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Want to find out a way of exercising and relaxing at the same time? Heavy and continuous exercise a cause of strain for you? Then your ideal way to relax and work out at the same go will be to practice yoga. Want to make it more relaxing with the help of an aid? Just get a Yoga Chair and practice Chair Yoga.

Brief description

The remarkable aspect of practicing Chair Yoga is that you can set the pace at your convenience, even at your workstation or during a flight. Yes, it is that much convenient depending on the type you choose. And in fact, you get plenty of choices to make.

Long duration sitting brings in stiffness for the back, neck, shoulder, and all allied muscles. Practicing a few movements with the Yoga Chair helps to reduce the stiffness and provides relief to pain and spasms.

Moreover, it helps in good blood circulation and provides a high sense of relaxation. This brings in the enthusiasm to continue working long hours with a few Yoga breaks between for a short duration. It is an innovative and novel way to keep the body and mind healthy and stress-free.

How does Yoga Chair help?

It will help you during practice. Your exercise will be more comfortable and specific by using a Chair. So, let’s know the details.

Regular Yoga becomes easy.

A yoga Chair is just an aid or a unique chair that helps make the standard yoga postures easier and balanced. It supports the body while practicing Yoga, whether on a meditative pose or in any difficult posture.

Even practicing simple breathing exercises on a yoga chair brings in the sense of rejuvenation and helps in better circulation of the body. At the same time, the relaxing chair helps one attain a state of meditation or deep trance, which is refreshing for the mind and the soul.

Those with partial or permanent disabilities are assisted.

Chair Yoga especially helps people who have a stiffness of the body or have acute pain. Patients with osteoporosis, sclerosis, rheumatism may find it difficult to plunge into practicing traditional Yoga.

Similarly, it may appear painful for the elderly or those not yet introduced to a proper exercise regime. With the help of the unique chair, these people can enjoy all the benefits of yoga-like weight reduction, good sleep, the increase of body flexibility, meditative and peaceful mind.

10 Minute Chair Yoga Practice Video

Chair Yoga Practice Video

Effects of Yoga Chair on health

It has a lot of effects on health. Let’s drive to know.

1) The body revives its flexibility

Whatever is your age and condition of the body, you will always prefer to keep it in a stretchable form. You would like to make easy movement of your joints, twist with ease, bend forward and backward and move your body without hassle. 

This is one trait of a healthy body. With this particular chair, you would perform your yoga regime, which will revive the flexibility in you. The body becomes more mobile with the practice of yoga postures.

2) Increase of muscle strength

The muscle gains its ability to perform activities slowly with continuous use of the chair properly. Yoga postures increase grips and balance and reduce accident possibilities. The immunity system of the body also gets improved.

3) Takes into a relaxed state

The practice of Yoga increases the sense of inner peace and calmness. It gives one a relaxed sense which is very refreshing. The effect is increased energy and vitality and more enthusiasm to complete the daily chores with ease. You will always live up to doing your next day’s session and find it genuinely energizing.

4) It is a great stress buster

Yoga postures and deep breathing meditative state releases the happy hormones – the endorphins and fights the stress hormones. The effect is a joyful state that helps enhance the mood and alleviate mental stress and illness. It also helps to reduce the sense of normal burnout that happens for hectic schedules and too much work stress.

5) Reduces joint pains

Stretching and movement in a particular pattern happen with practicing Yoga on a chair. This helps in making the muscles accessible and flexible. At the same time, the anti-pain hormones, that is, the endorphins, are released, minimizing the painful hormones that are cortisol.

 Naturally, one feels reduced pain and gains flexibility. Long practice becomes a pain reliever in several ways. The meditative state that one attains also helps one to shift the focus from pain areas to mindfulness. Thus, the sense of pain becomes numb. One can better manage the pain in the body.

6) Increased Peace

A Routine of chair yoga improves the functioning clock of the body. It reduces stress, induces sound sleep, and alleviates pain. Thus, it increases the peace and happiness quotient of the mind.

Best Products

Still in doubt? Find the product ranges below. Get one for yourself!

Iyengar Yoga Chair (Backless) from Samadhaan

Iyengar Yoga Chair (Backless) from Samadhaan
Yoga Seat


This is a perfect chair for Strength training and flexible Yoga poses. It can bear up to 100 kg of weight and is silver in color. Feet are anti-slip and come with an MS frame. It is available at at $82.

  • The chair is without a backrest and has a flat seat. It helps to practice the various Yoga poses with ease.
  • The back legs are made remarkably more robust, with a bar bonding the two back legs.
  • The built is with anti-corrosive materials. It has shock absorbers to withstand sudden jerks and breaks. It is made of an excellent quality MS frame that is tabular.
  • The make is 2:1 as the height is around eighty centimeters, and the seat is around forty centimeters. The chair weighs a little less than four kilograms.
  • The chair is foldable and requires very little space for keeping. It is ideal for a minimum storage area.

How to use it:

One can take the guidance of a free poster that comes with the chair with around forty-five different yoga poses. The chair assists both new practitioners as well as seasoned ones. One can do asanas while standing or seating; perform backward or forward stretches; perform inversions; twists; and various other movements for the whole body.


  • It is strong and durable.
  • Can support innumerable movements.
  • It is easy to store.
  • Non-slip in the making.
  • It is anti-corrosive.


  • It is costly compared to its features.
  • It is hard to use.
  • It supports only up to 100 kg and is not suited for an overly obese person.
  • It Does not have a backrest.

Headstand Bench and Steady inversion chair from Big tree

Headstand Bench and Steady inversion chair from Big tree
Headstand Steady Inversion chair


The product is made of wood and a PU pad. This product has a varied price range. The colors available come between the range of $ 59 to approximately $70 on It is a high user rating and is worth your money. 

  • It has high durability as it is made of good quality eco-friendly wood. The chair’s shape, which is ‘H,’ is designed to add to the durability.
  • It is inbuilt solid and hence can withstand much strength – up to 200 kgs in weight. Naturally, it can support the entire body of any person. 
  • It is an assemble of parts and compact in design. Though the features are great, you can put them in a comparatively small space. 
  • While performing inversion exercises, the PU pads help as support for the neck and shoulder. 
  • It performs multiple functions of supporting the body through various poses. 

How to use:

You can use it for performing head-dip exercises by using it as a headstand. While doing so, the wooden frame acts as a support for the hand, while the curved PU seat acts as a support to hold the neck and balance the upper torso. It can also help in doing upward and forward bend stretches for the abdomen. It is a great relaxing seat for being in the mindful or meditative mode. Comfort is the essence of this chair.


  • It is strong and durable.
  • It is sleek in design.
  • It comes with a cushion that helps the support and relaxation of the body.
  • Can support up to 200 kgs of weight.
  • The price is moderate and has a range.


  • It is made of wood that is subject to decay after some years.
  • It takes time to assemble.
  • It needs to be used carefully during head-stretch. The wrong posture can induce pain.
  • It is heavy to carry and move since it is made of high-quality, durable wood.

Ergonomic Ball Chair for Yoga (Classic Balance) – from Gaiam

Ergonomic Ball Chair for Yoga (Classic Balance) – from Gaiam
Ball Chair for Yoga


The ergonomic chair needs to be inflated. Hence it comes with an air pump. Few people know how to use this chair properly. So, the company gives an exercise guide handy. This chair has also got good ratings from users. 

It can be used at the office or home and is especially suitable for long hours of desk-workers. The price is $70, but the shipping and import cost can go as high as around $210 extra. The chair comes in many colors and is made up of rubber. It is the US-made.

  • It acts as a great alternative to a sitting chair near the desk.
  • It is specially made to alleviate back pain and muscle cramps due to prolonged sitting hours.
  • The flexible make smooths the muscles. It also causes relief to muscle pain.
  • Relieving the body of pain enhances the energy level and induces concentration towards the job.
  • One feels energized on sitting at this type of chair which fitness experts have designed.
  • It supports a user of about five feet to around six feet tall. It can extend two more inches with the extenders attached to the leg of the chair.
  • The bearable weight is up to 300 lbs.
  • It comes with a removable ball which is a bit more than 50 cm in make.
  • It has a seat, back support, a ball holder, and gliding wheels that can lock.
  • The chair comes with an air pump and exercises guide as the ball needs to be inflated.
  • It has a particular inflation procedure that comes with the user manual.

How to use:

It would help if you placed the chair near your work desk. Inflate the ball up to a height of 52 cms. This should be done as per the instruction manual and takes 24 hours to blow it after initial inflation. From time to time, the ball needs to be inflated after it gets partially deflated. One should keep the air pump handy. Should do the exercises according to the user manual.


  • It is highly sophisticated in make.
  • It is an excellent pain reliever for the back and upper legs.
  • The rolling and twisting sensation gives a high sense of relaxation.


  • If you are oversized and exceed 300 lbs, you will not fit into it.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • The rubber ball needs to be assembled from time to time.
  • Since it is made of rubber, the ball is prone to leakage.

Rattan Meditation Chair from Gaiam

Rattan Meditation Chair from Gaiam
Chair for comport practice


This chair comes with a pillow cushion which is thick and comfortable. It has Kapok filling; users highly prefer it. But the price is a bit high. The cost is $330 approximately while the shipping cost is about $925 because of its weight and thickness.

  • It is made of an eco-sustainable rattan base. The cushion is made up of natural cotton and is filled with Kapok.
  • The chair can bear 250 lbs.
  • It weighs around 30 lbs. itself.
  • The chair is lovely for meditative posture and relaxation.
  • The cushion supports a cross-legged sitting posture.
  • It is made for a more extended sitting posture.
  • The cushion made of Kapok is easily washable.

How to use

One needs to sit in a relaxing and meditative posture on the chair. This is suitable for seating for longer hours and ideal for relaxation, especially while reading a book or just relaxing.


  • It is durable.
  • It can hold 250 lbs.
  • It is fashionable and sleek in design.
  • The chair has a strong base and gives comfort while seating.
  • The cushion is soft to practice meditation and yoga for a long duration.


  • It is heavier to carry.
  • It cuts a bit deep in the pocket.
  • It is not flexible to practice the various yoga postures. The chair only supports the meditative pose.
  • It takes space in the room.

Bodylift Headstand Yoga Chair  from Evolution Health

Bodylift Headstand Yoga Chair  from Evolution Health
Yoga Headstand


The company of USA. The chair has high ratings among its users because of its usage. It comes in a price range of $100. Yoga experts use this chair, and it is often seen in yoga shows. 

  • It is a headstand bench that helps in inverted poses. 
  • It holds the body firmly while the practitioner practices the inverted headstand position.
  • The pull of gravity enhances total body function and increases body health.
  • It has an inserted seat attached to it which also works as the headrest for the inverted position.
  • The chair comes with a 10-year guarantee of material and make.

How to use it:

It is best used as a headstand for inverted yoga postures; the seasoned practitioner can make different postures with the help of this kind of chair. The seat carries detailed instructions on usage. However, it is best used by advanced-level yoga practitioners who know the various yoga postures.


  • It is a beautiful headstand bench.
  • The chair is stable and durable.
  • It comes with a guarantee of 10 years.
  • It is an excellent aid for advanced-level yoga practitioners.


  • It is a bit costly.
  • It only supports the yoga postures for a seasoned practitioner. New users find it difficult to use. 
  • It is not flexible for all types of postures. It mainly supports an inverted headstand.

Yoga Chair for relaxing and meditation from Friends of Meditation

Yoga Chair for relaxing and meditation from Friends of Meditation
Yoga Chair for relaxing


The chair is extra-large in size and comes with a good backrest and meditation block. The price is around $275, and shipping charges are extra according to the buyer’s country. It comes mainly in three colors – maroon, red and blue.

  • This is a foldable chair of an extra-large size. It supports seating for a long duration.
  • This chair is for meditative posture and seating in a relaxed position.
  • The backrest relaxes the body and helps to alleviate pain.
  • You can also use it to work while using laptops in front.
  • The cover is under a zip and is removable. It is soft and easily cleanable.
  • The chair is made of foam which comes with a guarantee for up to 7 years.
  • The chair is long-lasting and durable.

How to use

Sit on the chair in a meditative posture for long hours to attain inner peace of the mind. It is used for long sessions of vipassana. Older people find it incredibly comfortable to use. Best used during meditation and working with laptops.


  • It provides terrific back support.
  • It alleviates pain in the back.
  • It is an excellent relaxing seat for long hours of work/ study or meditation.
  • It Has easily washable covers.
  • It is durable, and the foam base has a warranty of 7 years.


  • Only supports meditative posture. It is not fit for other yoga postures.
  • It is costly.
  • One has to keep the legs folded for long hours while sitting on it. 

Yoga Headstand Bench from Koksry

Yoga Headstand Bench from Koksry
Headstand Bench


This is a Yoga Chair that can be used at home, in gymnasiums, and an excellent prop that comes as a stand for the head and shoulders. The satisfaction rating is high at against this product. It is priced at approximately $76, and shipping charges are extra. It is a good value for the money.

  • It is triangular.
  • It is rugged and durable, made of alloy and in tube formation.
  • It has an anti-slip suction cup and can bear a weight of up to 440 lbs.
  • It comes with a large thick pad of cushion, u-shaped, and good support for the head and neck.
  • It is multi-functional and supports many yoga poses.
  • It has extensive usage in gyms and homes and is the most often used stool that supports yoga postures.
  • The chair has a lifetime warranty and comes with after-sales service.

How to use:

The various yoga postures are practiced with this chair. However, it best supports the inverted position and works wonderfully as a headstand. It supports multiple body movements and helps in advanced exercises and circulation.


  • It is durable.
  • It is good value for money.
  • It comes with a headstand.
  • It supports various poses.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • It needs an advanced practitioner to make full use of this chair.
  • It is mainly used as a headstand.
  • Not suitable for those with weak bones and muscles.
  • Not suitable for older people.

Yoga Auxiliary Chair from Innolife

Yoga Auxiliary Chair from Innolife
Yoga Auxiliary bench


This chair is foldable and best for balancing the body. It comes with a stretchable lumbar back support. The current price is $100 with a 20 % discount on However, the shipping charges for the chair are extra.

  • The chair performs multiple functions.
  • It is excellent for pain relief and stretching the muscles.
  • Especially suitable for backstretch with support.
  • The feet of the chair are anti-slip.
  • The cushion is dirt-free.
  • It comes with a lumber rest that is foldable as a part of the seat.
  • The firm grip makes the chair safe and durable.
  • It can support up to 350 lbs.


  • It comes with a backrest.
  • It supports the body for stretching and bending exercises.
  • It supports up to moderate weight.
  • The grip of the feet is firm.
  • The cushion is anti-dirt.
  • It is suitable for beginners.


  • It is not fit for the heavyweight.
  • It does not support very complex or advance poses.
  • The cost is a bit high. 

Balance ball fitness chair from JFIT

Balance ball fitness chair from JFIT
Fitness Chair


This is an ergonomic chair that induces comfort and balance and gives a high sense of relaxation. It is in black color, the price is $101 and has extra shipping charges. This item is a good value for the price.

  • Health experts make the chair’s design and hence give increased support to the back and muscles.
  • High activity of the muscles leads to increased blood circulation.
  • It is ergonomic in make and hence gives more comfort than regular ball chairs.
  • This chair Alleviates muscle and back pain.
  • It holds a height from 5 inches to 6.1 inches. Additional raises, if attached, can support two inches more. However, these raisers come with extra costs.

How to use:

Sit on the chair. Slowly roll on it, pressing the back leg muscles against the ball. Support the back and do a bit of stretching on the chair. It gives a relaxed sitting posture for long hours with lesser pains of the muscles.


  • Alleviates back pain
  • It reduces muscular cramps.
  • It is suitable for back and leg muscles.
  • It gives a relaxed sitting posture.


  • It does not support yoga posture for the whole body.
  • The back and abdomen stretch of inverted positions is not supported.
  • The user must be aware of the use of this sophisticated chair.


1) Is it worthwhile to invest in a yoga chair?

A yoga chair is a must-have for yogis who want to sustain a constant and effective home yoga class. Whereas a standard chair is used for yoga, it limits the number of postures you can take and does not offer sufficient support for your practicing yoga.

2) What exactly is the function of a yoga chair?

A yoga chair is designed to assist in sitting flips and spins, backbends, and other yogic positions. Yoga chairs, which can be more commonly used in Iyengar Asanas, are handy for practitioners who want to attempt a unique yoga design but need more help in specific postures.

3) Who created chair yoga?

Voelker-Binder, Lakshmi – Chair Yoga is a type of yoga treatment invented by Lakshmi Voelker-Binder (often now written Lakshmi Voelker) in 1982 performed while sitting upright on a chair.

4) What exactly is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is a mild version of yoga that may be practiced while sitting on a chair or upright on the floor using the chair as balance. Stretching is one of the many advantages of chair yoga.

5) Where did chair yoga originate?

Can trace the roots of the positions used in chair yoga back to 5,000 years. In reality, one may find the earliest mentions of practicing yoga in historical digs in the Indus River valley.

The bottom line

This informative article will surely assist you in buying the yoga chair which best suits your need. Get one early and start your yoga practice soon. Stay healthy and fit!

A yoga chair is indeed a comfortable stool for practicing yoga postures and deep meditation. Surfing through the list, you will undoubtedly find the one that suits your need as well as fits your budget. Why wait? Start your yoga session soon by getting one chair that fits your requirement.

Yoga Chair
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