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If you have been into strength training, sooner or later, isokinetic exercise will come knocking at your door, and you’ll start looking more into it. No doubt, there are tons of great stories to tell about this specific style of exercise. Primarily it’s potential to give a lot of people the flexibility of doing physically well.

And if you know quite a bit about fitness and reasons to exercise whenever you can, then you also know the whole thing is about knowing the right stuff, planning your steps according to your set goals. So it’s the same with isokinetic.

So, to help you with that correct knowing and proper planning, we want to help. How? We have sorted around 5 excellent isokinetic exercise equipment recommendations and many other segments that shall help whether you are a beginner of strength training or a pretty old buddy living the benefits.

And so, if you are interested to find out about all the cool tools for Isokinetic exercise along with some good-to-know information on isokinetic, stick till the end.

What Exactly Are Isokinetic Exercise Equipment Meant For – Isokinetic Exercise Introduction

Before we jump into the discussion on equipment for the Isokinetic exercise, it’s only suitable to give you some insight into what this whole thing is about.

So isokinetic principle it’s by far the best form to develop strength and power. Here one needs to balance the resistance and a force while using a particular movement or equipment.

It’s a great form of strength training that gives you three main improvements:

  1. Targeting muscle for toning.
  2. Increasing strength through movements.
  3. Benefiting from strength endurance practices.

The whole concept is significantly about brushing your balance and coordination, not to mention the metabolism-boosting capabilities.

Think this way; you are applying 200 lb. of work into a squat exercise. Then the resistance to it will also be precisely 200 lb. So basically, the applied effort will respond automatically in the same way. And you don’t have to use any weight for this. 

As a result, the outcomes of strength training are there but without any weight. It also means that trying isokinetic exercise equipment gets tons of times safer for certain people who have risks with handling weight.

Isokinetic exercise results give you all the necessary power and strength development without making your joints or muscles sore.

Reviewing Isokinetic Exercise Equipment Picks – Top 5 Recommendations

And we won’t keep you waiting; here are the five pieces of isokinetic exercise equipment that can help you with isokinetic exercise. These can also assist in other workouts, so it’s a party of different benefits under shade.

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair, Isokinetic Exercise Equipment
Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

Highlighting Points:

  •  Frame made of metal. 
  • The wheels are 2.5 inches in size.
  • Multiple colors are available.
  • Base adjustable.
  • Back height adjustable.

Product Details

The 1st Isokinetic exercise equipment that we will talk about is the Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair; this one comes in a full 8 color range that you can pick from; however, all have the same black frame; the ball comes in a different shade.

It’s made keeping the standard office size 60mm wheels in mind. So, you will have a better smoothness in rolling with the Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair wide and big wheels. You have this in solid black or silver flakes about the frame, including black. The provided cushion, as well as wheels, are also the same color.

There are a total of 5 wheels in the Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair. You can make adjustments in two ways. There are back support positions of 4 types. 

And with the length height positioning, you can have it in 4 different ways. So clearly, it’s one of the best equipment for isokinetic and more that can accommodate a good range of body heights. The provided exercise ball is made of a non-latex material, which is durable enough. Also, the deflating is slow in case of any puncturing, so it’s pretty safe. 

You will get a tiny starter pump as well. However, it’s not the best for the ball since it requires quite a lot of air. So you might need to consider buying a high-volume air pump. The maximum limit is 300 pounds, which is reasonably practical.

You can use the Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair for a comfortable lean-back position. And at the highest setting, it will even work as lumbar support.

With regular usage, your posture will get great as you are forced to sit straight with it. The construction quality is a gem, no doubt, and most would feel the glide is right on point. Just make sure you are moving with the instructions when inflating it, as too much pumping may result in issues.

Aesthetic-wise, the Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair is well designed to carry in professional settings. Overall, it’s a great startup for anyone looking into isokinetic exercises.


  • It comes with solid making.
  • A wide range of color options.
  • It Does not feel weird to take to professional setups.
  • The weight capacity is relatively high.
  • It helps in posture improvement.


  • The provided pump isn’t helpful for long-term use.

What You Need to Know: The Isokinetic Fitness Ball Chair comes with pretty big and wide wheels, so it’s going to work for a range of weights effortlessly.
What You’ll Love: It comes in several colors and two unique finishes, black. So, picking one for a professional setup according to your preference won’t be a hassle.
What You Should Consider: The pump given along will work for emergencies, but regular users won’t feel very comfortable with it as there’s a need for high-volume air for the equipment.
Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc

Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc
Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc

Highlighting Points:

  • Inflatable design; means for core training.
  • Usable in seats.
  • It comes in many colors
  • Latex-free material made. 

Product Details

Then we have the Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc, another fabulous option for anyone thinking of therapy, exercise, and core training through a piece of suitable equipment.

It also comes with more than just one shade, so you can pick the color that matches your using environment. The round in shape stability cushion is easy to inflate. And the material in use was polyvinyl chloride. It comes with a side, including low nubs, while there are bumpy nubs, a bit raised, for the other side.

The item comes pre-inflated, considering the most common suitable level for many uses. For example, you can use it as a chair air cushion and a seat that needs more wobble or wiggle. The surface being used helps you get a tremendous amount of sensory feedback. And so, you train your core muscles to get adapted with a lot of balancing. 

It is why the Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc proves to be the best strength-building option for anyone willing to use it for physical therapy to raise balance skills and maintain. You can get this equipment for kids as well, and they’ll love the wiggle seat for keeping the first-time classroom anxiety a little relaxed.


  • It helps to perfect core strength.
  • Increases balancing skills.
  • It is made with a kid-friendly design.
  • Super easy to use.
  • It comes in a lot of aesthetic range.


  • There’s no pump included.

What You Need to Know: The Isokinetic Inc. Balance Disc is a fantastic choice for easing long-term hip pains to loosen the area that even chiropractors use.
What You’ll Love: The Isokinetics Inc. Balance Disc helps treat off balance and even raises ankle strength the right way.
What You Should Consider: You will require a pump, but the equipment does not provide one, which could disappoint a few users.
Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Isokinetics Inc. Black High-Density Foam Rollers

Isokinetics Inc. Black High-Density Foam Rollers
Black High-Density Foam Rollers

Highlighting Points:

  • Extra-firm design.
  • Multiple lengths.
  • Round and half-round available.
  • Foam beads are molded.
  • Suitable for moderate to heavy use.

Product Details

If you need extra firm equipment for your isokinetic exercise and therapy, the Isokinetics Foam Rollers can help as one of the most delicate stability improvement equipment. There’s more than just one size, and all have a different price range as well. So, you can go for a smaller or most considerable size depending on how cost-effective you want the whole thing to be.

The Isokinetics Foam Rollers works fantastic for those trying to deal with tight glutes and piriformis causing back issues. If you roll in the gym, this should be identified by now. The half-moon shape works for those who want to slide their bottom a tad bit forward until it lands on the floor. Basically, to help you engage the sacroiliac muscles with ease.

Draping your back while lying on the floor is also possible with the Isokinetics Foam Rollers, and it gives an excellent decompression to the curve alongside the lower spine.

The roller gives enough flexibility to stretch and massage the muscles. Depending on your body weight, you may or may not have to hold it a bit off from the floor to put some effort into using it. Also, when you use the roller for sitting or lying using total weight, no excessive pain or pressure creates any hassle.

The making seems to be well compressed and the type that should last you a good while. And considering that part, the price is also within one’s reach. Overall, the Isokinetics Foam Rollers feel like a worthy catch for anyone interested in isokinetic equipment routines.


  • Great for people with back pain issues.
  • You can use it for multiple types of workouts.
  • Very well made to last quite a while.
  • Easy to use.
  • It comes in different sizes and according to price range.


  • It can be hard to work with people with certain conditions.

What You Need to Know: The Isokinetics Foam Rollers help ease the sacroiliac muscles, especially with the half-moon shape one.
What You’ll Love: Laying all flat over your back on this roller can help you with decompressing the curve along the lower spine, and that’s one great advantage of Isokinetics Foam Rollers users have pointed out.
What You Should Consider: It’s generally an excellent foam roller, but people with certain pain types and body conditions can find it a bit hard to use.
Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Vive Wobble Cushion

Vive Wobble Cushion
Vive Wobble Cushion

Highlighting Points:

  • Suitable for office chair; includes exercise book.
  • Latex-free making.
  • 440 pounds of maximum weight.
  • The surface is textured and non-slip.

Product Details

The first thing to notice about the Vive Wobble Cushion is how well you can use it for the seat and floor. It works fantastic for those who want to get their posture perfected. And at the same time, work to raise the overall core strength.

Fatigue on the back, any pain in that area, gets a significant amount of help if you implement the Vive Wobble Cushion the right way. It works by providing a tension release scheme in those areas.

The cushion will be great for anyone who needs to stay seated for the whole day, including their life. It’s just an excellent way to improve both stability and posture while you work on your desk at the office or home workspace. Using it in workout routines, you need to pair the Vive Wobble Cushion with other equipment. In conjunction, it can help you activate your muscles and, again, work on the balance aspect.

The areas that it helps in strengthening would be back muscles and the group on the leg. Not to mention the slight benefits towards your core, the Vive Wobble Cushion can help to tone. Talking about the Vive Wobble Cushion surface, there’s quite a bit of texture. It’s called dial textured. So, you have a studded side for a massage-like feel. 

While on the other side it’s a bit dimpled and raised. Both sides are non-slip, so you can use them for heavy exercise sessions without fearing accidents. And the surface texture greatly helps in traction providing.

The Vive Wobble Cushion comes with an air pump. So, you can have the firmness level according to your needs by inflating the disc. The making quality is also top-notch; there’s hardly any chance of tearing even with rough use.

Overall, Vive Wobble Cushion seems to be a perfect pick for anyone who needs a well-working isokinetic machine for their routines.


  • It can support a massive 440 pounds of weight.
  • You can easily customize the firmness level.
  • It comes with an excellent resistance to tears.
  • Easy to use for both sitting and laying on the floor.
  • It helps in core strengthening greatly.


  • While used for an extended period, it tends to deflate gradually at times.

What You Need to Know: The Vive Wobble Cushion helps with improving posture, getting weak core and abs strengthened, and other great benefits.
What You’ll Love: If you try the Vive Wobble Cushion with squats, it’ll just be enough to energize glutes and get them on fire with excellent outcomes sooner than later.
What You Should Consider: The inflation does not last long if you use the cushion for a very prolonged time, but that’s sometimes the case, not always.
Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Exercise Ball

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball

Highlighting Points:

  • Anti-burst design.
  • It comes in many colors.
  • Slow deflating.
  • Latex-free material.
  • 500 lbs. of static weight support.
  • It includes inflation instructions. 

Product Details

The Isokinetics Inc. Brand Exercise Ball is an affordably priced equipment for isokinetic purposes that anyone can easily use as it’s super simple to implement in any workout style. The whole design is kept patented, and there are two levels of difficulty with it that you can achieve through the cone, which allows detaching.

To use the ball on the floor, the rounded shape even has some balance points so that while in contact with the surface, you can get some good feedback for enjoying proper muscle adjustments. The construction quality is also kept up to the mark, and it should survive a reasonable amount of time. It’s made out of latex-free material that works against any bursting to take place.

The main thing takes quite a bit of time when deflating, and it happens partially slow. The Isokinetics Inc. Brand Exercise Ball also can handle quite a bit of static weight, and in fact, it’s up to 500 lbs. which is decent enough for the price point. Also, the ball provides a measuring tape to comfortably measure the inflating and work with the size they want to.

There are instructions provided for inflation so beginners should not have any problem with it. You can also find the plug and inflation nozzle supplied inside the box. However, the pump is not included, which is slightly disappointing, to be honest. Overall, this is an option of potential that comes with quite a few worthwhile features for isokinetic goals.


  • The ball is made durable.
  • It can allow a decent amount of weight.
  • Pretty simple to inflate.
  • The provided measuring tape helps.
  • There’s no fear of bursting in case of any puncture.


  • You don’t get a pump with it.

What You Need to Know: The Isokinetics Inc. Brand Exercise Ball does wonders with capabilities such as the right amount of sturdiness to work specific muscles and the fantastic potential for users of most ages.
What You’ll Love: The provided measuring tape helps have the preferred size of inflating with the ball, making the whole session extra convenient and goal-driven.
What You Should Consider: Unfortunately, there’s no pump provided with the ball, so you may need to get one separately, and that sometimes does not sit right with users.
Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Why You Should Try this Equipment – The Benefits of Isokinetic Exercise

If you are still considering trying this strength training type, then maybe going through some isokinetic exercise benefits will make you sum up a decision. So let us help you with it.

There are tons of ways in which isokinetic exercise helps. However, the most amazing one would be how your body is challenged to increase and expand the muscle. But without causing fatigue or straining. You can explore such a vast range of motion with it, but the soreness after the sessions is not there.

It happens because, unlike any other style of exercise, with isokinetic activity, you allow enough rest. So that blood flowing and circulating never gets disrupted.

Workout creates a good amount of lactic acid, which is fantastic when trying isokinetic exercise. And this is one reason why you don’t usually feel the burn or pain sensation after the workout.

Since the equipment used for isokinetic exercise are highly appropriate for people with rehab needs and recovery concerns, these are also great at improving posture and balance-related issues.

You can try isokinetic machines to help you with a stroke or injury after concerns, along with other foot or hand strengthening tools. Any imbalance you feel in your body can be significantly elevated using these isokinetic exercise machines.

Once You Include Isokinetic Exercise, Controlling Resistance & Speed Takes Place, Which Helps With:

  1. Preventing injuries during exercise and challenging movements.
  2. Improving the flexibility of one’s muscles.
  3. Muscle development systemically and more safely.

Other Benefits of Trying Isokinetic Exercise Are:

  • Everyday activities will become a lot easier for you.
  • You’ll notice a good evolution of your athletic performance.
  • There will be a boost of improvement with cognitive functions as well.
  • Tremendous impact on the core muscles to help one with body stabilizing and better spine support.
  • It contributes highly to your overall quality of life.

Are There Any Isokinetic Exercise Risks?

For most cases, isokinetic exercise is a safe strength training style that anyone should work with. It’s, in fact, so simple that you don’t even have to deal with inertia. Now, if you don’t know what that term means, it’s moving any weight from the dead stop.

And that’s why it’s a great form of exercise for anyone who has had recent injuries. So you have to work with resistance, and the amount won’t be beyond what your therapist recommends. 

Also, there’s less need for complications or movements like pulling muscles that can cause soreness like other forms of exercise.

Few Things to Consider When Buying Isokinetic Exercise Equipment

We are already sorted with telling you about the best Isokinetic exercise picks to get. But it won’t be complete if we also don’t suggest a few factors that you can have in your mind for making a better choice. So here we go!


Something that would last you a reasonable period, that’s what you would like to pay your money for. And this is true for anything that you purchase. The same goes for the isokinetic equipment you are planning to get.

No matter what type it is, make sure the construction is solid enough to give you a good number of uses before it gets expired or broken and no more usable. The price you pay would determine a lot in this case.

Price Point

Better making quality often comes with a higher price range. And you should be the one determining whether the overall quality justifies the price the equipment asks for. 

Often, we make the wrong decision of getting a poorly made item just because the price seems much low. But the combination is too good in claims, and too cheap often means there’s something off.

So, make sure you have a realistic budget for your purchase and don’t randomly buy anything just because the price is low.

Improves Balance, Strengthens Core & Works for Whole Body

There are several styles of isokinetic equipment. But the most basic ones are exercise balls, rollers, or firm pieces designed to give you that flexibility of working out without the soreness. 

These should make available a few expected benefits such as improving your overall stature stability, posture enhancement, strength building, especially for the core, and of course targeting the whole body. Make sure whatever isokinetic equipment you are planning to get shows these common goals achieving potentials.

Isotonic VS Isometric VS Isokinetic – Don’t Get Confuse

The three I’s often get mixed up by noobs, but apparently, these are not the same. We are trying to focus on isokinetic, and the rest of the two are also pretty impressive in terms of benefits but don’t have them confused with isokinetic. So here’s a little idea on differentiating all three.

1. Isotonic refers to movement causing the muscle to lengthen and then shorten. A generated force here comes into play that gets triggered by contracting muscle. There are two kinds of isotonic muscle contraction, eccentric and concentric.

2. Then there’s the isometric muscle contraction, which involves another object that stays immovable even after pushing against it. The contraction here is called isometric and is also known as static tension. Here the joints or muscles don’t move, but there’s still muscle contraction. It’s mainly used for strength maintenance purposes rather than building it.

3. Finally, we have the isokinetic exercise options, which are great for therapeutic settings. Here the speed stays under control and targets building strength for people who cannot completely use their muscles. Dynamometers are often the professional machine that targets all essential isokinetic exercise points for treating stroke victims or similar patients.

Wrapping Up

That was all about some of the minor isokinetic exercise equipment suggestions, along with information we feel you’ll need. Hopefully, you will start your isokinetic exercise after giving this a read. 

However, if you plan to take it more seriously, professional guidance becomes essential for treating severe cases such as stroke and similar issues. These were meant for people who would like to implement isokinetic benefits for everyday life strength improvement needs. 

But someone who is a stroke victim or went through severe injuries should think about the isokinetic exercise implementation after consulting the professional in charge of them. So, make sure you are paying attention to that fact!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to begin an isokinetic exercise program?

There should be instructions with the gears, and you need to read those carefully before using them. However, for best isokinetic results, a few things you can try would be:

1) Suit your need to customize the resistance with the equipment.
2) Have a personal goal with the exercise and gradually build up the opposition. The same goes for the rep count.
3) If you pick complex tools for Isokinetic activity, have a specialist to assist you with the movement.

What are the safety tips for maintaining exercise?

Any type of strength training will need you to follow a few safety guidelines for a better outcome. Warming up is the first; you can try brisk walking or even light jogging. Some also prefer dynamic stretches. It helps loosen the body to have the best results from the complex movements later.

Also, don’t stay dehydrated, have plenty of water after, before, and during the exercise. Instead, keep aside a few minutes to calm down entirely after the workout.
It’s also important to know the proper usage of tools for Isokinetic exercise as you don’t want to overdo and stress the muscles.

Are there any studies about isokinetic exercise?

Yes! For instance, a study in 2008 found out that skilled soccer players tend to restore the knee muscle strength imbalance through trying isokinetic training. 

Also, research during 1999 shows evidence that exercise greatly helps elder patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Using a leg exercise machine for the elderly gives even better results, by the way. In addition, there were benefits regarding better pain measures, functions, and strength.

Obese people also get similar benefits of aerobic exercises by trying isokinetic, according to another study done in 2016.

Isokinetic Exercise Equipment
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