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You all have heard of stroke, and if you are unlucky, you must have experienced it. A stroke is a medical condition in which a person gets a blockage in the proper supply of blood to the brain that can kill or damage the tissues and cells of other body parts in seconds. 

Anybody can get affected by these strokes, and sometimes the recovery is hard as well. A hand exercise ball is a tool used when your hands get damaged and don’t work properly after a stroke. 

Handballs are used for squeezing that enhances and restores the previous working ability in hands and maintains the blood flow to recover from trauma as soon as possible. 

The tool allows you to practice a wide range of hand gestures that are best and are suggested by the therapists. 

The balls allow the affected person to practice the hand movements in the same repetitive mood. The practice would stimulate the brain, improve the signal conducting ability of nerves, and thus heal the damaged parts.

A few months ago, my grandma had the same stroke, and I was pretty worried about her hands since those were the parts that got affected the most. Her therapist suggested she use the exercise balls, and that’s what brought me to amazon. 

After having some search-related troubles, I was finally able to summarize the list of top 10 that I am sharing with you today. Let’s have a look.

Buying guide

Hand therapy is necessary, especially at old age when our body parts resist functioning correctly, and the forelimbs that support our primary motions become useless. 

When the cells age, they no longer perceive blood flow and thus stay numb and in tension. That reduces the stimulation within forelimbs for any movement, and older adults often suffer from restlessness due to this chronic condition. 

Similarly, a stroke means some part of the body could not receive the proper flow of blood, due to which they become useless due to the sudden trauma that the muscles had to suffer. 

The traumas left the nerve ending damaged, and the hands may malfunction or stop functioning at all. The accidents or the injuries might have the same kind of effect depending upon the type of injury. 

Sometimes kids cannot use their fore and hindlimbs properly due to the lack of nutrition or some internal weakness. For all of these problems, hand exercise balls are the best solution. 

But before you could reach your hand toward the most appealing one, have a look at the features that you must keep in mind before buying your favorite one. These features would specify the product you are looking for and thus save both time and money.

1) Strength level

Resistance means the level of softness or hardness that this tool offers. The versatility is beneficial for you since if you buy a set with balls, each has a different resistance level, and thus you can practice progressive recovery sessions. 

The brands often offer three levels, soft medium and hard one. The soft one is for initial injuries and rehabilitation when the forelimbs don’t work at all. 

While the medium one is when slight recovery has restored the muscles, and so goes for the hard one that you can use to reduce the stress level.

On the other hand, those that include a single ball often offer medium or the hard one, mainly for the high-stress level, so keep your requirement in mind before buying one. 

2) Material

I had to face the sticky material with most of the exercise handy tools, which I found gross and irritating. If the ball sticks to your hands and leaves the remains behind, how are you supposed to squeeze it properly? 

Many brands use gel material, which often sticks, but some orbs will not stick if they are prepared with high-quality gel. At the same time, others might be made of silicon non-sticky material. So buy the one that doesn’t irritate you so you can enjoy your relaxation time. 

3) Shape of ball

The character can be ambiguous and not have much to do with the quality of the spheroid, but considering the damage to your hands, it can help you focus on targeted parts of your hands. 

Some handy voids are round for palm and wrist workouts. The shape correlates to how we can define the terms “hand exercise ball exercises” together simultaneously. 

In comparison, others might have uneven bumps, serving as a pressure point that fasts the recovery procedure. Among these balls, others might have a unique structure such as oval shapes and finger holders that enhance the diversity of how to use it for multipurpose. 

4) Other features

The balls are always prepared with ergonomic material, producing a foul odor or sometimes tasting your hand. So stay alert regarding these aspects because even a foul odor can affect your rehabilitation sessions. 

5) Warranty

Each brand offers a different warranty, usually lasting for more than one year. But it depends upon the quality and texture of these balls how long these would last. So you have to rely on the brand for this purpose.

6) Reviews

The users’ reviews can be beneficial in this regard; they help you find out the pros and cons. Knowing these pros and cons can mark a scale and standard that what features you should look at while buying your favorite product and which one you should drop. 

Top 10 Hand Exercise Balls

I know you are looking for the very best handball for you. That’s why I mentioned below the top 10 hand exercise balls for you or your loved one.

1) FMELAH 3 Resistance Levels Stress Relief Ball 

FMELAH 3 Resistance Levels Stress Relief Ball, Hand Exercise Ball
Stress Relief Ball 


• Brand: FMELAH
• Material: TPE
• Texture and Color: Soft(yellow), Medium(Orange), Firm(Blue)
• Weight: 1.76 oz. of each
• Size: 5cm/2 Inch each
• Warranty: 1 year


• Ideal texture of balls
• Easily fit the hand size
• Enough resistance without collapsing
• Affordable price
• A complete set for the strength varieties
• Improve the strength, suitable for therapy
• Arrive in a zip-top bag


• Quite sticky
• No instructions available

Product review

What should be the features of high-quality hand exercise spheres, definitely, the flexibility, softness, and high-quality texture that can fit any hand? Well, FMELAH has brought these features all together in one place, thus bringing you the finest balls. 

The balls are entirely soft, lightweight, and ideal for adults who have suffered from a stroke. 

Keeping the recovery stages in mind, the kit has three spheres for each step. The soft, medium, and slightly hard one, so you can slowly proceed from the initial stroke to the recovery state. 

You can use them in a sequence or can alternate their use depending upon your mood. The ideal recovery tool that would bring the functioning of your hand back to the original form, as it was before.

Our hands contain very sensitive nerve endings, and the stroke affects the signal carrying ability of these nerves. They become unresponsive, and the brain doesn’t interpret the signal. 

These silicon orbs give you the pleasant experience of squeezing that would run throughout your body, making you highly relaxed. It also improves blood flow and keeps the availability of blood in balance. 

The soundless balls make you feel close to nature, quickly occupy the space in your palm and turn your relaxation into golden time. 

You can carry these ovoids with you anytime and practice pinching or squeezing them several times without any pain or difficulty. 

It can relieve muscle tension and minimize joint pain, which is a common problem for older people. 

The ball arrives with a guidebook that you can use to enjoy alternative hand gestures that would be an effective therapy for your hand, arms, and fingers, best after heart strokes. 

2) Therapist’s Choice Hand Exercise 3 Ball Kit

Therapist's Choice Hand Exercise 3 Ball Kit
Hand Exercise 3 Ball Kit


• Brand: Therapist’s choice
• Material: – TPR: Phthalates-Free and Latex-Free
• Texture and Color: Soft(Yellow), Medium(Blue), Firm(Black)
• Total Weight: 7.2 ounces
• Size: 5cm
• Warranty: 1 year


• Extraordinary non-sticky stuff
• The moderate resistance for every age
• The color distinction to mark the difference between the resistance
• Each ball measures 5cm, easily fits inside in your hand
• Improve grip
• Reduce the muscle stress and joints pain
• Recovery tool for the after stroke recovery


• Not that squishy
• It might cause numbness in the wrist
• Not that large for big hands

Product review

Due to their durability and high-quality texture, these globules are highly recommended by all therapists. The package itself arrives with separate packaging of each one. 

If we start discussing the features with the material, the TPR material gives these spheres exceptional texture. TPR material is rubber, more plastic material that retains both properties. 

The TPR material doesn’t allow them to stick to your hands and provides you with the proper strength that you must have for squeezing. 

The balls arrive with different colors that mark differences in their strength, meaning the hard, medium, and elastic. 

You can start your therapy session with the soft one, and as it will improve your hand’s grip, you can slowly turn toward the hard one. 

So basically, a complete kit that takes care of you unless you get completely recovered. The orbs are ideal for both the strokes and therapy sessions, and a single exercise would be a solution to all of your hand-related issues. 

These voids would relieve the pain, would relax the joints, and would improve the grip. It is a complete relaxation process that would improve your health and mental relaxation.

It strengthens the hands, forearms, and even the arm muscles such as biceps and triceps, thus restoring the healthy version of your forelimbs. 

It is entirely free of toxic materials like phthalates, and the non-latex texture doesn’t allow it to stick to your hands. 

3) Hands Therapy Balls, Stress Relief Balls for Adults

Hands Therapy Balls, Stress Relief Balls for Adults
Stress Relief Balls for Adults


• Brand: hungzdoo
• Material: Gel
• Shape: Round
• Texture and Color: Soft(Yellow), Medium(Green), Firm(Red)
• Total Weight: 5 Ounces
• Size: 1.8 by 1.8 inches
• Warranty: 1 year


• Ideal size to fit in any palm size
• The composite material that makes them superior
• Appealing colors
• Non-sticky material
• Additional outer safe lining
• Affordable price
• Perfect therapy balls for therapy


• A bit firm
• Smaller than average size

Product review

Beating the rest of the exercise balls, these hand therapy balls have occupied the top 3rd position. The orbs are here to serve you with great results to relieve your body pain and bring you internal satisfaction. 

The material marks the difference between these and other globes, making them stand out in the workout market. 

The material is a premium composite material, a mixture of two materials that are light in weight yet still flexible and give you extra comfort and relief.

The huge problem that the users had to face is the rough and sticky texture of these spherules. The composite material provides an odorless and non-sticky material. 

Additionally, the manufacturers have introduced the smooth outer lining that locks the sticky texture and keeps the strength locked up. Plus, the material is tears and damage resistant. 

The pack is designed for progressive recovery from stroke, which allows you to recover when you can practice from the soft to the tough one. It will improve your grasp and sharpen the nerve skills that control your hands, fingers, and arm. 

The balls relieve stress, reduce muscle tension or joint pain, recover the stroke damaged muscles, and provide enough coverage for forelimbs exercise, perfect for adults and elders. 

The shape of suitable texture is specially designed under the physicians’ instructions, highly suggested by the therapist to regain the strength of fingers and hand.

4) Hand Balls for Exercise and Physical Therapy

Hand Balls for Exercise and Physical Therapy
Hand Balls for Exercise and Physical Therapy



• Brand: Fanwer
• Material: TPR material (environmental protection and tasteless)
• Texture and Color: Aqua(Soft), Blue(Medium)
• Total Weight: Aqua 5lbs, Blue: 10lbs
• Size with Cord: 2.55″ by 5.9″ inches
• Warranty: 1 year


• The pressure point technology
• High quality durable non-tear able material
• Soft to touch
• Odorless and tasteless
• Fast recovery
• Complete forearm workout


  •      A little sticky

Product review

If you ask me about the most appealing and favorite, these hand exercise ball Argos are no exception, definitely my first preference. The outer uneven horny surface does unexpected things to your body and muscles that you can’t accept. 

First, the texture of these fine voids comes from the high-quality TRP material that is a synthetic rubber, elastic, stretchable, and soft to touch. 

The material is squeezable, and you can easily extend the amount of grip damaging upon your recovery state. 

The uneven thorn-like structure at the surface serves as a pressure pointer that presses the pressure points of your hands and thus enhances the stimulation and muscle recovery. 

The relief is not just confined to the muscles of the hands, but the pressure extends to the arm and thus serves as a complete massage treatment for your forearms. 

Stroke is a significant cause of muscle damage, but this can also happen due to overwork such as typing or other activities. Older people already had to suffer from muscle strains due to their weak immune systems and sensitive muscles.

This single orb can serve as a solution to all of your problems. The average age kids can also use this ball for getting their grasping skills sharpened. 

The ball is non-elastic and odorless, an ideal one with appealing colors and extraordinary features. 

5) Serenilite Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Balls

Serenilite Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Balls
Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Balls


  • Brand: Serenilite
  • Material: Gel core with outer non-sticky fiber
  • Sets of Color:-

Set of 3:
Color and texture: Soft(Titanium), Medium(Sea Breeze), Hard(Cloud)
Set of 3:
Color and texture: Soft(Orange), Medium(Blue), Hard(Grey)
Set of 2:
Color and texture: Firm(Purple), Soft(Pink)

  • Total Weight: Blue and Grey(3.5oz), White(3.68 oz)
  • Size: 2.4 inches each ball
  • Warranty: 1 year


• The high-quality non-tear able gel material
• Outer soft fabric
• Each ball arrives with dynamic density
• Outer soft fabric covering that don’t let them stick to your hands
• A complete range from mild to complex for a recovery session
• Ideal stress relieving and recovery tool


  •      The outer fabric covering makes you feel like all of them have some elasticity

Product review

Multipurpose, unique structure, and appealing range, Serenilite has introduced these balls with exceptional properties that make you irresistible when it comes to these spheres. 

All three globes arrive with the variable density, including all the textures, i.e., complex to soft. Ideal progressive series that guides you toward faster recovery and restoring energy so you can return to the previous state. 

These are great exercise tools for relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and enjoying relaxation time thoroughly. 

The pack goes best for both the elders and adults, relieves the muscle tension, and improves the blood flow that allows your body parts to work correctly. 

The superiority of these spheroids lies within the material that is used to prepare them. 

It includes the inner tear resistance gel core and soft outer fabric covering that removes the sticky feel and gives you soft touch. With squeezing these elastic balls, you slowly restore your energy and the healing in your muscles. 

After a stroke, the forelimbs no longer receive the blood properly and feel numb; they usually stay dysfunctional for several weeks. 

The tool can reduce the recovery time by improving the impulse within forelimbs, a complete workout for arms, fingers, and hands. You can also use them for post-surgery recovery or any unfortunate injury you might get during sports activities.

The complete bundle of 3 arrives in a good packaging of the box, and the balls are covered with the fabric having distinct colors so you can easily recognize the one with the soft texture and vice versa. 

6) Secure Stress Balls on a String

Secure Stress Balls on a String
Secure Stress Balls on a String


  •      Brand: StringyBall
  •      Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  •      Sets: 
  1. Ball set: Green-Single Medium Ball, Size: 2 Inches, 
  2. Balls Set: Soft(Yellow), Medium(Green), Hard(Blue), Size: 2 inches, Item: 7.25 by 2.5 by 2.5 inches, Item Weight: 7.2Ounces
  3. Piece Set: 1 Hand Gripper ( Size: 3 by 1.6 inches), 1 hand therapy stress Ball (Size: 2.4 Inches), 1 Stress ball with a string (Size: 2 inches) 
  4. Ball Set: Yellow Single Ball Soft (Size: 2 inches)
  •      Total Weight: 7.41 Ounces Each
  •      Warranty: 1 year


• Ball attached with a string to prevent falling.
• The string being flexible, adjust itself on the wrist
• Offers a guidebook for complex exercise activities
• Great rehabilitation tool
• Lifetime warranty


• Tacky surface
• Small in size

Product review

The stretching handballs must be secured since the joints, and the muscles are associated with squeezing or any related movements.

This orb has been designed to keep in mind any injury concerns, a huge problem that the patients suffer from stroke report while experiencing these balls. 

The texture of this void is so smooth, with average resistance, so you can easily handle the tension caused by a stroke. The moderate resistance has been chosen because people might find it challenging to work out with the hardball or find the soft one useless.

So the medium resistance offers the medium-range resistance, suitable for all ages and all injuries. 

The wrist problem is getting worse and worse, especially for people who have suffered from a stroke or those who have to involve their hands and wrist more in work than other parts, such as typing, excessive driving, etc.

These problems result in improper functioning of the forelimbs or cause pain in such activities. It can save you from all of these concerns, being soft, lightweight, and durable. 

The ideal thing about this ball is the string with which it is attached. The string easily fits on your wrist, and don’t let it slip. 

You can carry this prop anywhere you want while traveling or going outside. The string reduces the chances of losing it. 

So no matter if you are looking for a rehabilitation tool, for the forelimbs workout tool, or something that can help you get rid of the anxiety and extreme stress level, this spheroid is all you need. 

I admire when brands consider the customers their priority and cross any limit to satisfy their customers. 

Stringy void offers you an additional guide that guides you toward the versatile workout series you can include in your daily life by using this ball. 

The practical aspect is the lifetime warranty that they offer, so if your ball ever gets damaged, you can quickly return it or get a replaced one, so in short, a great deal within a limited budget.

7) Finger Ball Exerciser

Finger Ball Exercise
Finger Ball Exercise


• Brand: Fanwer
• Material: 100% high-quality Silicone-free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex.
• Texture and Color: Moderate resistance (Yellow Color)
• Total Weight: 2.47 Ounces
• Size: 4.33 by 3.74 by 2.56 Inches
• Warranty: 1 year


• Sufficiently large design
• Ideal for paralyzed and old people
• Work on both the first and knuckles
• Reduces the nerve pain in the palm
• Massage design with an uneven surface
• Breathable with average resistance


  •      Might slips

Product review

If you are looking for something that gives full coverage to your hands and fingers, you are in the right place. These hand exercise ball boots are specially designed for people who often feel numbness in their fingers and the side of the wrist. 

These are the pinpoint parts of our hands that suffer the most while we go through the trauma. 

Any increase in stress level can cause numbness and pain; the hand tool can work on both these areas and gives you immediate relief. Unlike other voids that we have discussed so far, this one is made of high-quality BPA material with zero silicon that doesn’t stick at all. 

The sticky nature of this handy tool has many brands suffer, as the users complain a lot about the gross feeling. But the BPA material is non-adherent, soft to touch, and gentle on hands. 

The small bumps at the surface of the balls give complete relief to muscles and fingers and offer a deep massage. The circulation of blood increases, reducing the stress level and thus minimizing the pain in joints and muscles. 

The globe is entirely durable, with lifelong working ability. Completely safe and highly recommended by professionals for post-surgery recovery or rehabilitation after trauma. 

People suffering from mental illnesses such as autism are always at significant risk of panic attacks, and getting back to normal is hard. This ball gives immediate relief and has proved to be ideal for such patients. 

The tool is light in weight and user-friendly, with zero odor. You can carry it to your office, workplace, gym, park, or anywhere you want; squeeze them and enjoy your relaxation time. Enhance your grapes over the objects and improve functionality.

8) 3PCS Hand Therapy Stress Balls

3PCS Hand Therapy Stress Balls
3PCS Hand Therapy Stress Balls


• Brand: mandrill
• Material: TPR gel core with outer fabric cover
• Texture and Color: Soft(Red), Medium(Blue), Hard(Black)
• Total Weight: 10.4 Ounces
• Size: 2.3 Inches Each
• Warranty: 1 year


• BPA material
• No sticky and odorless gel
• Smooth and user-friendly fabric
• Three resistance levels for progressive recovery from a trauma
• Reduce the joints pain and relieve the tension in muscles
• Handy storage ball


  •      The fabric might get split

Product review

Are you looking for some more reliable hand exercise balls for arthritis that can serve you to relieve mental stress and rehabilitation? You are at the right spot. It is suitable for both kids and adults. 

These orbs offer you a complete range for your workout and stress. Being the most reliable among those I have experienced so far, these exercise handballs deserve to be among the top 10. 

The material of these balls is the TPR tear resistance gel core provided with a soft outer covering. The outer surface of the fabric is a feature that you are less likely to find anywhere else. 

The benefit of this outer clothing is that it maintains the void shape and avoids the gel’s sticking to the hands. Plus, the fabric would always keep the foul odor that is aroused due to the gel’s contact with the sweat. 

The set includes a range that offers the resistance of the sphere ranging from the soft to the hard one. It enhances your grip and improves the blood flow to all the body parts. Reduce the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel within the days. 

The balls arrive with different colors associated with their strength, so you can easily recognize them. The package is uniquely packed inside a small bag so that you won’t lose them anywhere. It is an excellent exercise tool and rehabilitation partner.

9) RMS 4-Pack Hand Exercise Balls

RMS 4-Pack Hand Exercise Balls
RMS 4-Pack Hand Exercise Balls


• Brand: RMS
• Material: TPR
• Texture and Color: Soft(Orange), Medium(Green), Red(Firm), Extra Firm(Blue)
• Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
• Item dimensions: 2.25 by 2.5 by 2 inches
• Warranty: 1 year


• Ergonomic oval shape design
• Non-Sticky
• No odor
• Multi colors
• Four resistance levels
• Work for both mental and physical relaxation


• Small in size
• Tacky surface
• Very stiff for small hands

Product review

The size makes a difference, RMS has proved. These balls are uniquely designed to fit perfectly inside your palm. The oval shape easily fits the geometry of your hand and serves equal pressure to all the sides. The thing that attracted me the most is their non-sticky nature and appealing colors. 

The material of these spheroids is thermoplastic, which is durable, tear-resistant, non-sticky, and user-friendly. The high-quality finishes don’t produce any odor or leave no taste in your hands. 

All the sets I have discussed have three resistance levels, but this set arrives with four balls, each with more resistance than the previous one. Unlike other hand workout tools, these are safe to use, and even kids can use them. 

The advantage of this product lies within the instruction guide that they offer. This hand exercise ball benefits you, i.e., you can learn the methods of using these globules versatilely to improve your blood flow and enhance your muscles’ functioning by enhancing the nerve sensations.

Ideal for physical and mental therapy, this tool is all you need for your sessions and rehabilitation.

Autism patients can use these balls to relieve stress, as the ergonomic design keeps you calm if you have a panic attack. The fun colors keep you engaged and turn your relaxation time into enjoyment. 

10) Hand Grip Exercise Strengthener, Spiky Massage Ball

Hand Grip Exercise Strengthener, Spiky Massage Ball
Hand Grip Exerciser


• Brand: SXZYA
• Material: High-quality TDR material
• Texture and Color: Medium Resistance(Blue)
• Total Weight: 4.2 Ounces
• Size: Ball with Cord (6.5 by 6.5 by 15 cm), Oval Ball (3 by 6 by 11 cm)
• Warranty: 1 year


• Effective for post-surgery recovery
• Washable high-quality TPR material
• Ideal for acute pressure
• Medium resistance
• Adjustable cord
• Non-tear able and tasteless material
• Suitable for the entire family


  •      Might be sticky

Product review

When you are getting the quality and distinct features, what else do you need in a product? The phenomena of pressure points inspire this exercise tool. 

The void is provided with uneven surface Bumby thorns that are squeezable but at the same time put the pinpoint pressure.

I have always preferred such spheres since the texture is satisfying, and it immediately relieves stress, pain, and numbness. The straight texture balls take a little longer since you have to squish them repeatedly to get a good sensation. 

But this handy tool has a massaging surface that would start working as soon as you grab it.

The material is TPR but high quality, which leaves no odor or produces no taste. The tactile sensation keeps you satisfied when enjoying a massage, and the long adjustable cord doesn’t let the ball bounce away. 

The set includes two globes, one with the finger holder while the other being spherical with no holders. 

In addition to the hands, you can use it as a massager on the other parts. The practice would improve the blood flow, relieve the pain, expel stress, and satisfy you when you enjoy your relaxation time. 

The orbs are light in weight, and you can tie the cord anywhere you want and carry it with you anywhere and anytime. 

So, it’s a big deal when considering this product since you are getting both the hand gripper and the ball within the same package. 


1) What are hand exercise balls?

A hand exercise ball is a tool that allows you to practice several movements that help your hand to open up and function properly after an injury or trauma.
The hands and sometimes the forelimbs stop working after a stroke or surgery, which restricts normal movement.
The hand exercise void is a small ball that we can squeeze easily. The squeezing of the ball helps in the better sensation of the nerves and improves blood flow.
It opens up the blocked nerves and thus relieves the muscle tension that returns to normal movement. 

2) Why are these handy balls so extraordinary?

These exercise globes are so extraordinary because they are multipurpose. You can not only use them for post-surgery recovery but can also use them for relieving mental stress. 

The squeezing process keeps the muscles aligned and thus releases the tension by acting as a pinpoint.
We have to face injuries in our everyday routine; strokes are a common problem in people suffering from diseases like diabetes or heart attack.
The older adults feel it quite hard to grab something or the continuous sensation of numbness.
The exercise ball is a solution to all of these problems. The small tool can easily fit inside your palm and puts pressure on restricted areas.
It raises awareness; for example, through these spheres, you have come to find out that the hands also need some workout for proper functioning.

 The hand therapy ball exercises include squeezing, stretching fingers, and using pressure as the core of strength. 


We have an equal body proportion in terms of energy, but the capability of responding to different activities is variable. It is because we all have another condition related to our muscles and joints. 

A healthy lifestyle can save us from unfortunate injuries and traumas. But if you have suffered from any unusual happening that has damaged your forelimbs, all you need is this hand exercise ball

An exercise ball is an ideal tool for relieving your stress, comforting you in despair, reducing the pain, and minimizing muscle tension

So I was hoping you could choose your favorite one and let me know about your recovery journey and how much this article was helpful for you. 

Here is the list of the top 10, all occupied with the utmost class properties.

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