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Can you guess what could be the go-to move for abs to dear Kayla Itsines, the fitness superstar from Australia? If you said lemon squeezer exercise, then yap, you’re right!

It’s not just one of the most fabulous ways to get the abdominal workout goals extra effective but also shows super-fast results with regular implementation. And that’s why if you are trying to get that belly of yours ready for not just summer but every season, keep it included in your workout moves list. 

Before talking more in-depth about what a lemon squeezer is, how you would do it, the benefits associated, and more, here’s something to be careful of. 

Anyone who has issues of lower back pain or even neck aches, stop right here. Lemon squeezer exercise is quite challenging to do in severe physical conditions, and you should try some low-intensity moves instead.

However, if that’s not the case, you’re more than welcome to give this guide a good look and take notes to start as soon as you can!

What Exactly Is Lemon Squeezer Exercise – Get to Know

Let’s start with the essential query, what’s a lemon squeezer exercise? No, this isn’t related to lemons in any way. Nor does there’s anything about squeezing with all might. 

You may not get an idea from the lemon squeezer exercise name. But it might be from its other words. Jackknife or V-up. Ring any bell?

Well, this is a move that targets the very front layer of one’s abdominal muscles. It is known as the rectus abdominis, and you can see it in the mirror easily. There’s no need for advanced tools to perform lemon crunches (another common name). 

You balance on your hips while trying to bring knees toward your chest by bending it and at the same time reaching for the calves with your arms. Well, you’ve got the image; we’ll get more into details in the upcoming segments on how to perform it exactly. 

Who Should Consider the Lemon Squeezers Ab Exercise Routine?

Anyone who wants to try some complicated and challenging ab training movement would love it—especially those who want to focus on their core improvement—the muscles of one’s torso. Of course, not solely lemon squeezer exercise would be enough. So it’s best to try other moves along to keep the routine comprehensive.

It works best for people who want to add variety to their abs workout routine. But not for the ones who are just starting. 

Maybe to get back to life in a healthy way, you’ve decided to implement some easy ab moves. Or have not practiced strength endurance training anytime sooner before. If you have a similar story, try something more straightforward to prepare your core, and maybe later add lemon squeezer exercise, which would be better.

If you want to work on your abdomen so that the muscles can lift the weight of both legs and arms, then lemon squeezers can help. Also, an extra tip, to boost the effect, combine planks exercise with it. You’ll love the results!

For different ab goals, one should focus on various specific movements. You might already know that. For example, fitness folks use the planks exercise to enhance stabilization. Similarly, for working on flexion, you should try the lemon squeezer exercise

Learn How to Do The Lemon Squeeze Workout

Well, some variations target different intensities with the lemon squeeze workout. We’ll teach you the two most effective ones. We want to call them softcore and hardcore versions. 

If you want to go slightly easy, start with softcore. Or challenge yourself with the hardcore variation if you are confident enough to handle it.

The Softcore Variation

  • Get a mat and lie on your back. Your arms should be over your heads in such a way that your hands touch the floor.
  • Create a V shape by raising both your arms as well as legs at the same time.
  • Try reaching for your toes with the hands then.
  • Go back to the starting position of fully reclining.
  • That’s one rep of these low leg version. And you need to do quite a few taking your time.

You must focus on your breathing in both soft and hard variation to enjoy the actual lemon squeezer exercise benefits and see a difference soon. When laying on the mat at the starting position, breathe out slowly while raising arms/legs. Then while trying to lower your legs and arms, breathe in slowly.

The Hardcore Variation

  • Here most important factor is working with a lot of control and keeping things slow to maintain pristine form.
  • Just like the softcore variation, start by laying on the mat and have both arms overhead.
  • Now bring your legs above the floor, around 6 inches high would be great.
  • Start to raise the torso and make it reach/touch the torse while forming a 45-degree angle with your raised legs along to the floor. This should create a V-shape.
  • Get your upper body back to lower positioning while legs into the hovered way. Don’t let your legs touch the floor until you complete the aimed reputation for this variation.

For Your Information – Lemon squeezer exercise does not require a mat, but it’ll help you focus on moves better. If possible, get good exercise shorts too. Go for 9-13 reps with 20-30 seconds of rest in between. 2 circuits will be more challenging and effective.

Lemon squeezer exercise

Try These Tips If You Want to Maximize Lemon Squeezer Exercise Benefits!

It will be such a miss if we don’t share these ideas. There are quite a lot that can help maximize the excellent outcomes from a lemon squeeze workout. 

Bring Home a Stability Ball

Compared to when you perform the move on a stable surface, trying a lemon squeezer and a stability ball would maximize the activation of the rectus abdominis. Well, that’s what one of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies researchers suggested in 2009. 

The leading theory is that a stability ball pushes the muscle to work with more intensity for a more challenging lemon squeezer. It’s going to be far from adequate compared to any regular curl-up or crunches.

Now, if you’d like to spice up the moves, you can think about more modifications. Let us guide you through one way that might get you fabulous results. 

  • Keep your hands on the floor while positioning shins as well as ankles’ tops on a stability ball.
  • The target for creating a straight line is what goes from head to toe. It would help if you were holding your body quite rigidly. 
  • Now, almost like lemon crunches, you want to try pulling the ball toward your chest while having both knees bent so that your torso engages in a crunch. 
  • Get back to the solid push-up style position by straightening your legs. And you finish one rep that way. 
Lemon squeezer exercise

Hugging Your Knees Instead of Reaching for Toes.

You start with the traditional lemon squeezer laying off on the back position. And then have both arms and legs straight slightly above the floor.

But as you start to lift them, instead of trying to touch the toes, go into a knee-hugging positioning as it comes toward your chest. Release and go back to the original position to try again. To eliminate any pressure from the hip flexor, this could do wonders.

You can also try lifting only one leg at a time and focus on enhancing your obliques. It is also a significant variation with beautiful results. 

Traditional Lemon Squeezer with Straddling Action.

This time too, you would start as a regular lemon squeezer position. However, when you raise the legs and arms, instead of going straight upwards, try straddling them outwards on the side. 

You want your arms to go to the center. Many fitness folks swear by this variation and call it their favorite core exercise. Compared to the traditional way, it shows better effectiveness to target the lower abs. 

Let’s Get You Motivated with Most Amazing Lemon Squeezer Exercise Benefits

We’re sure you are already feeling excited to try the lemon squeeze workout. And we will take the chance to tell you about the MOST EFFECTIVE BENEFITS of this fantastic workout move. Why? Because we were hoping you could do your best to engage in this particular move extra. Hopefully, this segment will feed into that action.

It is known as the powerhouse, and your transverse abdominis would benefit most from this move. And so, your core would get extra strong for all the other core engaging movements that you’d try for building abs. 

Stronger core muscles will also allow you to get rid of general injury or back pain and develop a better athletic form. 

Balance and stability would be under your arrest! You’ll feel extra strong in the middle of your body, and obviously, many chores will become a piece of cake for you to handle. 

Lemon squeezer exercise will keep lower back issues away and maintain its health like magic. You’ll be dodging injuries as well as pain in that area even with engaging in challenging moves. 

It tests your core strength, making it more tolerant towards challenging activities. In short, you’ll enjoy fantastic strength endurance improvement. 

A high-intensity session of lemon squeezer exercise can burn up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes. 

Now keep in mind, it’s just a rough idea to encourage you. You can only measure the same burned calories by taking into account other factors involved. But even as a rough idea, it’s not bad at all! 

Lemon squeezer exercise benefits

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid 

Getting the most out of a move also involves avoiding common errors. This segment shall help you get introduced to two of the most common ones. 

Your abs should be engaging the most and having full control. And that can face abstraction if you tend to round your shoulders or back.

Bending the back would put pressure on the lower area of the back, taking away focus from your core. And that isn’t the best way to make this exercise effective. It’ll cut down the benefits. Not to mention how harmful it can be for your back. 

So, make sure you maintain a straight line from your lower back to your head. The body should consistently maintain a straight position from starting to finishing the movement.

The subsequent widespread mistake is allowing your arms to swing up. It will also take away the focus from core muscles, and hence, you’ll not get the full benefit from the move.

With traditional lemon squeezer exercise, try to keep each arm on each side while starting the move. As you raise, make sure your arms maintain a parallel form with the ground on your sides.

If you try other variations of the exercise, having the arms that way isn’t a problem. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know what a lemon squeezer is as well as quite much everything necessary about it. So, should lemon squeezer exercise be a part of your abdominal muscle-focused workout sessions? What are your thoughts?

Well, if you ask us, we think it should! It’s a challenging move that beginners will find difficult to perform. But for those who are pretty into muscle building and core strengthening, this could be a game-changer. Of course, along with other core and abs workouts.

On that note, we’ll be taking your leave. See you again on some other fun topic soon!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What muscles do lemon squeezers work?

The lemon squeeze workout comes with several abdominal benefits. However, it’s mainly about the rectus abdominis, the layer you see in front of abdominal muscles. 

2) What are the 5 best core exercises?

Along with lemon squeezer exercise, other fabulous core moves would be bicycle crunch, reverse crunch, glute bridge, and plank.

3) Are lemon squeezers a good workout?

Of course, it is! You have to accompany the move with other abdominal muscles focusing exercises. And with enough effort, you should be able to see desired results. However, lemon squeezer exercise alone won’t be beneficial. It would help if you implemented other moves along with it actually to see good results.

Lemon squeezer exercise
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