Meditation Candles – Top 10 for your best practice

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What is the point of meditating, you may be asking yourself? Regardless of what kind of life we live, we all have energy and everyday stress from life. As a result, we have more time to concentrate on what we need: rest. Everyone says they have no time to meditate, but certainly, you can spare 10 to 15 minutes?

Preparing for meditation

Do not forget to cleanse the area in which your meditation will take place before you begin! You don’t want to have a confused mind, do you? Having many things around you might make it difficult to breathe and concentrate.

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At this moment, let someone else take care of the food, the kids, and so on. It’s just been a few hours. Wait till everyone else has gone to sleep. Generally speaking, I do this to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Meditate with Meditation candles

  • You only need one candle.
  • Put the candle next to you while you’re sitting comfortably on the floor.
  • As you light the meditation candles, keep your eyes fixed on the flame. 
  • As you gaze at the flame, let your breathing slow down.
  • It’s important to breathe deeply and naturally.
  • As you take a deep breath, let go of the tension in your muscles
  • Feel your body’s muscles loosen up while you read. From head to toe.
  • As long as you’re able, keep doing this. 
  • You should focus on the effects of your meditation rather than how long you do this.

Let go of all the ideas flying along in your head when practicing yoga. Forget about supper plans, meetings, schools, or job projects. Before you even start meditating, pictures like this are natural. Concentrate on the candle flame instead of them.

Meditation gets simpler with practice. Extended times of reflection are possible. A healthier, less anxious, and even lower BP may be the result. In supplement to supporting a more peaceful night’s sleep, meditation candles can also help you deal with sadness and some of life’s everyday problems.

Meditation – your body, mind, and spirit will thank you

Many people meditate with their eyes shut, concentrating their focus inside. When you do Trataka, you keep looking and focus on a bit of point or subject. This type of meditation is usually done while gazing at the flame of a candle. It assists send energy to the third eye, boosts attention, and improve memory through candle staring meditation

Benefits of Trataka Meditation candles

Tataka sadhana is regarded as an advanced form of Hata Yoga. It is said to assist the practitioner in developing spiritually. We may recoup lost energy and move to calm by directing our ideas and concentrating our minds. 

Trataka meditation can help you improve your cognition and raise your consciousness, which will help you focus and pay attention.

You may meditate with your eyes open, ideal for those who have difficulties controlling their wandering thoughts. 

A tangible thing can help you stay focused. To improve your meditation skills, you may want to consider using Trataka Meditation Candles.

It’s as though you’re staring at nothing but Trataka Meditation Candles while your sight is fixed on their flame. While the rest of the room is fading from your consciousness, your mind may focus on the candle. 

As well, any overthinking or disturbances will likewise go away during this period.

Finding yoga in the Flame of Meditation candles

Meditation candles near me
Meditation Candles

The process of igniting yoga candles is considered a significant practice in many cultures all around the world. People certainly like the brightness of a candle, whether it’s the colorful array that glows a cake or the heaps of shimmering yellow candles that adorn a Buddhist monastery.

Tradition has it that Trataka is the practice of focusing one’s attention on a tiny, distinct solid object till one’s eyes tear up, as described in hatha yoga scriptures. “Bahiranga” means exterior focus while “Antaranga” means interior focus, according to some academics. Beim Bahiranga, we can choose an object randomly and stare into it.

Although the language insists on tiny or delicate objects, it doesn’t specify what such objects should be—looking at them for long enough to leave a brief impact when the mind wanders. Since of this, it is essential to pick this item carefully because it will function as a rope for the mind to unlock its natural ability.

However, the most common item used for Trataka is candlelight since light has the unique capacity to leave an image long after the eyes have closed. Other possible objects are a crystal ball, a full moon, or the OM sign.

In a robust and natural daylight environment, the effect can be felt while entering a dark place. As the body adapts to the darkened surroundings, images from the sun might leave a lasting imprint. 

An example of a Bahiranga-to-Antarange transformation is the candle flame is Trataka.

As it is so impartial, the light of yoga candles is also a perfect object for focusing on during a yoga session. 

Because Trataka aims to impact the minds and have that image stimulate specific energy centers, the yoga books caution against focusing solely on a symbol with a strongly suggested meaning.

Devoting your attention to a picture of illness and sorrow may be distressing.

To learn more about Trataka, go here. Locate a dark, confined place with no air to begin with. The candle’s flame should be precisely at eye level when placed 3 feet in front of the person’s face.

The flame of the yoga candles must not flicker and must be steady. Then, close your eyes and inhale slowly to relax your body.

It’s time to open your eyes and take a look at the flame right above the wick! Try to keep your gaze steady. If your eyes are painful or fatigued, lower your eyelids, but do not blink. For at least five minutes, you are staring straight ahead without twitching.

It’s the best approach to close your eyes and keep your mind vacant when your eyes begin to weep.

10 products of best Meditation Candles

Here we display the listing of the top 10 best meditation candles available online. This list is well sorted to save your time and directly lead to the best ones only.

1) Meditation Candles, Crystal meditation scented candles

Meditation Candles, Crystal meditation scented candles
Crystal meditation scented candles


  •   Specific Uses: Candle
  •   Brand: STONE OF LIFE
  •   Scent: Floral
  •   Theme: Health and Home
  •   Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor


  • What a beauty. Wonderful fragrance Worth every penny!
  • This candle comes in a nice box!
  • A must-have for anybody who loves citronella and rose quartz.
  • Natural citronella aroma is soothing when combined with sage and rose quartz in this candle.


  • Completely warped nightstand. 


Domestic citrus meditation scented candles peel essential and crystal candles, including 11oz of 100 percent soy wax with rose gems and citrus essential oil and three wicks, beautiful candle containers. It has a burn time of approx. 60 hours.

With a pink crystalline structure and three rough rose crystal gems, this solar plexus crystal candle is top-notch. May use pink light to strengthen the pink glow in one’s aura, encourage love, and improve meaningful relations.

Lemongrass oil is used to fragrance the wax. The scent is powerful and organic, and it may successfully cure migraines and offer calming.

Reflexology, yoga, and yoga can all benefit from it. 

You may give them as gifts since they are beautiful. It is the perfect present for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, bridal and beach vacations, weddings, parties, meals, and yoga.

Contrary to other popular candle companies, we believe that our crystal candles are made with the highest level of artistry. Can return the item you bought for a cash refund if you aren’t pleased with it.

This one enjoys fragrances, candles, meditation candles, and crystals infused with crystal force as a new entrepreneur. We created a unique crystal-flavored energy candle to shatter the mold of meditation-scented candles that alter their containers and fragrances.

In addition to releasing scent when the candle is lit, the distinctive crystal energy grid releases the energy to repair chakras. In addition, it may help you improve your meditation, eradicate lousy power in the house, and bring in more good points, all of which contribute to a more calm and pleasant household.

2) Candles with crystals within – set of four meditation candles

Candles with crystals within - set of four meditation candles
Candles with crystals


  •   Brand: Majestic Zen
  •   Scent: Aromatherapy
  •   Material: Soy Wax
  •   Operating Time: 30 Hours
  •   Package Information: Can


• These are adorable and smell wonderful.
• The package they arrive in is beautiful and presents well.
• I’d buy another one as a present because it’s of good quality.


  • Not Found


Proclamations accompany each 5 oz. Volatile oils candle in a gorgeous gold engraved container. To top it off, the pack contains an exquisite special box that is sure to wow.

Aromatherapy candles make excellent presents for ladies and men who want to calm. Rosemary and Tea tree oil are included in this package of the best aroma oils.

Each candle has a stone in it to help spread and promote meditation and serenity, each candle contains stones. Unusual gift ideas for ladies, retirement presents for women, anxiousness goods, and spirituality for ladies.

The candles are customized and include only the top standard essential oils and genuine soy wax to create a lengthy fragrant scent that encourages meditation.

If you suffer from worry or tension, you’ll love this set of aromatic candles. There is no soot left on the candle, and it has a lengthy burn duration of between 20 and 30 hours.

There were several surprises for me as a gem/crystal enthusiast! Because of the great words on the jar lids, they would make a great present!

There is just something about these candles that calms my nerves and eases my anxiousness. Like other natural candles, the smells are not overpowering. We are sure that you’ll adore all of our best Meditation Candles.

This product seller says that, please let us know if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, and we’ll offer you a full refund; we will ask no questions! With every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards socially conscious initiatives that we believe in. A risk-free encounter is our goal.

3) Mini Soy Candle Gift for Ladies

Mini Soy Candle Gift for Ladies
Mini Soy Candle Gift for Ladies


  •  Brand: Leone di Fiume
  •  Scent: Neroli and Honey
  •  Colour: Mini Nude
  •  Material: Handmade & Hand Decorated Glass Vessel, Natural Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Gift Box
  • Item Weight: 5.2 Ounces


  • It is a lattice-patterned jar made by hand.
  • Chocolate, mocha, or coffee is the fragrance of paraffin-free soy wax.
  • You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed after using it.
  • A good kitchen candle.


  • If you don’t like the coffee smell, this candle is not for you.


Unlike other vegetarian soy candles, each Leone di Fiume candle is created from a hand-crafted glass vessel that gives each jar a unique look. 

Leone di Fiume is the excellent Housewarming, Wedding, Christmas, or Thank You Present for both ladies and gents because of its distinctive patterns and exquisite gift box.

A somewhat sour honey fragrance is combined with the oregano accord derived from orange flower distillation. Turkish rose and Muguet flower notes add to the irresistible harmony. These are lovely mini-meditation candles. 

Aromatherapy with Leone di Fiume will awaken your emotions. Set the scene for relaxation and concentration with our exquisite fragrant mini-meditation candles in your bedroom or your spa at your house.

We use only the purest soy wax, aroma oils, and lavender oil to make our soy mini-meditation candles, burning clean and long. Leone di Fiume does not contain any petroleum or other hazardous substances.

However, if for any cause you are not entirely pleased with Leone di Fiume, please return it to us, and we will provide a full refund.

4) Small, unscented Red Candles in a box of fifty (50)

Small, unscented Red Candles in a box of fifty (50)
Unscented Red Candles in a box


  •   Scent: Unscented
  •   Colour: Red
  •   Material: Paraffin Wax
  •   Shape: Heart
  •   Item Dimensions: ( LxWxH) 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.4 inches


  • “Cleaning” the home with this light tea candle
  • As long as I have time to utilize it, the size is perfect!


  • Not founded


In addition, they’re made of 100 percent cotton wick, which can absorb 100 percent of petroleum, creating bright, soft light and an almost smokeless blaze. 

Each box contains one heart-shaped odorless, smokeless tealight candle. For our lengthy tealights, we utilize a superior-grade wax that won’t flake off. It ensures that they’re secure, non-smoking, and won’t leak or destroy furniture or materials. In or out of, it’s safe to use.

Please find out how handy our tea lights maybe by watching this video! Suitable for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions such as marriages and celebrations. They may also be used as a house decoration for vacations and poolside celebrations and homemade crafts, church, and survivalists.

If you purchase a tealight candles pack of 50 in wholesale now, you’ll receive a 100% happiness assurance. It also works well in a room or a bath and a guest bedroom or on a porch.

Tealight mini-meditation candles attract attention with their charming design, making them a good choice for individuals who wish to look good. Due to their unique constructions, balanced illumination, and practical uses, all of Bamesi’s tealight candles are appropriate for usage in a wide range of environments. 

Use it to create memorable moments, create a dark environment to ease weariness, or use it as a sacred relic if you desire, or any combination of the above.

As it is so convenient, it can burn for 2 hours straight and satisfy the demands very efficiently. Tealight candles are a great way to focus, especially during meditation and yoga sessions.

Because they don’t create odors or smoke, they may be burnt anywhere. For a more authentic look, they’re a breeze to work with.

Due to their regulated burning qualities, they can burn for lengthy periods without variation. Because they burn, they don’t make any noise.

You can use tealight mini-meditation candles in a few simple steps. To create a unique appearance, you need to use more than one candle at once. Tealight candles, in particular, enable you to see the surrounding world more attractively. 

This 50-piece pack of smokeless tealights features a charming heart-shaped design with a mild scent.

If you’re utilizing tealight candles, a candle stand will help you get more out of them. With closed decorations, you may move the candle around during usage, extending the candle’s life. As long as you don’t mind their look, tealight candles are an excellent choice for any occasion.

5) 3 Pure Sage Smudge Candles for Chakra Healing

3 Pure Sage Smudge Candles for Chakra Healing
Candles for Chakra Healing


  •   Brand: MAGNIFICENT 101
  •   Colour: Pure Sage
  •   Material: Soy Wax
  •   Wick Quantity: 1
  •   Size: 6 oz


  • Cleans the atmosphere with the purity of Sage! It fills every area with a refreshing aroma!
  • It is a candle that promotes spiritual harmony in every setting!
  • Aren’t these candles incredible?
  • The candles have a faint smell, and they burn cleanly and uniformly.
  • Everything about the packing is excellent. It’s tidy and not too big.
  • There is no need to search ‘meditation candles near me’ anymore.


  • This candle starts with a high flame, the flame was uncontrolled.
  • It was pretty hot and had a terrible odor.


This product contains Natural White Sage and Soy Wax without any petroleum or paraffin wax verified by SGS and MSDS. As a result, your house and body will be filled with a sense of harmony and peace. Perfect for clearing lousy energy and setting a new aim.

Fill up the blank with what you want to achieve! There is a lot of tremendous energy and light that goes into each candle. Lighting white sage to fill the house with the scent of the smoke is known as smudging.

With this technique, people, locations, and even things can be cleansed of bad energy, performed again if necessary. St. John’s Wort has moderate psychedelic properties and improves intuitive abilities.

Start your smudging ritual by decluttering your home and taking the time to think about your intention. 

It should be something you would like for your home or space, something meaningful for you. With this process, you’ll be able to clear your mind and create a real purpose for yourself.

During smudging, keep a door or window open. Something has to be done with the wrong energy! Sage’s negative ions, which are directly related to a better sense of well-being, may do wonders for relaxation and stress reduction.

Sage salvia is obtained from the term “heal.” Cleaning, protection, and blessings are the main themes of this book. Native Americans and shamans have been using sage for almost 2,000 years to discharge or purify bad energy from troubled, angry, or ill individuals. 

There are many uses for this medicinal candle, including smudging and cleansing and stress reduction, and anxiety calming.

6) 7 Chakras Plants Smudge Candle for Harmony

7 Chakras Plants Smudge Candle for Harmony
Candle for Harmony


  •   Brand: MAGNIFICENT 101
  •   Scent: Botanical, Vanilla
  •   Material: Soy Wax
  •   Size: 6 oz.
  •   Item Dimensions: (L x W x H) 3.2 by 3.2 by 3.2 inches


  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Beautiful candles, just as described.
  • Excellent packaging and timely delivery.


  • There is no smell in the tiny bottles with the cheap label.
  • Over-priced for the small size.


This candle contains White Sage that has been grown organically and 100 percent. A mixture of Citronella, Thyme, and Rosemary provides a natural balance in the house and the body.

Light this candle to raise your vibe. When herbs and oils are burned in a smudging ritual, the aroma enters the home, and the area is cleansed, allowing for a new purpose in your mind. If you’d like to attract a certain outcome, you can utilize this method.

If you’re smudging, keep a window or door open. The negative energy must be dealt with! Choosing to remove negative thoughts in a ritual improves your mental clarity and helps you establish your intentions and commitment to self-improvement. Instead of focusing on what is being released, focus on what you want.

For example, may use this candle for smudging and cleaning in addition to stress reduction and anxiety relief. Each candle has a great deal of fantastic energy and light.

It increases brain focus, awakens insight, and allows you to create a true purpose for your existence. In the end, this therapeutic candle provides a boost of energy, stress reduction, stress alleviation, psychic consciousness, and stress release.

7) Crystal Candle | Protection Crystals Candles with Crystals

Crystal Candle | Protection Crystals Candles with Crystals
Protection Crystals Candles


  •   Brand: Spicy Spirit
  •   Manufacturer: Spicy Spirit
  •   Item Weight: 1.21 pounds
  •   Package Dimensions: ‎4.41 by 4.06 by 3.9 inches
  •   Material: ‎Soy Wax
  •   Batteries: ‎Not required


  • Like a beautiful day at the beach, this candle smells lovely.
  • The smell of the sea is pleasant but not overpowering.
  • The product is of high quality. weighs as much as an incense stick
  • I love the peace of mind and relaxation that this candle gives.


  • None


After a busy workweek, you may want to take time for yourself to relax. Real celestite gems are inside our crystalline healing candle to help you relax. As soon as you burn the candle, let it help you relax. 

Amethyst Candle, made from natural soy wax and handmade by us, is 100% vegan. Relaxing, spiritual activities, healing, yoga, creativity, yoga – it’s all possible! Plus, the funny title will make you want to keep this light burning.

Stone may be scraped out and saved after melting.

When it comes to repelling negative energies and connecting with metaphysical manifestation crystals, this exquisite healing stone is revered for its magical abilities. The perfect candle for meditation, cleansing, manifesting, and yoga!

Organic melt wax is devoid of animal products as a vegetarian candle, allowing you to indulge in this personality ritual guilt-free. It is suitable for long, steady burn—anxiety-relieving soothing candles produced from natural plant oils.

8) Chakra Candles (Set of 7) with Crystals

Chakra Candles (Set of 7) with Crystals
Chakra Candles (Set of 7) with Crystals


  •   Specific Uses: Meditation
  •   Brand: ChakraBae
  •   Scent: Sandalwood, Fruit, Botanical, Floral
  •   Theme: Chakra meditation candles
  •   Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor


  • However, despite the good smell, it was not great value for money spent.
  • Gemstone and candles are two of my favorite things to collect and use. Big bonus then, Candles come in various scents and stones, and each one is unique.
  • It is a nicely made device with a simple four-step assembly process and a great travel bag. It’s a perfect present!


  • While burning, they emit no odor.
  • When you look at the wax, you can see crystals on top of it.
  • For the price, it burns out far too rapidly.


There are mala stones included in the package to help you with your everyday practice! There is a specific mantra for every chakra on the candle tag! 

A regular chakra cleansing is offered as a bonus—no phthalates in our soy candles. Every candle is the result of roughly 20 hours of practice. Candle with mala crystal set for yoga, prayer, mantras, cleaning, and healing, as well as other rituals or celebrations, can be performed with this set of beads.

With such a vital technique designed by a mindset coach, you can shift negative thoughts into positive ones, cleanse lousy energy, and open your chakras! 

There is sandalwood & peony in meditation candles and crystals. Orange flower scented with tiger eye for the sacral chakra. Lemongrass and citrine for the solar plexus chakra are included in these meditation candles and crystals.

Rose apricot scented with jade for the heart chakra Lapis lazuli with eucalyptus for the throat chakra. Sea salt & sage are perfumed with gemstones for the third eye chakra. It is an excellent tool for you!

9) Votive Candles Scent Pack of Aromatherapy Candle Set

Votive Candles Scent Pack of Aromatherapy Candle Set
Candles Scent Pack of Aromatherapy Candle Set


  •   Brand: Chakra & Luck
  •  Scent: Lotus, candle, jasmine, eucalyptus, rose, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedar
  •   Material: Soy Wax
  •   Wick Quantity: 1
  •   Size: 7 Pack


  • These votives have a wonderful scent and appearance.
  • I love how the colors pop off the page and make you grin!
  • Lovely, soothing, and tranquil scent. Languishes in flames


  • As a result, instead of having distinct flower scents, they all have a powdery, musky incense fragrance rather.
  • The crate is littered with broken glass fragments!


That way, you can create a soothing setting for effective yoga and meditation. There are particular healing energies associated with each hue and fragrance.

Candle Bundle with 7 Flavours: Lotus, Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Candles, and Patchouli and Cedar. Create a connection with the Divine by activating intuition, connecting with the Divine, and balancing your chakras for improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.

These candles burn for up to eight hours are ideal for long guided meditation. Suppose you want to improve your awareness and consciousness, light all seven candles at once. Suppose you want to target specific chakras, light only certain candles. 

For increased focus and stability, you might tap into the mesmerizing movement of the candle flickering. It makes beautiful studio or house decorations while not in use because of its vibrant hues.

These seven devotional candles help you find your positive attitude and general health via profound, energy-healing mantras with the Chakra & Luck Seven Votive Candles Scent Pack! Each color-coded candle relates to a specific energy field that helps unlock creativity, focus, and self-worth, similar to chakra healing stones.

You may give this product a present to anyone, whether a metaphysical relative or a friend. Chakra symbols are etched onto the glass candle holders that contain each candle. They make beautiful complements to yoga or reiki supplies. This elegant and bright design is excellent for home furnishings, even when it’s not used.

10) Healing Candle, Crystal Candle,3 Core Chakra Candles

Healing Candle, Crystal Candle,3 Core Chakra Candles
3 Core Chakra Candles


  •   Specific Uses: Aromatherapy
  •   Brand: STONE OF LIFE
  •   Scent: Citronella Essential Oil
  •   Theme: Health and Home
  •   Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor


  • In the end, you’ll be rewarded with crystals that are well worth the wait.
  • You may use these candles while meditating, hypnotizing yourself, or simply warming your house with a beautiful aroma!
  • This candle’s packaging is stunning!
  • Gift this lovely and unusual candle to yourself or a loved one.


  • Although some of the stones may be genuine black obsidian, some may be fakes.


Crystal-filled candles Aromatic candles combined with chakra crystals. They are believed to be the most effective means of balancing the chakras’ energy because of their high vibrational energies.

In the stone of life, they found a new shape. As well as natural basalt crystal pillars and blocks also contain natural soybean wax, citrus essential oil derived from plants. They are ideal for cleansing home energy and removing bad energy.

In addition to enhancing meditation, therapy, and aura restoration, it may also help you manage your distinctive energy better. It’s the perfect women’s religious gifts, leisurely gifts, and home gifts for the average lifespan. 

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are just a few examples of when we engage in most festivals. We often attend weddings and anniversaries as well. He was smiling.

Each product should be fully screened to generate high-quality items. 

Scent candle labels are constructed from easy-to-tear paper. It’s quick and straightforward to remove the title from the crystal candle to display its uniqueness and ornamental value better. You may place it wherever in your home, as long as it doesn’t block the light source.

Naturally mined basalt has been sanded by hand several times to form columns and chunks of shards in the candle, which may enhance the decor and effectively release the chakra energy from crystal to candle, therefore enhancing chakra repair. 

How to Use chakra meditation candles in Your Practices

When it comes to chakra balancing or healing, chakra meditation candles are an excellent item to focus on. Using a colored candle that corresponds to a specific chakra can help you achieve your goals. 

You can use the colored candle to focus on unlocking a chakra that has been closed or repairing a chakra out of equilibrium and needs to be re-aligned with the rest of the chakras in your body.

How to Use Your Statement of Intent

Lighting chakra meditation candles offers another level of energy to chakra meditation or chakra therapy sessions. Use it as a mantra to get the most out of this chakra healing technique.

When meditating, you can repeat your new mantra aloud or record yourself reciting it. Decide to be inventive and play yoga background music while you meditate. Using the chakra candle, you may customize your meditation whatever much or how little you desire.

Understand the chakra meditation candles Meaning

Colors are assigned to each chakra. Your lampwork will become more meaningful when you grasp the relationship between the candle color and each chakra. Your chakra also radiates the natural aura.

One: Root Chakra (Red)

The root chakra is the commencing point for optimum health. The root chakra, often known as the tailbone, is the source of your life energy. Your body will not be able to flourish without a healthy root chakra. 

A red candle symbolizes root chakra moral comfort. It allows a feeling of safety and endurance. You can concentrate on improving your muscular fitness and metabolic rate by lighting a reddish candle.

Two: Sacral Chakra (Orange)

In the sacral chakra, you have a focus on your emotions. Wherever your romantic and vibrant energy is created is in your genital region. This chakra gives birth to the artistic process of ourselves. 

You can use an orange candle to concentrate your chants and healing forces if you’ve closed off sexual and emotional problems.

Three: Solar Plexus (Yellow)

The Sun plexus is a source of knowledge and a source of optimism and motivation. It is the area of your body that gives you that sinking feeling of your stomach. Personal responsibility and self-awareness are at the core of it all! 

You can use a yellowish candle when you’re feeling down, have zero self, or refuse to recognize misdoings for meditation and therapeutic energies. The yellow candle magic spell is an option that you may choose to use.

Four: Heart Chakra (Green)

As a result, the heart chakra is often referred to as the “love chakra” expressed in this area of life. For example, if your 4th chakra is unbalanced, you may feel depressed or incapable of loving others.

It’s conceivable that you’re holding resentment. Using a greenish candle or a candle ritual to eliminate any impediments keeping your love force from flourishing will help you improve your connections.

Five: Throat Chakra (Blue)

Interaction, speaking, and consciousness are all controlled by the throat chakra. The throat chakra may be obstructed or out of equilibrium if you’re not able to express yourself. 

You can light blue candles to open this chakra or rebalance the energy for yin-yang harmony through yoga and different therapeutic techniques.

Six: Third Eye (Indigo)

There are six chakras in our bodies. Amid the bodily and metaphysical selves, it acts as a bridge. This chakra’s energy flow is essential for personal enlightenment. 

A clog or disturbance in this chakra may well be the cause of your inability to connect with the supernatural world or your inability to tap into your skills as a mystic or sensitive.

Use an anthocyanin candle during relaxation or a therapeutic session to help you relax and focus. Unclogging candle spells may be conducted using an indigo-colored candle.

Seven: Crown (Purple)

When you are connected to the supernatural realm, you are using the crown chakra. Your true self resides in this chakra. That means you neglect the holy, your intellect is restricted, and your psychic growth is stunted if this chakra is obstructed or unbalanced. 

If you have a strong viewpoint and believe that you determine what is good, you’ll quickly criticize people who don’t think the same as you.

All of these are signs of a spiritually stunted person. In meditation and other spiritual activities, a purple candle might be helpful. To reopen your crown chakra, you can concentrate on the candle to re-infuse the violet energies back into your radiance. 

When you light a purple candle, it might symbolize humility and a readiness to learn from the spirit world.

How to make meditation candles

The materials, other options, and steps to answering “how to make meditation candles” are listed.

1) Materials

  • Mason jars, small flower pots, votive holders, teacups 
  • Wooden skewer
  • Pre-tabbed candle wicks
  • Pouring pitcher, pot, or jug 
  • Soy wax chips 
  • Wick bars 
  • Oven mitts
  • Wick trimmer or scissors

2) Other Options

  • A pitcher-style double boiler 
  • A candy thermometer 
  • Essential candle oils 
  • Gloves made of rubber
  • Dye chip for adding color
  • Use decorative elements such as ribbons to add a touch of class

3) Steps involved in how to make meditation candles

1. To remove the old wax off the top of an old candle stand or box, simply pour hot water into it. Utilize soap and hot water to remove the rest of the dirt. Dry the jars thoroughly.

2. Then, check the flame against the jar and chop it a few cm to leave for the stand. To attach the pre-tabbed wicks, use a loop of scotch tape to attach them to the bottom of the bucket. Use the skewer to push the tab down. A super glue gun is occasionally recommended, although the filaments can come unglued. Check to be sure the wick is as tight and centered as possible.

3. Should use every jar twice to pour out the wax chips. In a serving jug or saucepan with a serving range of 85°C or 185°F, boil them over hot water until they are melted. 

It is vital to eliminate wax from heat immediately and not burn it since this might create a fire! If you want, you may melt the wax in the microwave for one minute before stirring it. 

Continue the cycle, but this time boil for 20 seconds. The wax must be warmed for 20 seconds at a time while swirling each time. Hold the hot jar using oven mitts.

4. Can add 4, Ascent or dye if you like. As a result, candles can be made with essential oils that have been specially prepared for this purpose. When applying the oil, wear protection because it shouldn’t come in contact with your skin.

5. If you’re using a container, pour a tiny amount of wax into it and let it sit for 10 minutes. Incorporate the other ingredients and let it chill for 12 hours or more, depending on your vessel’s size. 

6. To eliminate it, cut it down to around 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) in length, then replace it. You may either use wick trimmers or scissors to cut the wick.

7. Personalize as needed with tags or twine and bows. Be inventive once again.


This kind of Candle use in therapeutic and healing rituals for centuries. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be part of your meditation practice while you’re trying to relax and concentrate. 

Yoga candles give special devotion to the practice of yoga with their fragrant perceptual scapes that are particularly intended to bring peace to the world. There is no need to search for ‘meditation candles near me’ as these are available online and delivered at home.


1) Can candle meditation be beneficial?

There are several benefits of practicing Trataka meditation:

Enhances vision and eye health
It improves memory and focus.
Increases patience and self-discipline
It enhances productivity.
Promotes inner serenity by calming the mind.
It enhances clarity and decision-making abilities.
Assists in the reduction of anxiety and tension
Improves sleep quality and reduces the risk of sleep-related problems

2) To meditate with candles, is it permissible?

Concentration and mental clarity are improved via meditation. For example, light a candle and focus your attention on the flame. It’s simpler for many individuals to clear their minds while they’re concentrating on something. Alternatively, you can use these candles to set the mood for a contemplative state of mind.

3) When it comes to meditating, what is the ideal smell to use?

Many fragrance professionals recommend meditation, chamomile, mint, and cinnamon, but you can choose any smell that connects with you.

4) How do you use chakra candles to meditate?

This additional force layer can be employed in your meditations or healing sessions centered around the seven chakras. You may use this chakra healing technique as a mantra to get the most out of it. Can say your new mantra aloud, or you can record yourself reciting it and play it on a repeat throughout your meditation session.

Meditation Candles
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