AA morning meditation is a walk to the peaceful mind

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Meditation is a practice connected with the mind, body, thought, activity, and so on. It can be particular objects or focusing on some matter. It can do at any time, but the researcher and the specialist suggest the maximum and ideal period is in the morning. Let’s talk about AA morning meditation in detail.

What is AA?

On the internet, if you google “AA,” you will see it is an organization, works for alcoholic persons. They have a motto, “stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.”

Their purpose is to help alcoholic persons all over the world, and it provides self-supporting, available almost all the things and no restriction of age. It was established in Ohio, USA. And the headquarters is in New York, United States, and the founder is Bill W. Bob Smith. If you are interested in it and want to know more, go on.

What is Morning?

Morning is a period of the whole day—the period “when the sun rises and until the noontime,” i.e., 12 o clock is called morning. During this time, one greets the other as a good morning.

AA morning meditation
AA morning meditation

Synonym of Morning

There brunch of the synonym here about morning, but here we got something is “sunrise, outset, brightening, cockcrow, dawn, daylight, sunup, morn, aurora.”

Antonym of Morning

The antonym of the morning is “dark, darkness, conclusion, omega, completion, midday, nighttime, end, cessation, gloaming, night, afternoon, midnight, sunset, windup, dusk.”

What is meditation?

Initially, we have talked about a bit of ” what is meditation.” Now we will try to details the discussion. First of all, it helps us come over from anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Moreover, it gives you or improves your stamina, strength, and more than that.

As human social beings, we do violence, get offended by someone quickly, and do injustice easily. But if you are a meditate, we can assure you; it will help you a lot more than you think.

It has so many rules and regulations, not hard but has. If you say, “I will do it in the morning, in the evening, and at night for 15-20 minutes every day.” But it is not called meditation; it is a nap. It is a vast difference between nap and meditation.

Sometimes it can say or goes on the spiritual matters because it is copious creed traditions. It does not matter the creed, race, or other stuff. If we see the history of meditation, we can figure out the scholar of all religious people did meditation and suggested doing it for its benefit.

Though there is a little bit of variation between meditation and yoga, we can call it the same way. If you are interested in, the interpretation of both of them hither here.

Know What is Meditation
Know What is Meditation

History of meditation

It thinks that it starts more than 5000 years ago and rapidly goes on through the hand of Vedas around 1500 BCE, from ancient India. Vedas, also known as the oldest creed of that time and it still goes on. Meditation is also can be called a tradition of Hinduism. All the scriptures of Hinduism talk about meditation.

Sometimes, the Japanese monk discovered Zen, called the Father of speculation, on a visit to China. He came back from China; he started yoga. It slowly goes on and spread to the whole of Japan.

Now let’s talked about the creed; they believe about it.


Apart from Hinduism, if we go to other religions like Buddhism, there is also talk about yoga; even in the pagoda, you can see many monks is doing or in deep yoga. As for it, their anxiety, anger, depression cannot touch them.

When we gaze at the sculptures of Goutam Bhdha, we can detect he sits lotus gesture, one of the most significant positions in yoga.


In this faith, much emphasis has been placed on meditations. In meditation, the Jewish focused on emotional perception, visualization, self-devotion, inner peace, and goes on even though many jews like Abraham Maimonides, Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia were the great meditator.

Aryeh Kaplan figures out Judaism prefers a central meditative tradition. For instance, in the book of Genesis, the patriarch Isaac is described as going “lasuach” in the field (Genesis 24:63)


As far we hear or know, meditation comes through Hinduism. Even in their scriptures and their god did meditation. If we look at their god, every god has its way of meditation. If we gaze at one of the greatest worshiper Thakur Lokenath Brahmachari, has his gesture to do meditation.


This creed also supports speculation. The head of this religion, prophet Muhammad(sm), also did it. When their scripture was endowed, he had snaked into meditation. Even we look at Sufism that the greatest worshiper has accomplished.

Still, what we said is spiritual meditation, but it also can be done in another way as for our goodness. Doing speculation has also been proven scientifically.

Despite modern medical science researching yoga, it helps too much to reduces all the worst stuff and gives the best medicine instead of taking medication.

What is AA Morning Meditation?

If we make it altogether, it will create new meaning and gives you a unique vibe, and we have already talked about it a little bit in the introduction. We have also found “AA” means prayer to god with enthusiastically, heartily, sincerely.

Here it is related because you can relax, make your thought serene, and get out of all depression and anxiety through meditation. But here is a sense without connecting or thinning about your god or except summon to your god can’t make your mind relax.

Everything has some unique way to do something, so has yoga. And morning is the best period to do it. Retrospection has many advantages you can never think of before because morning is when the day goes on, and everything like getting restart and the environment is calm.

To do it, one of the significant points is quiet because you need to concentrate on your thought so that it might have a calm palace.

Meditation for a healthy life
Meditation for a healthy life

Frequently Asked Questions

Does meditation belong to any creed?

No, meditation does not belong to anything.

In the morning, does there any impact in meditation?

Yes, this period is when you can concentrate on your thought can the best through it.

Does speculation need any Guru or Master?

If you are a beginner, then it is your choice you need it or not. If you think you are not capable enough to do then seek a master. But here is another way if you talk about spiritual meditation, then how far our research says you need it.

Does it seem aa morning meditation needs any stuff?

You can buy a yoga mat to feel comfortable.


If you want to lead a healthy life, you should add meditation to your everyday routine in the morning or whenever you choose. I tried to explain the importance of meditation through the article AA Morning Meditation.

aa morning meditation
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