Top 10 leg exercise machines for home and gym’s

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The leg exercise machine has a weighted platform that is at an angle of 45 degrees or more. The exercise involves pushing the platform up and down using your legs. Can adjust the angle and weight of the platform to adjust the platform’s angle and weight as per the needs of a person performing the leg exercise.

Commercial machines used in gyms are of heavy-duty construction and also feature safety bars. The best quality machines have paddings around the head, neck, and shoulders to provide comfort. 

Why are leg exercise machines used?

This machine strengthens the gluteal muscles located in the hips. Lifting and extending your legs on the machine utilizes your gluteal muscles as support, thereby engaging these muscles effectively.

Can achieve an increase in muscle mass and endurance of gluteal muscles to increase muscle mass and endurance of gluteal muscles. The quadricepses are the muscles located between the knees and hips. 

This machine engages these muscles when lifting the weighted platform and acts as stabilizers in addition to gluteal muscles when the legs are brought down. Thus, the force exerted on the quadriceps strengthens them. Strong quadriceps greatly improves the ability of your legs to support your weight and perform other physical activities. 

Hamstring muscles are strengthened by working out on a leg exercise machine. Hamstrings are located below the gluteal muscles and extend to the knees. The hamstrings are engaged when the legs are extended to lift the weighted platform, during the holding phase and when the legs are brought down. 

Thus, hamstring muscles are put to use the whole time. Strong hamstrings serve to improve leg strength, increasing the ability to run and walk faster, perform high jumps, and even skate well. 

Leg press machines also have a positive effect on the bones. Doing exercises on this machine causes stress to be built on the bones. The stress stimulates the production of osteoblasts which, in turn, improves bone mass and density. Strong bones prevent the development of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis in old age.

It decreases the risk of injury associated with using dead squats and free weights. There is no need to use barbells and free weights when exercising on this machine. This equipment can also warm up before going for barbell exercise because this prevents injuries due to stretching muscles. 

This device enables squats to be performed in a sitting position, and there is no need to balance weight in an upright position. Thus, there is no question of exerting excessive pressure on muscles and consequent injuries. 

This machine enables a host of variations to target specific muscles. Based on the position of your legs, different muscle groups can be subjected to varying degrees of workouts. 

By putting your feet at the top of the platform to work it up and down, you will be targeting your gluteal and hamstring muscles, while by putting your foot on the lower part of the platform, you will be targeting your quadriceps. 

Similarly, by using the ball of your feet and toes to lift the platform, you will be targeting your calf muscles. Altogether, a leg exercise machine provides a lot of freedom of movement to focus on various muscle groups. 

This is a good option for beginners to improve the strength and endurance of the lower body before engaging in physically strenuous exercises such as squats and deadlifts. A strong lower body prevents injuries when performing such activities. 

Working out on it is also helpful for people suffering from back problems and weak knees. This is because strengthening of gluteal and hamstring muscles eliminates such issues. Balance is also improved because the lower body becomes strong. A strong lower body preserves good balance even during old age.

Best Products

There are a plethora of high-quality leg workout machines in the market by various trusted brands. Some of the top-rated machines which are available online have been discussed here.

Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench with Leg Developer

Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench with Leg Developer, leg exercise machine
Legs Exercise Machine


  • Brand: Marcy
  • Material: Steel, Vinyl, and Foam
  • Weight limit: 600 pounds
  • Colour: Dark Grey


  • The Backpad adjustment feature allows workouts in incline, decline, and flat positions. 
  • Leg developer provides workout options for the lower body to get sculpted legs and other lower body muscles.
  • High-density foam padding and robust construction 
  • Handle and wheels for easy carrying 
  • Suitable for home use 


  • Laying face down and doing reverse leg curls is difficult 
  • It Stability maybe low.

In-depth review 

This equipment enables you to perform a plethora of workouts. The back pad is movable and can be adjusted to 6 different positions for various kinds of workout regimens. The leg developer enables you to perform complete lower body exercises. Foam padding provides good comfort, while the steel frame makes the equipment sturdy.

Can adjust the seat by pulling it forward to the desired position and locking it on the bench base, which is serrated. Can customize the back pad to decline, incline, and flat parts to perform all kinds of workouts at different angles to target various muscle groups. The adjustable back also allows you to perform strength training such as crunches, weightlifting, sit-ups, or lifting dumbbells or barbells.

The leg developer present on the equipment features leg curls. Leg curls target the gluteal and hamstring muscles through a single motion. Leg extensions are also present on the equipment, which enable you to work on your quadriceps. Overall, the leg developer helps in getting a toned leg and lower body. 

The block is built of steel and is powder-coated. It supports a maximum of 600 pounds. Steel makes the equipment highly resilient. It can fit inside standard racks, cages, and Smith machines. The sturdy construction means you can also pump irons on this bench. 

High-density foam padding makes workouts very comfortable on this equipment. The roller pads of this bench are covered with vinyl and have a powder-coated finish. 

BodyCraft F660 Leg Press/Hip Sled

BodyCraft F660 Leg Press/Hip Sled
Workout Equipment


  • Brand: BodyCraft
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 378 pounds
  • Material: Steel


  • Plates are present under the body, which saves a lot of space 
  • Pressing motion is very smooth because of industrial-grade linear bearings 
  • 5-position leg press plate 
  • Removable 3″ calf block for donkey calf raises 
  • Thick padding and double stitch upholstery provide a high level of comfort 
  • The high-strength steel frame of 2″ × 3″ size 
  • The maximum weight capacity is 1000 pounds 


  • Hack squats may be difficult to perform for short people, even with shoulder pads in the lowest position. 

In-depth review

This equipment is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and also features industrial-grade linear bearings. This is the reason why it is capable of withstanding heavy workouts without causing high friction. Industrial-grade linear bearings enable the equipment to support even 1000 pounds of weight without wearing off or breaking.

The upper and lower footplates and backplates are fully adjustable for enabling lower body workouts at various angles. You can also fold the plates away to perform hack squats. 

The shoulder pads are adjustable to accommodate people of various heights. A squat donkey pad is also present, which attaches to the lower footplate and helps perform donkey calf raises.

This equipment allows you to perform many lower body exercises such as leg presses, hack squats, donkey squats, and calf raises. Single leg presses can also be performed using this equipment.

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Leg Extension Curl Lift Attachment

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Leg Extension Curl Lift Attachment
Weight benches Leg exercise machine


  • Brand: Body Champ
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Colour: Silver/Grey


  • It has a Multipurpose bench allowing leg lifts, leg curls, military presses, chest presses, and many other bench workouts.
  • The space-saving layout makes it a good choice for homes.
  • Compatible with Olympic weight sets till 300 pounds. It supports weights up to 150 pounds on leg extension. The maximum body weight that it can support is 300 pounds.
  • Contoured wrapped cushions with faux leather finish provide comfort. 


  • There have been obstacles with the quality of the metal frame. 

In-depth review 

This Olympic weight bench by Body Champ also doubles up as a Leg exercise machine. The leg extension curl lift developer attachment enables you to perform a host of leg and lower body exercises. It also allows military presses, chest presses, and weight bench workouts. Locking leg-lift pins allow sit-ups while freestanding uprights enable walk-in squats.

The adjustable backrest of this bench allows you to select incline, decline, and flat positions for your workouts. This way, you can do many kinds of exercises in multiple positions to target various muscle groups.

The structure is made of heavy-duty steel that makes it highly durable and sturdy. Deluxe cushions and foam rollers provide maximum comfort during workouts. No-pinch grip and locking safety hook provide complete safety during workout sessions.

XMarkLeg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

XMarkLeg Press Hack Squat XM-7616
Designed Machine for Legs Exercise


  • Brand: XMark
  • Weight capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Material: 11-gauge steel
  • Mainframe dimensions: 2″ × 3″ and 2″ × 2″


  • The back support and footplates are covered with tear and sweat-resistant double-stitched Duraguard vinyl covering.
  • 11-gauge steel frame provides high Stability and durability for longer workouts day after day.
  • It Withstands maximum weight of 1000 pounds.


  • Button head bolts used in the equipment can break when Allen wrench is used to adjust them.
  • The linear bearing design may cause problems when the weight goes above 800 pounds.

In-depth review 

The footplate and backrest can be adjusted to 4 positions for various types of leg exercises. This is an ergonomically designed machine that allows you to perform hack squats and leg presses without the need for a spotter. 

The shoulder braces, backrest, and head pads have 3″ Duracraft cushions to provide maximum comfort during leg workouts. Grips for side rails are easy to access and easily lock into place. 

11-gauge 2″ × 3″ and 2″ × 2″ steel frame is sturdy in construction and is resistant against sweat which prevents slipping. The skid-resistant feet maintain the Stability of the equipment. The baked powder finish makes the steel frame resistant to scratches. 

Alexsix Pro Leg Stretcher Machine

Alexsix Pro Leg Stretcher Machine
Leg Stretcher Machine


  • Brand: Alexsix
  • Product weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 235 pounds


  • Perfect for developing flexibility 
  • Adjustable angle backrest 
  • High-quality leather seat cushion and PU leather back 
  • Padded footrests 
  • Gears instead of cables 


  • Spare parts are difficult to get if the machine breaks down 
  • Complaints of gear slippage 

In-depth review

This Leg exercise machine by Alexsix uses a gear system instead of conventional cables to perform many leg exercises. The leg holders have wheels that enable them to move quickly. 

A steering wheel controls the whole mechanism of leg stretching and other leg movements. The steering wheel is lockable and can also be removed. The gears are made of metal and do not break easily.

Leg stretching exercises using this machine improves leg flexibility and balance. It also improves running speed, jumping power, leg strength, and endurance. 

This machine is easy to use and rapidly improves leg flexibility and other movements. The legs can be stretched even in the standing position to improve balance. Legs can be extended 180 degrees and beyond by this machine.

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
Vertical Leg Press


  • Brand: Body-Solid
  • Material: Steel, Nylon
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Colour: Silver


  • Extra-wide and non-slip footplate makes for comfortable foot placement. 
  • Three locking points assure safety during lifting. 
  • Made of durable alloy steel having powder coat finish 
  • Three standard 1″ weight plates are provided. Olympic adapter sleeves are also available.
  • Light in weight 


  • 400 pounds capacity is considered low by some customers 

In-depth review 

This is the only model of vertical leg press machine manufactured by Body-Solid. The vertical design effectively isolates the lower body workouts, builds strong muscles, and provides good support to the hips and back. The back, neck, and head pads are contoured, which firmly locks you into the correct exercise position. 

½” inch steel locking pins help in adjusting to 3 different starts and stop positions. Diamond steel footplate provides firm pressing during workouts. The platform has three posts to hold plates of standard 1″ diameter. 

The number of plates can be progressively increased during workouts. Olympic adapter sleeves can be bought with this product if required to hold Olympic weight plates. 

Neck pads and thick cushioning at the back provide good comfort during lower body lifting exercises. Nylon bushings enable smooth pressing motions. 

LeikefitnessMulti-function Deep Sissy Squat Leg exercise machine

LeikefitnessMulti-function Deep Sissy Squat Leg exercise machine
Deep Sissy Squat Machine for Leg exercise


  • Brand: Leikefitness
  • Material: Alloy steel, Foam
  • Colour: 8300-Black
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Product weight: 26 pounds


  • Adjustable design frees a lot of space and enables easy storage 
  • Steel frame and paddings made of PU Leather and PP foam 
  • Adjustable design 
  • Multifunctional 
  • Easy to use 


  • The padding might be less supportive for tall persons 
  • Some users have complained of difficulty in performing other workouts apart from squats.

In-depth review 

Sissy Squatby Leikefitness helps in performing standing squat exercises, which helps in improving lower body muscles. Specifically, this machine targets gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and core muscles. The tissues at the front of your legs are also exerted by exercising on this machine. 

Benefits include improved muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and core strength. Muscles in both anterior and posterior regions of the lower body are toned and strengthened.

Sissy Squat is a versatile machine. This means a plethora of workouts can be performed using this machine. These include band squat, deep sissy squat, side extension, back extension, sit-ups, push-ups, forward lunge, and more types of workouts. Thus, you can focus on various muscle groups by doing all kinds of lower body workouts.

Heavy-duty steel makes the machine sturdy and durable. The footplate is large and made of steel and has a non-slip design. There is also a rear cushion and a Foam padded foot holder on the machine.

The adjustable design of the machine concerning length, height, and angle enables the device to fit all body sizes and shapes. The foot holder is adjustable to hold your foot correctly. The height and angle of the rear cushion are also adjustable.

Body -Solid Pro Club Line SLP500G2 Leg Press With 210 lb. stack

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SLP500G2 Leg Press With 210 lb. stack
Leg Press With 210 lb. stack


  • Brand: Body-Solid
  • Material: Steel, High-Density Foam
  • Colour: Black
  • Product weight: 555 pounds


  • 210 lbs weight stack is included. 310 lbs stack is optional 
  • Guide rods are made of steel and chrome plated to enable smooth motions 
  • The steel cables are nylon coated 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and high-grade upholstery make it suitable for commercial gyms as well apart from home use. 
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, welds, bearings, upholstery, and cables


  • Assembling the machine is complex. 
  • The footplate might need extra support to prevent the foot from slipping.

In-depth review 

The advanced pillow block design and sealed ball bearings enable smooth movements without friction along with precision alignment. A wide range of motions is allowed by the machine. Can adjust the press plate to two positions. The seat can be changed at multiple positions to accommodate people of various heights. 

The back support is adjustable and designed to minimize pressure on the vertebral column while performing various motions. Four pivot linkage bars are present to automatically align the leg press plate for any kind of motion. 

The machine targets gluteal muscles, calves, quads, and hamstrings. Thus, you get a muscular leg and a strong lower body. The design of the device enables leg press exercises without compressing the spine.

11-gauge steel frame has been welded on four sides. The steel frame is resistant against chipping, peeling, and scratching due to its double powder-coated finish. The DuraFirmback pad is double-stitched and tear-resistant and contains high-density Foam, which can withstand heavy usage. 

Zvzvo Leg Stretcher Heavy 330lbs

Zvzvo Leg Stretcher Heavy 330lbs
Leg Stretcher


  • Brand: Zvzvo
  • Product weight: 13.1 kilograms
  • Maximum supported weight: 150 kilograms
  • Material: Steel, Leather


  • Can tolerate up to 150 kg of body weight 
  • The PU Leather seat has thick foam padding to provide high comfort during stretching. 
  • High quality steel construction makes it durable 
  • Comfortable to store because of its small design 


  • The machine may be inconvenient for tall people. 

In-depth review 

Zvzvoleg stretcher has been designed to stretch your legs. Stretching helps in improving leg flexibility and balance. Stretching of the inner thighs also tones the legs and helps in achieving shapely legs. The extension is also helpful for athletes, yoga practitioners, and dancers to make their bodies flexible and avoid injuries.

The two arms of the leg stretcher machine move even by 360 degrees. The two arms move in opposite directions and cause stretching of the legs. A steering wheel assembly controls the movements. The ergonomic design of the machine accommodates all body types. 

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Ultimate Body Works
Ultimate Body Works


  • Brand: Weider
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Size: Standard
  • Colour: Black/Red


  • Telescopic design and adjustable angle of incline to customize workouts
  • The cable and pulley system allows a plethora of motions 
  • The padded back pad provides good cushioning during workouts 
  • Space-saving and lightweight design enables it to be stored in a closet or even under the bed


  • Cable and pulley system tends to create a lot of friction 
  • It might make noise at high weights due to a lack of bearings 

In-depth review 

This is a full-body workout adjustable bench by Weider. Workouts involving both the upper and lower body can be performed using this inclined bench. A host of lower body workouts such as squats, leg presses, and many more can be performed using a pulley system present on both sides of the bench. 

Can also perform upper body workouts such as chest press-ups, bicep curls, lateral pulldown, and many more can also perform upper body workouts such as chest press-ups, bicep curls, lateral pulldown, and many more. Altogether, the pulley cable system enables more than 20 types of exercises to strengthen the muscles.

The bench can extend and collapse to fit several user heights. The incline angle can be adjusted to 8 levels as per the type of workout and level of resistance. 4 resistance bands are provided to increase resistance by 50 pounds.

How to pick the correct leg exercise machine?

There are many types of leg workout machines in the market that differ in design, weight capacity, construction, and many other features. To ensure that you don’t end spending money on something that is not suitable for you, you need to consider some factors in the context of your specific requirements. Thus, complete knowledge about all features is necessary.

a) Type of machine

These machines come in horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree models. Each kind of machine affects the same muscles but varies in terms of intensity.

  • The horizontal model is easiest to use because you sit upright and push the footplates away from your body in smooth and fluid motions. However, this type of machine is not recommended for athletes but is suitable for beginners. The horizontal model also takes up a lot of space, so you must be having enough space in your house.
  • A vertical model is a good option for professional athletes and bodybuilders because there is no load limitation, and the loads need to be pressed against gravity. The vertical design does not take up much space. It is easy on the back but requires practice to prevent injuries.
  • 45 degree model of leg exercise equipment enables you to perform hack squat as well. This type of machine holds the maximum weight. This machine is also very comfortable to use because not much strain is put on joints and back.

b) The versatility of the machine

The versatility of the Leg workout machine refers to the range of workouts it permits. The machine should not be confined to leg presses and enable lower body workouts such as calf raises, hack squats, and more. 

Essentially, the machine should be able to target all muscle groups in the lower body. Otherwise, the purpose of investing in leg exercise equipment is defeated.

Multi-station gym machine incorporates functions of many other gym machines for full-body workouts, including the lower body. This type of machine is bulky and expensive. Thus, if you are not a professional athlete or bodybuilder and simply want lower body workouts, this type of machine is not required.

c) Type of weight

Weight training using a leg press machine helps in building and strengthening muscle groups of the lower body. Stress exerted by the weights help in shaping the muscles. There are two types of mechanisms used by these machines to create weight resistance against bodies. 

Many models use plates to create weight resistance. Most models come with a set of plates of standard diameters and weights. However, plate-loaded models do not come with sets of plates, and plates must be purchased separately. 

Cables and pulleys and gears are also used by many models to generate weight resistance. Such models are safer and easier to operate as compared to plate models. However, such models cost more than plate models due to the complex mechanisms used in them. 

d) Quality of bearings 

The function of bearings is to minimize friction between the components during workouts and make the leg exercises as smooth as possible. Inferior quality bearings cannot reduce friction much and easily break down due to wear and tear caused by daily workouts. 

High-quality bearings last long, even with heavy and frequent workouts, because of their immense durability. Therefore, it is more beneficial to opt for a machine for leg exercise with steel bearings instead of plastic bearings.

e) Size of the machine

The dimensions must be by the space available in your house. Mark the area where you plan to keep the machine and select a model of the appropriate size based on the measured length. 

There must be adequate clearance around the machine to use it with comfort, so extra space should be considered when estimating the available space. Vertical designs are suitable for small spaces. 

f ) Material

It needs to withstand daily workouts and multiple motions every single day. This is why the material should be highly durable, especially if you are in the habit of heavy activities every day. The best frame material is steel. Even among steel variants, 2″ × 3″ 11-gauge steel is considered the best for Durability and Stability. Leg machines having plastic parts must be avoided because plastic tends to break easily. 

g) Weight tolerance

The maximum weight rating is the maximum weight it can tolerate without affecting its performance. It would help if you decided about the maximum weight you can lift before selecting Leg exercise equipment with a specific maximum weight capacity. The weight capacities of a machine for leg exercise can be 300 pounds, 500 pounds, or 1000 pounds. 

h) Comfort level

Workouts must be as comfortable as possible to prevent injuries. To this end, the machine must have ultra-thick and strong padding to provide a comfortable cushion. The best padding material is polyurethane because it does not produce odor and resists cracking. The machine must also offer lumbar support.

I) Price

Cheaper models are sufficient for workouts using average weights at home. But expensive models loaded with features and made of robust materials are required for powerlifting and commercial use.


1) Why use a leg exercise machine?

This machine enables a host of lower body workouts that strengthen some of the largest muscles in the body and minimize the chances of leg injuries by making the bones stronger. 

2) What is the correct weight to lift?

It must be remembered that the proper form of lifting using a leg exercise machine is more important than the magnitude of weight. If you cannot control your movements when lifting a particular weight, you need to reduce the weight.

3) Do I need a trainer to use a leg workout machine? 

Yes. A fitness trainer is required for the initial stages to plan the types of workouts you need, determine the schedule, and instruct you about the proper body positions and forms to use the machine safely and effectively. 

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