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Steve ross yoga is a kind of yoga that teaches yoga with happiness.  It isn’t easy to put into words Steve’s power! Simply being in his presence makes you feel more at ease and content. His sense of fun will make you laugh, and his understanding will let you go deep—Creator of Maha Yoga, one of the West’s earliest yoga classes.

Steve has spent several years surrounded by wise people and has toured the world, giving seminars and conferences. He was also our first instructor and the Unplug inspiration.

Journey of Steve ross yoga

Search for ‘Steve Ross,’ and you’ll find the Time Warner CEO, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, and the self-styled Crown Prince of New York Cabaret.

Due to many successors, this Steve Ross – the one we were fortunate to meet – is one-of-a-kind: a mystery.  

Californian citizen with a Cheshire cat wide grin, the most excellent iTunes music collection you could imagine, and a flexible physique that has spent almost 50 years on a yoga mat.

Sammy Veall, a personal friend, partner, and creator of Yoga 213 characterizes Steve as an “expert.” “He sneaks up behind you, and immediately you are full to overflowing with excitement and delight, and you feel like a child again – brave, compassionate, free, and ready for everything!”

This attitude is central to Steve’s enormously prosperous business, Maha Yoga, one of Los Angeles’ most famous studios in the upscale Brentwood neighborhood.

With the help of pop music, Rhythm and blues, and just a little rock ‘n’ roll, Steve and his in-house instructors inject a particular form of energy into their Steve Ross yoga classes. When you consider Steve’s prior work as a traveling guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, and Men at Work, this pairing comes as no surprise.

“My workshops are quite unusual in that I promote joy, entertainment, and levity,” Steve tells Creative Hub. “My yin classes are calm and introspective, but my stream classes can seem like a party.”

This disrespect for the existing quo has drawn criticism from “purists” over the years. Steve’s reply to the skeptics (as reported in LA Yoga Journal)? “Loud music is as much Lord as quiet. Seriousness and fun are both God. None of it exists that is not divine.”

As a certified instructor since 1980, he has become a regular watcher of yoga’s western expansion. “Throughout several years, yoga has evolved from a relatively marginal pastime to crazily popular. “For better or worse,” he says to Creative Hub.

Many versions of yoga, according to Steve, lack the laughter, pleasure, and illumination that attracted him to the east. He argues that many individuals have gotten unduly preoccupied with calorie monitoring and ‘perfect’ alignments, which are so far off from their true origins. 

Real yoga is more than perfect motions and chants; it is a mental condition that permeates all aspects of life – inhaling, feeding, conversing, and caring.

“Talking in low voices, wearing beads, and saying Namaste a lot does not make you holy. It just implies you behave spiritually,” Steve explained to LA Yoga Weekly.

It was really while on a trip in Sydney when he had his most life-changing epiphany. “In Melbourne, he met an essential Indian master. In his proximity, he had an encounter that so deeply altered my reality that he felt no option but to take him about, which he did. And before He knew it, He was in India, leading a life He could not have dreamed. The aftereffects of that encounter are with him presently.”

That unfathomable life as a Vedic priest (bald head, purity, strict diets, 3 a.m. reciting, etc.) would be a far way from lingering backstage with Lindsay Buckingham on Saturday Night Live. But it covers up Steve Ross. 

In-depth questions in the interview

Steve ross yoga

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What is the essential lesson you took away from your four years as a Vedic Monk?

I found that love is the glue that holds all together.

The title of your book Happy Yoga is “7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About.” Did you let your anxieties go? HOW?

Anxiety can arise only when the imagination is allowed to wander off into the distance. There is no room for fear, pressure, or stress when you are genuinely there. Except for giving up non-attention, it is the only method to sustain a state of calm focus and attention.

Do you have any concerns or links?

(Laughs). What kind of real yogi possesses such objects? I keep a loving distance and embrace reality for what it is.

What is the most significant major hindrance to human flourishing, in your opinion?

All grief and misery come from a longing for things to be better than they are.

Which of your own author’s quotations or mottos is your favorite? 

“There is no possible way to be happy; the path is joy on its own.”

Where in the world is the finest spot for deep relaxation?

It does not matter where you have been.

What musicians are you listening to this week?

Among musicians are Santana, 50 Cent, Kent Hudson, and Glass Animals.

If you could only pack three goods to a desert island, what would they be?

I had my iPod, an umbrella, and headphones with me.

Where can we locate you and Happy Yoga in 2017?

I’m not sure. If you search for me, you’ll find me.

Happy Yoga by Steve Ross: 7 Reasons Not to Be Concerned part of Steve ross yoga

Happy Yoga by Steve Ross
Happy Yoga

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This book is about living and how to live peacefully with self and the outside globe. It is more than just a handbook to the reasonable practice of Meditation.

It is predicated on the idea that through letting go of yearning and earthly need, one might reach “unhindered enjoyment and a continual sensation of joyous amazement.” Ross, a celebrity yogi, feels that satisfaction should indeed come from inside in Steve ross yoga. 

He usually provides sensible counsel on achieving joy, living a happy life, and living a beautiful life. All of this could come off as cheesy, yet many of Ross’s comments are surprisingly striking and rational (if not always simple to follow). 

“If you’ve ever been out with someone who needs your acceptance severely and wants your love desperately, you may have observed that the more the person follows you or chases you, as the case may be, the more put off you feel,” he says of the search for love. 

His points are reinforced by quotations from yogis, entertainers, and historical proverbs, but every chapter includes images and descriptions of yoga positions to illustrate the chapter’s teachings. 

Exclamation marks in plenty an underlying L.A.-inspired notion of being rich and successful. It would provide mental peace, and a lack of medical and health advice are all distracting. These flaws will enable users to get many words of wisdom and insightful advice.

Steve Ross is a prodigy; in this simple book, he highlights the significance of delving deeply into who we are and searching out the changes required to live a more awakened life. He discusses everything from food to repentance and their significance in transforming our anxious existence into a condition of inner bliss. Who wouldn’t want more happiness in life? And that’s what Steve ross yoga teaches.

The outcome of the book Happy Yoga by Steve Ross

This book covers so many topics that you’ll need to study it for yourself to gain a complete sense of what it has to offer. If you want to take charge of your life and live a more pleasant life, this is the book for you. 

Olivia Rosewood and Steve Ross

Steve Ross is the presenter of Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Network’s wildly popular yoga program “Inhale.” Vanity Fair Magazine labeled Steve the “Guru of Los Angeles,” also recognized as “Guru to the Stars.” 

He has become a trainer for over twenty years and has studied different types of yoga his whole adult years. He has thoroughly researched both the individual parts of yoga as well as its religious and theological underpinnings. 

He served four years as a Vedic monk; ever since, he has tirelessly searched out and savored in the sight of some of our time’s most prominent teachers, both in India and beyond. He is blessed to be able to offer his experience and knowledge. 

Steve incorporates new music, such as rock’n’roll, hip hop, and world music, with a calm, simple devotion, making Maha Training sessions several of the most popular in Los Angeles. He is well known for his mantra and his book, Happy Yoga, by Steve Ross.

About Happy Yoga

Happy Yoga by Steve Ross, published by HarperCollins, was written by Olivia Rosewood. She writes stories, scripts, and children’s books that are religiously motivated. She is a yogini, thinker, and mother.

Inhale Yoga with Steve Ross

Inhale Yoga with Steve Ross, frequently abbreviated to Breathe, was an Oxygen Network tv series that aired at 6 a.m. in the United States from spring 2000 through spring 2010. The presentation included yoga teacher Steve Ross, whom Vanity Fair dubbed the “guru of Los Angeles.” 

Fans praise Inhale Yoga with Steve Ross for its lively soundtrack, high energy tempo, and clever comments by Ross. Critics have pointed out the absence of technical guidance and the inconvenient ad breaks. Ross was the founder of the Maha Yoga studio in Los Angeles until 2016.

It’s difficult to explain an instructor who can change your mindset from grouchy to joyful and from worried to relaxed by being in his company. That is the impact of inhale yoga Steve ross.

With his trendy studio, Maha Yoga, Steve was one of the first instructors to introduce yoga to the West. It is about teaching you how to enter the area beyond your ideas and assisting you in discovering your actual happy self. 

Still don’t understand? Assume his body scans are comparable to having Barry White guide you in a trance and his chi-gong causes you to experience things that are not there. The only way to comprehend is to take his course, but sign up early because his classes fill up fast!

Steve Ross and Other Experts Discuss How Meditation Can Help You Find Real Happiness

According to professionals like Steve Ross, Meditation enables us to reach the happiness we all have inside us.

Suze Yalof Schwartz, formerly executive fashion editor-at-large for Glamour Magazine, told her dad what she should do with the pressure in her difficult life, and the response all seemed too easy.

“Practice meditation,” she was advised.

On the other hand, Schwartz didn’t know how to meditate and had no idea how to learn, so she signed up for every meditation retreat in the Los Angeles region. She quickly realized she was on to something huge. 

She was curved, blissed away, and waiting to leave the fashion world behind and start her meditation center. Here created the concept of Unplug meditation. Today, Schwartz believes that disconnecting our gadgets and meditation may help us all.

Schwartz also credits veteran yoga teacher Steve Ross, dubbed the “guru of Los Angeles,” for assisting her on her inner journey. Happy Yoga by Steve Ross encourages individuals to achieve joyful pleasure via mindfulness. 

Meditation, according to Ross, brings pleasure because you’re connecting directly to the source of joy. And you can only be content in the moment.

“Most of the moments in your life when you were joyful, you were completely present – sexual encounters, dancing – everything that required you to be fully there,” Ross adds.

Many of the things we believe make us happy are indirect sources of pleasure. While the sensation of pleasure is inexhaustible, the things we believe provide happiness may easily be overdone. For example, too much chocolate causes stomach pains, while too much alcohol causes intoxication.

“Meditation is a balanced method,” explains Ross. “We’re constantly gazing out the window. There is the potential of transcendence in the balance.”

Steve Ross, a guitarist, has swapped his rock and roll existence for a mat on the floor.

He’s traveled with Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys, but guitarist Steve Ross prefers to spend his time in the yoga class.

The excellent musician lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, yet he opted to exercise regularly instead of getting drunk with his peers.

Ross, who is in Geelong to instruct yoga, acquired the knowledge from his parents when he was in his youth.

Eventually, he discovered the contemplative features of yoga and used it to flee the rock ‘n’ roll world while on tours.

“Back then, the rock and roll world was a raunchy culture, and people would smoke and drink psychoactive substances, but I was not among them,” Ross explained.

“While everybody else was out all night celebrating, I’d do Meditation. They thought I was crazy, but I felt much better when they showed up the next day looking pretty rough.

“Someday, I realized that the classic rock life was at odds with the existence I desired, which was to unwind more.”

Ross lived in Melbourne when he met an Indian guru, who brought him to India, transitioning from guitarist to Vedic monk.

“It required some adapting to go from a completely self rock ‘n’ roll living straight into a fierce traditional monastic existence of self-refutation,” he remarked.

Ever since, he has relocated to Los Angeles, where he has invented hip-hop yoga, in which people practice yoga to the music of Biggie Smalls and other hip-hop icons.


It is hard to describe a teacher that just being in his presence can shift your mood from grumpy to ecstatic and stressed out to chilled out. That is the effect of Steve ross yoga.  

Steve was one of the first teachers to bring yoga to the West with his trendy studio, Maha Yoga. It is about teaching you how to access the space in between your thoughts and helping you find your true happy self.

Let’s say his body scans are similar to having Barry White lead you in a meditation, and his chi-gong makes you feel things that aren’t even there. The only way to understand is to take his class, but sign up early because his lessons are packed!


Is Steve Ross still a yoga instructor?

As a qualified teacher since 1980, he has been a regular watcher of the western development of yoga. Some versions of yoga, according to Steve, miss the laughter, happiness, and light-heartedness that drew him to the east.

Steve Ross practices what sort of yoga?

He then moves through a series of more sophisticated positions; it’s hatha yoga, the sort of movement, with a focus on “opening the pelvis.” Others may be irritated by Oxygen’s commercial breaks, which do very little to improve the Hatha vibe but will be relieved to get away from Ross.

What happened to Steve Ross yoga?

He is the Oxygen network’s inhale yoga Steve ross presenter, an early morning yoga series, and a yoga instructor and program leader at Maha Yoga in his native of Los Angeles.

Steve ross yoga
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