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Your plate should look like a rainbow having all sorts of colorful options, from greens and yellows to reds and whites. That’s why there’s a saying already that one must eat the rainbow. 

A meal that contains a mixture of colors and a variety of food is not just going to be less tedious but also healthier. You’ll feel so much more satisfied and not to mention the different textures and flavors partying inside your mouth. Something that never happens with just sandwiches and cup noodles.

That’s, have a heartful discussion today; maybe you’ll leave with a lot of information on healthy eating and start implementing some beneficial habits as well, who knows?

Understanding Balanced Meals & How Having Variety of Food Is a Part of It

For several decades, the concept of healthy balanced meals is something health authorities have always tried to talk about and educate people about it. And this balance, of course, comes from various categories of foods. It can include your traditional food habits as well.

Do you know the Greeks and Japanese are consider two of the healthiest populations out there, and both of them actually have pretty differences between their habits?

Actually, with a varied diet and food habits, there are both pros and cons. Depending on the climatic conditions as well as the available sources in regions, the variety of food can be a lot. A few exciting factors that pretty much makes an individual get used to a diet are:

  1. Education, skills, and similar physical deciding factors.
  2. Then there’s the taste bud and appetite-dependent biological factors.
  3. Finally, the cost and access as well as other economical deciders.

Let’s Go Through a Variety of Food Names

You may also want to find about the variety of food menus and their names. So, these segments right here should be helpful enough, I guess. Typically, we have six major groups that include a variety of food or foods. Generally, you will find the most common types of food variety consisted in these influential groups.

The first group consists of strawberries, grapes, apples, mangoes, bananas, lemons, oranges, and all sorts of fruits basically that one obtains from plants. It will give you roughage, vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals.

The second group contains all plant obtained vegetables. Here are usually quite high in minerals, vitamins, and also phytonutrients. Examples of this group are carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beans, and so on. Then there are dairy products that are excellent at providing teeth and bones with calcium.

The 4rth group contains eggs, fish, poultry, and lean meats, basically. This also includes seafood. Chicken, sheep, cattle, pigs, and all sorts of flesh are a part of this group. It provides a high content of vitamins as well as proteins and helps in muscle and tissue building too.

Plant obtained cereal and legumes are included in the 5th group. You can get high fibers from such foods.

And finally, we have fast foods that consist of pizza, hot dogs, pita, chips, hamburgers, and such junk items. The least favorite group in terms of overall wellbeing.

Here Comes the Standard Serving with this Variety of Food Items

So now you have the food variety list. But there’s still one thing missing. The idea of serving! And that’s what this section is all about. Now, if we pay attention to the national nutrition and physical activity survey of 2011-2012, then there’s an alarming thing to notice.

Children aged more than two years are more likely to have less recommended dietary habits with not enough, including grains, lean protein, legumes, veggies, fruit, and even dairy items.

The daily intake of a kid aged between 4 to 11 years old should follow the below intake every day to maintain complete children’s health.

  • At least one and a half to a maximum of two and a half servings of dairy.
  • 4 to 5 standard servings of legumes as well as veggies should be included.
  • One or two standard servings of fruits.
  • Then also one or two and a half servings of seeds, nuts, meats, and fish.
  • And finally, 4 to 5 servings of cereals as well as grains.
Variety of Food items
Variety of Food items

Why Is Variety of Food Important?

Even after knowing about the different variety of food constituents and their benefits, people don’t feel why it’s so essential to maintain them at all times. A balanced diet, first of all, will allow you to have the mindset to never fall for the “bored so let’s eat” trap that our brain often plays on us.

Secondly, you are getting all sorts of nutrients values from different sources keeping your body not deprived of its deserved elements. And finally, you will feel more mental clarity and help you get back to life with a stable mindset by practicing a balanced diet that contains diverse nutrients from a variety of food items.

One of the primary reasons why some of us might feel hungry is not because the stomach isn’t full. But due to the fact that our body is actually asking for specific nutrients and vitamins. And those are only available in a different food that you may not be consuming because of less interest in a balanced diet.

A tip that should help someone who constantly gets hungry is never reaching out for food items that have a high amount of salt, sugar, or fat content. Instead, go for something that might be healthy and not so delicious.

If it’s your tongue simply missing the taste of a particular food, not the stomach being empty and your body out of energy, those meals would hardly do any good to it. Grab a banana, and if you still feel like eating it, go ahead and do so. However, if you do not anymore feel like eating because it’s not what your tongue wanted, then YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY, MY FRIEND!

Variety of Food
Mixing & Matching

Meal Preps Are a Great Way to Eat Healthily 

Yes, we all tend to spend terrible days at work and doing daily stuff. And so, some of us don’t have the will to make meals at home. Especially in this era where getting a delivery is the easiest thing ever. 

Now, not just the food deliveries are adding up extra bucks to your whole month’s expense, but also it’s highly not great for your overall health. Forget about a balanced diet, you are casually getting junk foods for main meals, and that’s actually doing harm to your long-term health.

One good middle way is deciding one day in the week for preparing meals for the next 7 days. It will not take you more than 2-4 hours. But you will be eating healthy, and your month-end food cost will drastically become less, opening saving opportunities as well. I mean, living healthy, spending less, and saving more, how great is that!

Consider Mixing & Matching Even If You Are Eating Quite Healthy Already

Some of us are already pretty good at following healthy eating habits. But there still can be this one tiny little mistake that you might be doing that basically takes away a considerable portion of benefits from this balanced diet from a variety of food ideas.

And that’s not mixing or matching. Don’t consume salads every day. You don’t have to eat broccoli and spinach for the whole week. Keep in mind; there are some nutrient values that only source from one or two items. By consuming only two types of food options, you are not allowing other good contents of a bunch of different foods. 

Try to consume different dishes and keep on mixing and matching. It will keep things less boring, plus you won’t miss out on any excellent nutrient value. 

Want To Get Started on Healthy Eating – Try These 

Don’t force yourself to have a variety of food; start enjoying the health of eating. That may take time, but your relationship with food should never be something you’re doing without willpower. 

  • Do some workouts, stay active. If you don’t like exercising, then participate in sports or activities that are physically demanding. You’ll still sweat enough to help your body.
  • Most meals should have starchy food items.
  • Anyone or two types of veggies, as well as fruits, should be in your everyday meals.
  • Regularly consume lentils, dry beans as well as split peas.
  • Make sure you are giving some love to protein as well by consuming eggs, fish, chicken, and lean meat regularly.
  • Dedicate a particular time of your day for drinking milk, and yogurt.
  • Avoid hard fats and go for vegetable oils.
  • Try to consume less salt and sugar in your food. If possible, cut down sugar completely.
  • Make sure to have plenty of water around the days.


Variety of Food
Nutritional Value

A Bit About the Nutritional Value

Exploring the variety of food actually is for the intention of getting all the good nutrition from it. Now, if you have a little less knowledge on that, then some information would be helpful that I’m about to put down here.

Firstly, if you are someone who really focuses on muscle strength, then protein is your best friend. Get yourself meals that are rich in protein. And the variety of food that included protein is quite wide actually. 

You can get a good amount of this nutrient content from fish, meat, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy products, and also beans. 

Some people love organ and blood meats, such as kidneys, hearts, and liver. These are less in cost and holds giant nutrition value Fish that does not come from polluted water is also a healthy protein.

For vitamins and minerals, you must include fruits and veggies in your meals. A plate that holds various colors of fruits and veggies is a fabulous way to get healthy

These will help your body become more resistant to infection, and also your skin, bones, as well as eyes will get healthy. However, make sure you avoid those canned options, as processed ones hardly have any benefit.

Sugar and fats are also crucial for the energy of your body but never go overboard with these. Or else there’s a chance of suffering from several severe health conditions

That includes heart problems, obesity as well as diabetes. Go for natural sugars and fats. Honey and molasses are great examples. And for fat, you can depend on lard, avocados, nuts, seeds, butter, and so on.

Eating a Variety of Foods(Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it wrong to eat the same food every day?

It’s definitely making you suffer from a deficiency of a number of essential nutrients that your body needs. Having different meals will allow you to have more nutrients. And so, include plenty of veggies with dense micronutrients as well as keep your plate colorful with a variety of food.

2) What fruit is most healthy?

Healthy lifestyle holders are often seen loving citrus fruits and berries mostly. Because these are perfect at preventing diseases and quite powerful, lemons, pink and red grapefruit, orange as well as strawberry are some of the finest ones to keep included in your meals.

3) How many grams of sugar in food is OK?

For women, try keeping the daily sugar intake below 24 grams, which roughly is 6 teaspoons. And men can have 36 grams or 9 teaspoons of sugar every day. The best thing to do is completely cutting it off. 

Overall Thoughts 

And those were some of my thoughts on the different variety of food options available to you and how by implementing some sense, you can go healthier with your choices.

When you have to decide between a bag of chips and a basket of fruits, your choice being the later-on will help you in the long run while the other one would basically do nothing other than satisfying your cravings. 

It may take some time to build good eating habits and consuming different food options that are healthier, but slowly but surely, you’ll start to have a great relationship with food, helping you in tons of ways. Choose For yourself

Variety of Food
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