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Wellness is related to your body, how it works, how it responds, how it reacts, how fast it recovers from disease, how it adapts itself according to the environment, and how soon it starts healing from an injury. All of these functions combine to create the physical condition of our body, i.e., means how normal is your body functioning

Physical State: what to know about

Physical condition in physics can be defined as “something related to your body but not mind.” Our body works like a machine; for proper working, it must have all the aspects well-coordinated together, working as a pro so that the body can perform its functions properly. Physical fitness can be abbreviated to how good our body can go with physical activities we had to perform all day long. 

The strength that is enough to get the work done, whether small or large, requires little stamina or more; everything depends upon our physical fitness. The better the correlation among numerous body organs would obtain the better outcome for any work. 

But specific parameters mark a scale for us regarding our health. We can’t just say if a person is healthy by looking at his physical appearance, but the anatomy is more related to health than it seems to be. People often confuse physical fitness with body proportion and mass; although it does not matter if you are skinny or fat, it’s all about your core strength and the level of endurance your body has. 

Factors that Marks Scale of bad physical condition: Let’s Uncover

physical condition
Physical condition: Not just random facts

As I said earlier, our body is like a machine that requires proper maintenance and tuning, just like any other machinery that will work well, as long as you provide it with oil and maintain its well-being. In our case, the fuel is our food, and the burning and utilizing enough calories in a balanced proportion is the tuning. 

Even though you are foody, it does not affect your health as long as you keep your diet balanced with exercise, and sufficient amounts of physical activity can save you from both illness and obesity. 

Whenever people are asked about poor physical health, there’s always paranoia found on this topic, and they don’t even bother themselves to know which factors are affecting their health. One must be aware of these factors to know when he needs a physical break or mental alteration; only then a good health condition is possible. Poor physical condition examples include:-

Lack of productive mental and physical activity

All of us would agree that this pandemic has made us stick to our seats more than before. The lack of physical activity has led to illness along with obesity to another level. From the middle to the elite class, every person is restricted to their domains, so health issues are getting more serious. Lack of any productive activity leads to low blood circulation that alternatively affects our body parts. 

Our joints are sticking, bones are cracking, muscles are straining, and health is going down day by day, just because we have completely neglected the significance of exercise. And the flex does not end here; the mind is being a victim of all of this situation. 

You might be thinking that we are talking about physical health, then why bring the brain here. Well, the brain is the main engine of our body, and if is not working correctly, you can’t expect your body to behave normally; obviously, it would show some offense. So mental well-being is proportional to the proportioning of our body, how it works and how it reacts. 

Almost useless daily life routines and lack of concentration due to the pandemic have led to several issues. Mental instability is one of them, and day by day, we are falling for gloomy environments that are soaking us to the depth of hopelessness. These factors make our body become paralyzed, i.e., ask it to do something beyond its comfort zone; you will get an answer. 

Stress, anxiety, and depression

Physical condition example
Physical condition, have to focus on Stress, anxiety, and depression

Specific issues with ourselves are unpredictable and sometimes undetectable as well. We might mistake any abnormal behavior shown by our body as the lack of rest when much more. Anxiety and depression are unpredictable, and most people don’t even know that they suffer from stress

The reason is the lack of awareness regarding these issues, and people are unaware that thousands of people suffer from this, and even the suicidal attempts had the roots of these issues.

Although anxiety and depression seem to be mental issues, they are not indirectly related to our physical health. Whenever you suffer from any mental sickness, it makes you weak physically, i.e., weight loss, loss of appetite, unresponsive behavior, trouble focusing, lack of concentration, and mood swings.

Such a person can ruin the relations around him, which makes him lose interest in everything. His social circle gets confined more and more. He starts feeling worthless, which destroys the physiological processes in our body.

Lack of sleep and Restless, hectic lifestyle

Nothing can disturb your body’s working mechanism as the improper and unhealthy sleep style does. You can stay alive with a bit of food, you can live without exercise, you can sit idle for days, you can gain and lose weight, but neglecting your body’s call upon sleep is the worst thing that you can do to your body. 

The brain is the control system of our body and needs some rest to prepare the rest of the body for better functioning. Our brain has two energy sources: the slight amount of glucose that we make available via food, and the second is the proper sleep. You might be surprised, but sleep is recharging the mind just like a battery. 

Lack of sleep makes your mind feel numb, you can’t focus, you can’t concentrate, things look like a mess to you, and you start feeling excited. We consider going against nature, fun, and fashion, so we have done our lifestyle. People are used to staying awake the whole night and sleeping the entire day. Our body has an inner naturally settled clock that alarms our body to fall asleep at dusk and make it wake up at dawn. 

Sleeplessness or insufficient sleep is the primary reason our health is going down daily. People are suffering from post-depression symptoms and insomnia just due to an immature lifestyle regarding sleep. Our mind doesn’t allow our body to give 100% due to lack of rest; we feel tired all day long and might start losing or gaining weight, horrible consequences. 

Poor diet

bad physical condition
Need healthy diet for good health and wellness in life

We are forcing our bodies to eat the trash the whole day; literally, the junk food we are fueling into our bodies is a direct invitation to health problems. Either you do a house job, or you are an employee in a firm, no doubt you are busy, and sometimes you don’t get time to cook something healthy for you to eat the street food. 

But we had made it a permanent part of our lives, utterly irresponsible behavior that we can’t justify no matter what. And even after storing such a huge amount of calories per day, we don’t bother ourselves to work out a little bit to justify our actions. 

All of these habits are responsible for such a high rate of obesity and heart diseases. People die every day due to the excessive fats in their blood, blockage of heart vessels, and unhealthy food. 


Just like depression, hypertension is also a reason for weak physical fitness. We have three rules in our lives: work, work, and work. We are just making our bodies pay but not investigate. We had so much mess to sort out that made us neglect our body state. 

As a result, a time comes when our body reaches its limit, and then we can’t even expect it to do the routine work. Stress already exerts adverse effects upon the hormones and body functions, making it feel tired soon, lack of energy, and so lifeless. 

Obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are indicators that the body has been taken beyond the limits. Diabetes means a high blood sugar level means an improper diet. In contrast, obesity means too much consumption of unhealthy junk food and a lack of exercise. All of this is just making us so injustice toward our body, the only thing we are blessed with. You won’t listen to your body; it won’t listen to you either. 

Poor joints

types of physical condition
A healthy body keeps muscles and joints fully functional

The physical infrastructure is all about the maximum amount of movement it can show. That is the parameter that distinguishes between healthy and ill people. Either the illness is apparent, or it is due to some disease-causing factor. 

A healthy body keeps muscles and joints fully functional, i.e., the joints produce sufficient tissue that provides room to move painlessly. At the same time, the muscles are healthy enough to undergo the contraction within a particular range. 

Lack of flexibility or painful joints means you lack something in your diet or treat your body poorly. The joints lose the connective tissue responsible for smooth movement, and daily activities become a massive task for you, such as walking, sitting for a long time, or climbing stairs. 

What aspects should be considered when a person is suffering from a health condition?

The types of physical condition are given as:

Physical capacities

Physical capacity is another physical condition synonym, i.e., wellness results from numerous fitness components working together to influence overall physical efficiency. When you are scoring high marks, you must be sure that you are following the right path. The capacity means the certain parameters or kind of test that your body must pass to ensure that you are in a healthy state. These scales are given as


general physical condition examples
Flexibility is more important for a healthy life

When you can access various painless motions that involve taking both the joints and muscles out of their comfort zone, targeted areas are Joints and muscles. The unrestricted movement of joints and muscles is a parameter that lets you know if you are flexible enough or not. 

Pliability is a standard if you are healthy enough to undergo flexible motions or not. Being supple means your joints are sufficiently lubricated for unrestricted movement, and your muscles are strong enough to undergo contraction without getting strains. Still, if you cannot do any of this, it indicates the lack of physical activity and the need for healthy body therapy.


Speed doesn’t mean that you should win while taking part in a marathon race; you should know how active your reflexes are in the response. The more actively you can participate in physical activities, the more stable your health and the healthier you are. Your lazy and unresponsive body tells about the insufficient fibers in your diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of exercise that can be the route to several diseases. 


general physical condition examples
The better your stamina, the more physically fit you are

If you are asked, “how to describe the physical condition?” how would you do that? The ability of our body to withstand lengthy physical or mental effort is known as stamina, i.e., how long your body can fight physically exhausting activities. It could be either exercise or any work that takes you out of your daily comfort zone. 

It means the amount of energy and strength your body gets preserved in your body that you can use for doing some physically tiring work. Building good stamina helps you deal with uncomfortable situations, such as stress or any unusual event that your body finds hard to accept. 

The better your stamina, the more physically fit you are. Stamina is the standard that lets you know how your body would react in unsustainable circumstances. How quickly it adopts, and how strongly it can reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Endurance and strength

Endurance can be an alternative to stamina but is more related to the physical structure than to energy. So how to check it? If you don’t do exercise, suddenly you want to change your lifestyle and decide to include some fitness routine in your life. You will be able to find endurance in the first few days.

It’s for all of us; whenever we start doing exercise after staying idle for a long time, our muscles get congested and resistant to any contraction. The exercise contracts your muscles, and so makes them sore and causes fatigue due to the lack of mobility.

Now, if your muscles take a few days to recover fully, it means your body still has good recovery points, and with continuous exercise, you can turn your fitness into an idle one. But if the sourness stays for a long time, it means your body does not have much endurance, and you must have to do something about it. Strength is the way you deal with heavy objects. 

Physical condition building

How to build your physical fitness? So if you think that you lack physical fitness, try these simple steps to create a full thought plan for building your physical fitness.

Create the fitness goals

bad physical condition
Before beginning your journey toward building your fitness, create fitness goals

To improve your life, the way you eat, or the way you stay fit, there is always a plan for everything; the ideas, deadlines, and goals all set a scale for you. So before beginning your journey toward building your fitness, create fitness goals. That can include-

  • The weights in pounds you want to lose
  • The squats you will do per day
  • The miles you will run per day
  • Desired body shape
  • Focusing on particular organs for extra fat.

Building such goals clears your perspective and leads the way toward the mindful journey. You become a lot clearer and less worried about how you would do it. Without setting a scale in your mind, ll seems to be a mess to you, and you soon give up. So stay focused and write down what you want to see a change after a few months or whatever duration you want to set.

Build a routine

Schedule all the things, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night; everything should be in order. Set the time limits, and try to allow the deadlines. It will help you to follow your busy routine, but at the same time, you can get your additional activities done, i.e., the exercise, your evening walk. You will feel more comfortable yet less tired, and everything will go smoothly. 

Slow and steady makes their way

Don’t excite yourself; stay focused and slow; any hurry can have horrible consequences. Try from the easy exercise or the fitness routine, and then proceed forward toward the tricky part. Please don’t lose the rhythm; skip, slow down yourself, but make it keep going. 

Create versatility in your activities

Bringing versatility in your activities and not sticking to the same boring routine makes you more productive, especially when it comes to fitness. For example, if you are adding the morning or evening walk to your fitness to-do list, don’t stick to it; make it versatile; for instance, after ten days, add a little jogging to it, squats, or some running as well.

And as you proceed forward, start making it challenging; a slow workout will build the stamina inside you and make the instance workout a lot easier.

Create a to-do list

how to describe physical condition
A to-do list helps you a lot to keep fit

Create a To-do list written adequately on a page every day, and follow the guidelines strictly. Mark the things that you have already done. The advantage of this technique is that you can easily add fitness activities to your routine, can sort out your work mess, and still will be able to enjoy leisure time along with good sleep. Creating a list will make you burden-free, and you will be aware of how many tasks you are supposed to do day by day.

The connection among body parts

 The connection among the body parts means giving the proper time and attention to all the body parts; even though that’s a significant point to consider, people still don’t get it. For instance, after serving their body with some hectic schedule, they don’t pay attention that some of their body parts are uncomfortable. Despite doing something for that, they keep on ignoring it, leading to any considerable injury.

Suppose you have constant pain in your joints, or you can hear the cracking of your bones while working out, don’t ignore it. If the pain is prolonged, visit your physician, it could be much more than any normal body pain.

Building core strength

Core strength can include a full-body workout or just a few simple exercises depending upon your body’s condition. But, it mainly comprises intense activities that focus on your entire body, i.e., muscles, bones, endurance, and flexibility. So, this is the root of all the things that are mentioned above.

Several body movements help to improve mobility and build core strength. Start from the simple moves, and proceed forward slowly toward the complex one. Make it intense day by day, and keep an eye on how your body is responding toward the workout, i.e., positive or negative way. If adopted correctly, the exercise would be a solution to all of your problems regarding physical fitness.

How to improve your physical condition?

how to describe physical condition
Total physical activity and healthy food can improve your health.

You can improve your physical fitness via:

Include some mind total physical activity

Again, add a productive routine to your daily life, including some outdoor activities that help you tone up your body. Join a gym club, hire a fitness trainer, or build a strategy for yourself to be your trainer. Do exercise daily, enjoy your fitness schedule. Go out for a walk, make your body engaged in tiring and exhausting activities and go beyond your limits.

All of this will improve your health and help you attire your desired body shape. You will feel more relaxed, less stressed out, and more comfortable. Within days, you will see the change in how easy it would be for you to deal with a thing that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

Drink a lot of water

types of physical condition
Drink sufficient water for better health

Hydration doesn’t make your cells lose their energy, so drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. Our body includes functions like ingestion, digestion absorption. Specific reactions require proper fluid media for proceeding forward. The blood must have the appropriate water ratio; the cells need it for the regulation of hormones.

In short, the reason behind calling the water key of life is not worthless at all. In addition to water, add the juices of seasonal fruits to your diet; it betters your immune system and grows healthy body cells. The hydration doesn’t let the muscles develop soreness and also speeds up the healing process.

Eat healthy diet

The right body proportion belongs to the exact percentage of fat in our body and proper body shape. You can improve your physical condition via adopting a good diet, i.e., dropping the consumption of a considerable amount of junk food and adding the right proportion of dietary fibers. 

Including a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet can help you consume the proper amount of protein, glucose, and other vitamins. Vitamins heal the bones, make the muscles strong and boost our immune system.

Glucose is one of the main fuels for our brain, nerve ending, and other body cells. In contrast, protein is necessary for building muscles and enhancing growth. These factors would allow you to attire the desired body shape and improve other physical condition examples.

You can escape from several diseases by building your immunity, and healthy food would shape your body and glow your skin up. You will be able to work tirelessly without any painful effort. 

Get proper sleep

general physical condition examples
Proper sleep will improve your immune system, recharge your mind.

Adjust your sleep cycle; with proper sleep, your body would take less time to go back to its original form. It will improve your immune system, recharge your mind, and you can work more efficiently. Lack of sleep is the primary reason why we can’t concentrate and always feel lost. 

Healthy sleep is beneficial for both mind and body, thus avoiding the threat of severe pron conditions. You develop better ways to respond against harmful diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. In short, by just improving your sleep cycle, you can solve half of your physical State. 

Keep yourself busy: Don’t give any room for stress and anxiety

Being too busy makes you excited while sitting too idle, making you vulnerable to harmful stress and anxiety. So it is better to go to the way that found its roots into the middle. Keep yourself busy, but only in productive activities.

Being busy does not mean that you should spend a lot of time on social media, gaming, or other stress-causing activities. The unproductive routine affects your physical health, i.e., obesity, weight loss, and stress marks on your skin.

Engage yourself in healthy activities such as gardening, reading books, or spending some time with your family. That would grow your mental and physical well-being. Do exercise regularly, accomplish your daily work tasks, and avoid them, stay connected to nature. 

Keep on checking on your body

Keep a mark list about your body, i.e., the weight, shape, working capacity, and responding speed. Keep on checking if it can do its activities effortlessly, or working too much is not making it exhausted. It helps you manage your health through court consistently without missing a beat.

If you see any unexpected response to your body, such as joint pain, soreness in muscles you don’t expect to happen, change your physical routine, and add dietary supplements. 

Visit your physician often

types of physical condition
Timely treatment can save you from any kind of life risk

Visit your doctor often, at least once within the six months. Keep the record of its working throat these six months, and let your physician know about it. The timely treatment can save you from any significant horrible consequences.


What is your physical condition?

Physical condition in a sentence can be described as “The state of being conscious, i.e., your body’s functioning.” It means the work your body can do without getting exhausted or tired. And even if we consider the factor of being tired, the recovery mode of your body must be suitable. The physical condition can be good or bad depending upon the way you are treating your body.

If you have a good body condition, which means your body supports your mind’s decisions, then it is a perfect thing, and you should improve it.

And if it is not in good condition, it means you have to work hard on building your body infrastructure healthier and more responsive.

Why is an excellent physical condition necessary?

Maintaining good physical condition is significant if you want your body to keep going without getting old before time. Poor body condition and physical fitness make you get tired soon; the body loses its shape, you feel too exhausted and can’t perform even small tasks. 

The poor condition makes you susceptible to several harmful diseases such as high cholesterol levels, obesity, and heart attack. So it is essential to keep a balance for your body, and the only way to do it is to focus on factors like a healthy diet, proper sleep, and exercise. 


Your body is all you get when, as a survivor on earth, it supports your activities and thoughts no matter what. But We’re not paying it back even what it deserves. If it gets the work done for us, it is our responsibility to feed it at least what it needs.

Building your physical fitness is a step that shows that you do care about your body. Maintaining physical condition is not even that hard, and a few simple steps would be impossible for you. You can attire a healthy lifestyle, adopt the desired body shape, and maintain a healthy posture. So spend a little on your physique, and get much more than you ever expected.

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