neglect toward the safety measures that cause the arrival of the second deadly wave of this virus. The second wave was stronger and more lethal and was quick to affect a vast number of individuals. 

How deadly was the second wave of covid 19?

Countries like Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Africa, etc., were the main headquarters of the second wave of covid 19 in India. The swell was so strong that the authorities could not get the time to take any action. Everything happens so fast; nobody realizes what was going on. The nightmare gets worse in the mid of April when the sudden rise in the number of cases leaves everyone in trauma. 

 Within a month, the number of 2 597 285 cases was reported by April 26, 2021, increasing day by day. From the beginning of the second wave of covid-19 in India, the deadly virus has engulfed 363 079 lives till now. The worse cases were seen in India, where people had to carry their sick loved ones from place to place, searching for ventilators and ambulances.

Most people died in the streets, while others ended up at their homes, full of hopelessness. There was a shortage of hospitals and ambulances that could provide ventilators, and massive funerals were held sat the vast grounds and parking lots. It killed several thousand people within a few days that left the Govt shocked, and people were crying and rushing at the streets asking for help; heartbreaking it was.

How could we avoid such a situation in the future?

The second wave of covid 19 was a vast lesson provider, and it taught us several lessons. First, the virus is something that can adapt according to the environment. Either it completely disappears naturally or by human efforts.

Otherwise, we might have to live with it for decades. So now what we should learn is that we should pay attention to what they are asking for. If they are saying that the situation is not that good, and we should stay at home, we really should. 

Secondly, We have to follow hygiene rules at a personal level. It involves proper handwashing, wearing masks, avoiding physical contact, maintaining social distance, and avoiding crowded places. Only then can we win this battle against this virus? 

Face Mask can protect you from covid 19
Face Mask can protect you from covid 19


The Covid 19 2nd wave was indeed the aftereffect of the negligence shown by both sad public govt. But we can’t blame the authorities since they are responsible for imposing the regulations and restrictions.

 It depends on us, how can we deal with this virus, and how good we are at adopting the situation. We have to follow the hygiene parameters personally, realizing that it is not just about us. We have the lives connected with us that will be affected by each action.

We should take the second wave as a lesson and show some responsibility to show that no such unfortunate circumstances will happen in the future.

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