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Have you ever experienced some sort of restriction when trying out different hand movements? Does it also include discomfort? This could be because of so many things. Maybe you spend a good amount of time working with exercise bars. Or perhaps simply due to an arthritis condition that you’re dealing with. 

No matter what your exact case is, one thing is for sure. Those hands need some strengthening practice. And there are some fabulous tools that can speed up this process.

 I’ve shortlisted around 10 hand exercise tool options with their complete reviews today. These are great for certain handgrip exercises that you can try. And enhance a wide range of hand motions. Keep On Reading-

Familiarize Yourself with Different Types of Hand Exercise Tool First

Not knowing any hand exercise tool’s name is not unusual. Those who have hardly ever looked at such targeted exercising will not know much about the various types. That is also quite continuously growing. Let’s talk about the few common types below.

1. The first type is a grip trainer. It’s known to be the best hand exercise tool for those who have very little hand strength, usually due to conditions such as stroke. This one also works for improving raw grip strength. People who practice golf, tennis, and similar grip-focused games often use this type religiously.

2. Putty is the next type that basically involves squeezing action. Those who have relatively small hands will find this type more favorable.

3. Another type is called finger exerciser. This one is specifically meant to help people with ligament strain issues.

4.    Hand strengthener ball and ring are also pretty popular types. Both of these varieties are great to utilize in a number of ways for a comprehensive workout session almost.

How Can a Hand Exercise Tool Help You?

There are tons of handgrip benefits that you can get under your sleeve by implementing such a tool. For example, hand aches can be relieved by regularly using a handgrip strengthener. The muscle on that aching area will be stretching. And so, you would get better blood flow as well as alleviated pain.

One side of the body getting weaker due to a recent stroke can also be a situation where including handgrip exercise is a great idea because this can literally help in rebuilding the strength. However, it definitely needs long-term use in terms of stroke recovery.

Typewriters or simply writers have to constantly use their fingers. And not to mention, those motions are quite restrictive. They are causing several strains that can also be repetitive. Having finger exercisers can really aid with maintaining them limber. Plus, it helps avoid any long-term damage.

Reviewing 10 Top Hand Exercise Tool Picks

Finally, you are about to enter reviews for each of the 10 recommendations that are the stars of today’s piece of writing. I hope you can find yourself a great one this way!

IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper – The Overall Best Hand Exercise Tool Out There

IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper, Hand Exercise Tool
Best Hand Exercise Tool


  • Strong hand building.
  • Hand injuries are recoverable.
  • Aluminum & alloy steel built-in.
  • 11 levels of strength.
  • Pleasing design.


  • Very well made.
  • Springs don’t become softer.
  • Resistance levels range is awesome.
  • Design is aesthetically approved.
  • Great for injury recovery purposes.


  • You may need to get many sizes to complete the set.

Product descriptions

Not knowing any hand exercise tool’s name is not unusual. Those who have hardly ever looked at such targeted exercising will not know much about the various types. That is also quite continuously growing. Let’s talk about the few common types below.

1. The first type is a grip trainer. It’s known to be the best hand exercise tool for those who have very little hand strength, usually due to conditions such as stroke. This one also works for improving raw grip strength. People who practice golf, tennis, and similar grip-focused games often use this type religiously.

2. Putty is the next type that basically involves squeezing action. Those who have relatively small hands will find this type more favorable.

3. Another type is called finger exerciser. This one is specifically meant to help people with ligament strain issues.

4. Hand strengthener ball and ring are also pretty popular types. Both of these varieties are great to utilize in a number of ways for a comprehensive workout session almost.

If you’ve been looking into handgrips, then there’s no way you haven’t heard about this iconic option coming from IronMind. The Captain of Crush Hand Gripper is by far the most effective grip strength-building tool that actually shows some amazing results with constant usage.

It was available on the market in 1995, and since then, its popularity is insane. Keep the construction super solid; this tool uses aircraft-grade billet aluminum. And for the part of the spring, it uses the superior at strength alloy steel ones.

Unlike any cheap hand grip, you can expect the springs to never break in. I really appreciate the springs a lot as it really helps with providing consistent usage. Also, the springs don’t become soft with continuous use.

It’s a fixed-style hand gripper that you can get in many sizes. And there are also different strength levels to pick and work with.

If you really want to make the most out of Captain of Crush hand grip exerciser, consider getting the book of the same name that basically shows proper ways to use it. That way, your sessions will be guided, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in a short time.


PROHANDS Pro Hand Exerciser – Best Hand Finger Exercise Tool with Heavy Tension

PROHANDS Pro Hand Exerciser
Hand Exerciser


  • ABS plastic, Santoprene, and stainless-steel spring.
  • Individual finger isolated exercise.
  • For hand, wrist, and forearm.
  • 9 tension levels.
  • Not adjustable.


  • The construction quality is great.
  • Comes with efficient heavy max tension.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps in poor circulation.
  • Great for endurance training.


  • The price isn’t very low.

Product descriptions

Unlike the first option, the Pro isn’t adjustable. But despite that, the maximum tension is pretty heavy and efficient for several fingers isolated practices.

If you are really all about making those fingers of yours more strengthened and get some good sessions for the forearm as well as wrists, then this one can be a fabulous option.

The range motion is large. And so, you will be experiencing better efficiency in workouts. The fingertips are moreover padded. So, working out is not just efficient but comfortable with The Pro.

The max tension of 9 pounds for each finger is usually the favorite level of most dedicated trainees.

I wish the palm rest had a bit more security-providing shape. A thumb-side tab could have made it better. But still, the Pro does a wonderful job, especially as a finger strengthening tool.

BBTO Finger Strengthener – Best Finger Strengthener Kit for Musicians

BBTO Finger Strengthener
Finger Strengthener Kit


  • 4 levels of tension.
  • Includes optional tension levels.
  • Comfortable palm grip.
  • High-quality plastic and springs construction.
  • Included 4 pieces of strengtheners.
  • 4 color codes.


  • Great for individual finger strength.
  • Comes with beginner-friendly resistance levels.
  • Helps in dexterity improvement.
  • Made of quality material.
  • Easy to use.


  • Rust can occur with too much water or sweat contact. 

Product descriptions

To some people, the use of hand exercise tools comes from the need to train their pinch grip. Not the entire crushing grip or maybe wrist. And in such needs, the BBTO can be an excellent pick to go for.

Especially physical therapists, as well as climbers, will appreciate this kit a lot as it focuses on firming the grasp. Also, you can improve your dexterity with the BBTO. Something that can help people like musicians as it builds finger precession.

There are 4 exercises in this kit, and all are color-coded. You can work with various resistance levels with each of them.

A quick note, you cannot use water to clean these as there’s a chance of rust building up on the steel springs. A dry cloth will work. Also, it means you cannot use this with very sweaty hands.

The range is from 2 kg to 5 kg for each finger. And so, even beginners won’t find it super hard to include in their working out session.

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Kit – The Best Hand Exercise Tool in Budget

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Kit. Hand Exercise Tool
Grip Strengthener Kit


  • Wrist and finger flexibility focused.
  • It suits any hand size.
  • Strength is adjustable.
  • Injury therapy.
  • Includes 5 pieces.


  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Comes with all value pieces.
  • Different hard parts are trainable.
  • Color options are great.
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels.


  • I wish the making quality was better.

Product descriptions

There are a total of 5 different tools that you get with the FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Kit. And all parts target different areas of your hands. So, it’s quite a comprehensive kit for sure.

Along with all the handgrip exercise tool benefits, the price point is very inexpensive is also a clap-worthy note about this kit. So, if you’re on a budget, you’ll still have a kit useful.

There are 5 key elements in this kit. You get a resistance band for finger stretching that works fabulously.

Then there is also a finger exerciser. You get a hand strengthener that is easy to adjust. And there’s also a hand strengthener ball that also helps to relieve stress—also, a grip ring.

The resistance levels start from 22 lbs. and ends to 132 lbs., which is pretty great for novice and semi-expert level of training.

Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener – Best Value Strengthener Pick

Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener
handgrip exercise tool


  • Target forearm, hands, and finger.
  • 22 to 110 lbs. resistance levels.
  • Helps motor skills.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Simple clean-up.


  • Great for any level of training.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Includes two grippers.
  • Simple to use.
  • Basic but effective.


  • Not very durable.

Product descriptions

The Luxon strengthener is a great value pack to get for couples or those who work out with a partner as there are two similar pieces. Or maybe you want to train both of your hands.

It’s a very effective option for handgrip exercise that also ensures quite a bit of versatility. You may not find the durability of this gripper up to the mark. But considering the price point, it’s still fabulous.

Beginners will mostly enjoy the whole concept of Luxon strengthener. A hinge basically connects both handles. The screw-adjusted length of spring can help you go with your choice of tension.

For those who have never tried such a tool before, the mild 22 pounds tension works best. And with the adjustability, you can slowly increase it up to 110 pounds. The max output is compatible with serious trainees as well.

Pnrskter Hand Grip Strengthener – Best Beginner Lifters Friendly Hand Grip Tool

Pnrskter Hand Grip Strengthener
Handgrip strengthener


  • Silicone built-in.
  • Washable.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • 30 to 50 lbs. rally value.
  • Fits all hand sizes.
  • Portable design.
  • Includes 6 pieces in total.


  • Made from really good quality silicone.
  • Works best for an entry-level athlete.
  • Comes with flexible resistance levels.
  • Washable to keep it clean.
  • Color-coded for easy level identifying.


  • A bit tricky to put these into fingers.

Product descriptions

Having restricted grip power is definitely not going to be very helpful to those who are starting with weight lifting. And if you take notes from the advanced and intermediate lifters, they have a very well-developed grip that impacts their performance to be really good.

If you are someone willing to get onto that level, then including a handgrip exercise tool kit like the Pnrskter hand grip strengthener can really help. 

It comes with a total of 6 pieces. You will have finger extender resistance bands and grip rings that really help you work on your finger strengths.

Also, the resistance levels of this hand exercise tool span from 30 to 50 lbs., which is pretty manageable for anyone of any age.

In that case, a finger extender resistance bands and grip rings might be more than enough for you.

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball – Best Therapy Ball Pick

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Bal
Therapy Ball


  • Suitable for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Muscle agility improvement.
  • Target forearm, hands, and fingers.
  • Free exercise guide.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No latex or BPA.
  • 2.2 inches diameter.
  • Fabric encased.


  • Made quite durable.
  • Easy to bring to any place.
  • Very suitable for arthritis patients.
  • Helps to soothe down the mind as well.
  • Doesn’t lose its shape.


  • The price isn’t very low.

Product descriptions

There are many hand exercise equipment physical therapy benefits that might have made you interested, specifically in stress-relieving balls. And if so, definitely check out the Serenilite’s stress ball.

It can hold very well when under pressure, and so anyone looking for an effective dexterity therapy aid will love it.

The ball is basically made out of fabric, which is absolutely nonsticky, by the way. And there’s also a gel core that lacks any tearing fears.

If you have been dealing with arthritis symptoms, then the Serenilite’s stress ball will help you reduce those pretty effectively.

Also, this thing is relatively small. So, you can bring it to any place. And start your stress-relieving hand exercise whenever you feel like doing it.

This hand exercise tool for arthritis does also releases mental tension with the squeezing motion. They are often used by any age person, kids to adults.

Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer – Best Wrist Strength Trainer

Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer
Wrist Strength Trainer


  • 3 level resistance.
  • Egg shape.
  • Helps in hangnails picking.
  • Compact size.
  • Made of TPR.
  • Washable.


  • Resistance levels are flexible.
  • Great for tired hands and fingers.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Color-coded for easy use.
  • No weird smell at all.


  • Choosing the size can be tricky.

Product descriptions

The Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer might look like a regular stress ball, but its egg-like shape helps to achieve more than just relieving stress.

It fits very comfortably in hand and does help in training all of the fingers at once. With the color coding, you can easily detect the resistance that ranges from 15 to 30 kgs.

With this, you can put focus on one area of hand by isolating it. And it especially helps to give solid attention to the wrist.

If you’re an athlete who must improve your finger and grip strength, then having the Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer will definitely help. It is equally beneficial for pianists, violinists, and any other musician who uses fingers consistently.

The Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer can also help with recovering from harmful habits such as knuckle cracking or hangnails picking.

It is made out of safe to use thermoplastic, and you can easily wash it for cleaning at your convenience. There’s also no fishy smell to it, unlike cheap stress balls.

FlexEx Sport Patented Hand Exerciser – Best Exerciser for Thumb

FlexEx Sport Patented Hand Exerciser
Exerciser for Thumb


  • Carpal tunnel recovery.
  • Suitable for weakened hands.
  • 3 resistances.
  • Color-coded.
  • 100% latex-free construction.


  • No unsafe material.
  • Small enough to carry anywhere.
  • Works well for thumb training.
  • Helps in finger joint pain relieving.
  • Color coding makes things easier.


  • Putting it on can be tricky.

Product descriptions

The FlexEx Hand Exerciser can help you with your forearms, fingers, and hand strengthening all at once. It is necessary for anyone who is suffering from carpal tunnel or basically an injured wrist.

There’s no bulk to make things uncomfortable. And also, you don’t have to worry about any sort of contraption with the FlexEx Hand Exerciser.

There are 3 resistances you get, and you can start from the begins level to gradually increase the tension. It comes with color-coding resistance for easy usage.

If you have trouble such as finger joints pain, then also implementing the FlexEx Hand Exerciser can help with positive results.

It’s made of safe material, no latex at all. And also, the design is a very non-cumbersome type so that there’s no bulky feel at all.

FlintRehab Premium Quality Therapy Putty – Best Hand Exercise Rehab Therapy Putty

FlintRehab Premium Quality Therapy Putty
Rehab Therapy Putty


  • Silicone made.
  • 12-ounce unit.
  • 4 resistances.
  • Nontoxic.
  • Non-scented.
  • Color-coded.


  • Very satisfying to use.
  • Greta to practice pinch strength as well.
  • Great levels of resistance.
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Helps to reduce stiffness.


  • Doesn’t hold the firmness for a very long time.

Product descriptions

By implementing the FlintRehab therapy putty, you can easily get your hand rehab done at home or anywhere, along with getting other hand exercise tool benefits out of it. This comes in four variable resistances, basically. You can easily label the resistance from the color.

Each container has 3 ounces of putty. These are made out of safe silicone. And there’s no toxic formulation to worry about. Plus, there’s no weird scent that can demotivate you to use it regularly.

Depending on your preference, you can easily start from the x-soft resistance or increase things up to the firm one.

You can expect great results with the FlintRehab therapy putty for treating, especially any sort of stiffness in hand. It also helps in building strength to some extent. It Works for joint pain relief as well.

Factors To Consider the Best Hand Exercise Tool for Yourself

There are some factors that you can keep in your mind when trying to choose one out of many hand exercise tool picks out there. Keep On Reading-

1) Coil, Spring, or Articulated?

With strengtheners, you must choose from a few categories. These are articulated springs or coils. When you grip a coil-based strengthener, the thing tightens with your gripping action. 

While with the spring-based options, you can control the tension. As well as the spring length to work with your preferred squeezing difficulty level. 

And finally, the articulated options are great for those who would like to train their fingers as well. This type combines a series of springs that are working from a central platform. You can go with the one that sounds to be most effective for your expected hand training. 

Spring and coil types work best for lifters. And basically, anyone who wants to improve their grip. On the other hand, if you are trying to target your fingers and improve dexterity as a climber, pianist, or guitarist, then the articulated version would work the best.

2) Go for Adjustable or Fixed Options

There are either static or adjustable strengtheners that allow different flexibility with the resistance. If you are really serious about your grip training, then the more durable and less moving part implemented fixed tension tools would be perfect. 

However, for those who are yet beginners and have no idea about which tension or resistance to work with, the adjustable option will be better convenient.

3) Tension Levels

No matter if it’s for the sake of absolute fitness or simply due to a specific hand condition. The role of a hand exercise tool is primarily to build or recover the strength of your hand. When choosing the strengthener, make sure the resistance levels are something capable to help you reach the primary goal. 

Something that is almost impossible to pull is not what you should be looking for. And similarly, anything that is too easy to pull will also be ineffective to get that goal. Find the balance! Get the right tension levels that your hand training sessions will actually get benefits from.

4) The Right Size

Not all of us have the same size of hands. And so, we don’t also have really similar shaped fingers. 

Clearly, if you are a person with a relatively smaller or larger hand, make sure that the gripper, stress ball, or any hand exercise tool that you are willing to buy, actually is the right size for your hand. 

Imagine a stress ball that is too small for your large hands. You would hardly feel any resistance or pressure. Hence it will be of no use basically.

Bottom Line

Hand exercise tools can be a wonderful investment for those who don’t want to miss out on a firm grip during their workout sessions. 

These are great for not just heavy weight lifters but also anyone who thinks their hands can be stronger. It’s an excellent step towards the overall wellness for life for many. 

Especially the ones who have to constantly use their hands or fingers to live their passion. Such as guitarists or musicians or even an aspiring storyteller who types for hours. Keeping your hands as well as fingers recovering from a physical condition can also be the case. 

No matter which scene is your life, definitely consider knowing deeply about these excellent hand workout tools before getting the best suitable ones.


1)How Much Time Does It Take to Increase Hand Strength?

Even if you are a person who maintains pretty high fitness, improving hand strength can take time. How much exactly will generally depend on the dedication level of your hand training sessions plus the frequency. 

It’s quite similar to muscle building. You see visible results at the very beginning. And with passing time, you will notice the progress curve is starting to get gradual.

Just to give you some handgrip exercises before and after examples, a beginner should see improvement in his or her weak hands after 2 to 8 weeks of training. 

Then again, factors such as what tool exactly you are using, the amount of time each session, and even genetics, combined are necessary to get a more specific answer to such question.

2) Does Hand Gripper Build Muscle?

Yes, they do! But not quite similar to when you build muscles with intense exercise or weight lifting activities. It does make the muscle in your wrists, forearms, and hands stronger. 
And very slightly, those muscles build up, which is great if you want to improve your overall workout performance that includes training with the gripping power.

3) What Does Hand Squeeze Exercise Do?

Implementing a hand squeeze exercise can really help you hold objects for an extended time period. It builds your support strength. And so, you become better at holding more weight without losing the balance as well as firmness in your grip. This is typically known as isometric reps by the way.

4) Can You Overuse Hand Grips?

If you plan to use a handgrip tool for, let’s say, 500 to 600 reps each day, then that’s overusing. And, of course, it’s going to give negative results. Your hand muscles should not be traumatized with such intense grip workouts. It can cause damage, and any sort of workout or strength training should be done in moderation anyways. 

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