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Given the current situation, where stepping outdoor for daily exercises is a bit risky, it is advisable to bring home equipment that gives you a total workout and is compact to keep in the limited space of your home. A folding rowing machine is just the right choice to get your purpose solved. It will be a piece of asset equipment for your exercise for years to come. 

How does a folding rowing machine work?

As the name goes, the machine has the shape to facilitate body movements like that of a rower who pulls the boat’s oar. There is slow contraction and expansion of the arms, legs, and body in a rhythmic manner while one practices on the machine. 

The movements involve the exercise of the whole body. The equipment is foldable and can be kept in any corner of the house. The devices come in several models from different companies and vary in price and make.

There are different types available on, which can be chosen as per individual preferences. Some fitted with digital screens give the details of workouts and the counts of calories burnt. 

How are rowing machines different from other equipment?

  • Around ninety percent of the body gets a workout when one exercises on this machine. The core of the body, along with the muscles, is worked and brings strength. The cardiovascular performance is increased, and the blood pressure becomes normal.
  • With this equipment, you can cut down your fats fast, get a toned abdomen and muscular body, and build strong legs.
  • With front stretch and backstretch, the gaits and postures get a graceful shape, and your body gets the beautiful look of a worked-out one.
  • The machine is adjustable to give the user the resistance that is particularly suited for him.
  • Only twenty minutes spent on the rowing machine with good resistance gives you the effect of taking hours on other devices like a stepper or a treadmill, or any other similar equipment. 

Now that you know the different benefits of having a folding rowing machine at home, you surely would want to get one for yourself. So scroll below to pick one from the choices offered. 

Best Products at Amazon Store

I know what is the pain to search and select a useful product. Moreover, it is for daily practice to keep up our health. I tried to solve your problem by collecting some top-level products out of huge products available in the market. let’s look into products and select your loving one.

1) Foldable Rowing Machine from Stamina

Foldable Rowing Machine from Stamina
Foldable Rowing Machine


  • Brand: Stamina
  • Model: 35-0123
  • Color: Silver
  • The mechanism for Resistance: Water
  • Dimension : 57 x 24 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Made of: Steel
  • Frame: Alloy Steel
  • Batteries Required: One AA
  • LCD monitor present


  • It is very compact and sleek in make
  • The LCD monitor helps to record the rower’s progress.
  • The foot straps with the footplates are anti-skid
  • Pivoting footplate helps to speed up the exercise.
  • Workout resistance can be adjusted as per preference. 
  • The machine comes at a moderate price.


  • It is comparatively light in the make and may not withstand heavyweight for years.

Product Review

This machine comes with an affordable budget; also, it is a compact one made of durable steel and framed with alloy steel. The five resistance levels can be fitted according to the preference and suitability of the user. Hence it can give both intense and moderate resistance. 

The footplates are pivoting and assist in enhancing the speed of the workout. In addition, these come with straps that help fasten the feet while exercising, preventing slips or injury of the foot. 

The LCD monitor keeps a count of the number of strokes one does on the rower and measures the calories spent. This helps the user to keep track of his progress and monitor his workout correctly. 

The seat comes with a pad and upholstery. This enables the user to sit for a rowing session for a long. The compact makes the storage in a small space. One can keep the machine in a standing position after the workout is over.

2) ERG200 Foldable Rowing Machine from XTERRA Fitness

ERG200 Foldable Rowing Machine from XTERRA Fitness
Rowing Machine for your daily exercise


  • Brand: XTERRA Fitness
  • Model: ERG200
  • Color: Black
  • The mechanism for resistance: Eight settings of the manual dial
  • Dimension : 72 x 21 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 55 Pounds
  • Made of: Alloy Steel and Aluminum
  • Batteries required: two AA
  • LCD monitor present


  • At present, the machine is available with a considerable discount and gives value for money.
  • It is compact.
  • The capacity to withstand weight is up to 250 lbs.
  • The monitor helps to keep track of the exercise.
  • The foot straps prevent slippage.
  • The pivoting pedals help to enhance speed.


  • The machine is formed of alloy steel and aluminum and hence not very sturdy in make. 

Product Review 

The product is very compact and requires minimum storage compared to its make. The seat has double extrusion, which glides through the steel frame, facilitates the rower for easy movement. The LCD monitor is quite a large one and helps to keep count of the calories burnt and details of the workout. 

There is a magnetic resistance system that works at eight levels and gives a noise-free movement. The foot pedals are pivoting in nature and come with a strap preventing slip or injury while rowing on the machine.

3) Foldable Magnetic Rower from Marcy (with magnetic resistance of eight-level)

Foldable Magnetic Rower from Marcy (with magnetic resistance of eight-level)
Foldable Magnetic Rower


  • Brand: Marcy
  • Model: ME-1018RE
  • Color: Blue
  • A mechanism for resistance: Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Dimension : 53 x 64 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Batteries required: AA
  • LCD monitor present


  • It has a sleek design and has esthetic appeal.
  • The machine is easily movable and compact in make.
  • The seat is ergonomic in make and provides maximum comfort.
  • It came with pivoting and textured foot pedals which are great to use and prevent slippage.
  • The LCD monitor is a good tracker.


  • It is made of plastic and hence not as durable as one that will be made of steel. 

Product Review

If you want comfort while you row, this equipment will be great to go. It comes with an ergonomic seat made of thick foam. The machine facilitates full-body exercise and tones your upper and lower body in a rhythmic manner. 

The foot pedals are pivoting and textured, preventing slippage. They also come with straps that help you keep your foot in place and increase the pace of rowing. The LCD monitor is a great one for counting your calories spent and providing you with the workout details. 

The eight-level magnetic resistance can adjust the intensity of your rowing exercise. The machine is movable and compact, and easy to handle. You can quickly move it from the storage space to the workout area daily.

4) Magnetic Rower from ASDFGH

Magnetic Rower from ASDFGH
Magnetic Rower


  • Brand: ASDFGH
  • Color: Black
  • The mechanism for resistance: Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Dimension : 73 x 16 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 34000 grams
  • Can bear: 264 lbs.
  • Made of: Alloy Steel
  • LCD monitor present


  • It is compact equipment.
  • The make is durable and long-lasting.
  • The seat arrangement is made of thick foam to give maximum comfort during exercise.
  • The intensity of the workout can be adjusted. 
  • The mechanism is noise-free. 
  • Tracking the workout is easy with an LCD monitor.
  • It can bear heavy weight up to 264 lbs. 


  • The make is a bit heavier and difficult to move from one place to another.
  • The design is not sleek enough to appeal to esthetic sense. 
  • It does not have pivoting pedals or foot straps.   

Product Review

If you are looking at a durable product that will last you long, this is the ideal choice. The machine is made of industry-grade steel, which is anti-sweat and anti-corrosive. 

The seat is made of very thick foam, which is of suitable density. Hence you can enjoy your workout for long-duration seating on this machine. 

The eight-level magnetic resistance challenges your capacity to work with high intensity, giving you the maximum utility. 

While the seat glides, you will enjoy a noise-free workout and will be able to work with a peaceful mind. The LCD monitor keeps the record of your workout your calories spent. So you can adjust your activity easily as per your capacity and desire. The machine is compact and can be kept in a small space.

5) Folding Rower from Marcy with transport wheels and magnetic resistance

Folding Rower from Marcy with transport wheels and magnetic resistance
Rower with magnetic resistance


  • Brand: Marcy
  • Model: NS-40503RW
  • Color: Grey
  • The mechanism for Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Dimension : 74.4 x 19.7 x 31.9 inches
  • Frame: Made of Metal
  • Batteries required: Two AA
  • LCD monitor present


  • It comes with a metal frame and is comparatively durable.
  • As it is compact and folding in the making, storing is easy.
  • The LCD monitor is a great device to track progress. 
  • Anti-slip pedals with foot straps are a great advantage. 
  • An eight-level resistance knob provides a workout as is required. 


  • The machine does not have pivoting pedal to add to the speed as in some other devices. 

Product Review

This is a combination of esthetics and durability as it comes in a metal frame with a grey color. The resistance knob is adjustable into eight zones and suits the workout style of all kinds of users. So whether you need an intense, moderate, or slow workout, you can set your preference accordingly. 

The pedals are anti-skid and come with foot straps for enhancing the convenience of the user. The LCD monitor is foldable and gives a reading of the workout details in precision. The machine is of a sleek design and is foldable. This enables easy storage and convenience of use. The transport wheels can move to any place as required by the user. 

6) Folding and adjustable rowing machine from Body Rhythm

Folding and adjustable rowing machine from Body Rhythm (22 in 1), Folding Rowing machine
Folding and adjustable rowing


  • Brand: Body Rhythm
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension : 19 x 12.85 x 12 inches
  • Weight : 24.6 lbs.
  • Made of: Iron and steel


  • The machine facilitates 22 types of workouts for the whole body.
  • It comes with exercise instructions which are of great help.
  • The make is durable and anti-corrosive.
  • The storage facility is more with the compact type of formation.


  • There is no LCD monitor to track your progress.
  • The pedals do not have a pivoting or anti-skid system.

Product Review

If you are bent on getting a guided workout for your entire body, this machine is the right one to go for. It comes with exercise instructions of twenty-two types of activities which gives the maximum utility to the device. The machine is built of solid steel and iron and can withstand up to 300 lbs. 

In addition, the coated painting makes the steel and iron anti-corrosive. What is more important is that it comes with a one-year guarantee, and if any damage happens within this one year, you can return it to the seller. It is compact and easy to assemble and store in the room. 

7) Folding and adjustable rowing machine from MBB (22 in one )

Folding and adjustable rowing machine from MBB (22 in one )
Durable machine for Exercise


  • Brand: MBB
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension : 35.8×20.1×33.5 inches (extends during use)
  • Weight: 23.15 lbs
  • Made of: Alloy Spring, steel, PU, Foam


  • The rowing machine is durable and robust inbuilt. It will last over the years.
  • It can withstand a weight of up to 300 lbs. 
  • The DVD comes with training instructions to best use the machine. This is an excellent aid for those exercising and desirous of getting a full-body regimen.
  • The compact make makes storage and movement easy.
  • A one-year guarantee increases the reliability of the product. 


  • Does not have LCD monitor to track record.
  • The pedals are not anti-slip or pivoting. 

Product Review

Here is another durable machine made of solid steel and iron. The machine comes with work instructions to give maximum benefit to the user and has 22 varied exercises toning the whole body. In addition, there is a DVD available with the instructions. 

The seat is made of rubber, and the cushion of foam gives comfort during exercise. The machine is easy to assemble and keep in a corner place after use. The item comes with a one-year guarantee from the seller. 

8) Compact Rowing Machine from Sunny Health and Fitness (Folding)

Compact Rowing Machine from Sunny Health and Fitness (Folding)
Compact Machine from Sunny Health and Fitness


  • Brand: Sunny Health and Fitness
  • Model: SF-RW5801
  • Color: Grey
  • The mechanism for resistance: magnetic
  • Dimension : 77 x 23 x 23 inches
  • Weight : 49.6 lbs.
  • Made of: Steel
  • Batteries required: Two AA
  • SPM monitor present


  • The machine is durable.
  • It is user-friendly with holders for water bottles and mobile devices. 
  • The SPM monitor keeps a record of the workout.
  • The seat is ergonomic in make and is convenient to use.
  • Handles and pedals are anti-slip, giving a firm grip while rowing.
  • The sixteen-level resistance enables one to adjust the intensity of the exercise as per suitability.


  • It supports only up to 250 lbs. and may not suit a very obese person.

Product Review

If a piece of more user-friendly equipment is your need that will facilitate holding your water bottle and have a mobile device holder, this is the one for you. But it is not all fancy stuff. The sixteen-level magnetic resistance system lets you adjust the working procedure according to your preferences. 

The pivoting pedals come with adjustable foot straps and help you keep your feet in place without slipping and add to the speed by foot movements. The handlebars are also anti-slippery. The SPM monitor keeps a record of your work and gives you the calorie counts. 

The large padded seat is mounted on the glider rail and helps to slide in a rhythmic manner enabling the smooth movement of the body over the machine. The foldable rowing machine is convenient to use. The instructor manual provides a good guide on how to use the machine best. 

9) Foldable Machine Rower from Sunny Health and Fitness.

Foldable Machine Rower from Sunny Health and Fitness.
A Rower from Sunny Health and Fitness


  • Brand: Sunny Health and Fitness
  • Model: SF-RW5606
  • Color: Gray
  • The mechanism for resistance: Elastic cord
  • Dimension : 68 x 14 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 34.5 Pounds
  • Made of: Alloy Steel
  • Batteries required: two AA
  • LCD monitor present


  • It is a suitable fit machine for women or moderate users. 
  • The pedals and the handle are anti-slippery and facilitate firm grip.
  • The elastic cord provides moderate resistance according to the capability of the user.
  • The LCD monitor tracks progress of the user.


  • The seat does not have a unique cushion cover for extended exercise sessions.
  • The resistance is manual with an elastic cord and not magnetic.
  • It cannot bear heavyweight.
  • It is not the ideal type for intense workouts. 

Product Review

If you are looking for a machine best fit for women or moderate users, this is ideal. The elastic cord provides resistance in two directions, and the tension is adjustable up to four levels. 

The system facilitates anti-slippage as it comes with oversized foot pedals with straps and anti-skid handles to grip correctly. The LCD monitor is used to track the user’s progress and keep a count on the calories burnt. The machine supports up to 220 lbs.

10) Foldable Rower from JKANGFIT

Foldable Rower from JKANGFIT
A Foldable Rower


  • Brand: JKANGFIT
  • Color: Black with yellow border
  • The mechanism for Resistance: Sixteen levels of magnetic resistance
  • Weight: 61 lbs.
  • Can bear: Up to 300 lbs.
  • Dimension : 74 x 48 x 6.3 inches
  • Made of: Alloy steel
  • LCD monitor present


  • The ergonomic seat, foot pedals, and anti-slip handles make the experience on the machine a comfortable one.
  • The equipment is devoid of noise and is fit to use anywhere.
  • LCD monitor keeps a record of the exercise and the calories spent. 
  • Sixteen levels of magnetic resistance are adjustable according to the suitability of the user. 
  • The make is compact and is the right fit for easy storage. 
  • The free replacement of parts for one year adds to the comfort of the buyer. 


  • The foot pedals do not have a pivoting system to facilitate more speed while practicing. 
  • The sixteen-level magnetic resistance needs proper adjustment to be fit for the user.

Product Review

The machine gives you maximum comfort with an ergonomic seat, non-slip handlebars, and oversized foot pedals with straps. The sixteen-level resistance, which is magnetic, allows keeping the intensity of the workout according to the individual’s preference. 

The machine has a noise-free movement as the rail slides forward and backward. The LCD monitor allows to check the workout record and gives a proper measure of the calories burnt. 

The compact and foldable equipment is easy to keep in the corner of the room without much hassle. Free replacement of parts is provided for up to one year from the seller if there is any damage to the machine parts within the mentioned time. 

Buyer Guide

While choosing one folding rowing machine, choose the one that fits your need and comes within your budget. Do not forget to properly check all parts of the machine when it is delivered to you. 

If you feel there is a problem, replace it within the returnable time offered by the seller. The suggestion is to get one that is appropriate for your body size and exercise preference. 

For example, if you are a lady preferring moderate exercise, go for the one with elastic cord resistance, which can be adjusted manually or with low magnetic resistance. 

But if you are bent on heavy practice, choose the ones with eight or better sixteen levels of magnetic resistance. Check your body weight and know how much weight the machine can bear before buying. 

However, if you are bent on buying a machine that the whole family can use, purchase sturdy steel or coated iron and go for the durable ones rather than the sophisticated ones. Having a monitor to track your record of exercises is an added advantage. 

If you have a problem with seating for long hours, ensure that you buy one with an ergonomic seat that gives you comfort while seating. For new users, the anti-skid techniques are great to ensure there is no slippage. 

Those who are bent on getting one that will last longer and will give a whole-body workout should better buy the ones that come with a 22 in 1 exercise instructed on the user manual. 

In short, understand your needs first. Then, go through the products listed above and get one that suits you according to your style of exercise and personal needs. 

So why wait? Get a folding rowing machine today and get an incredible body within months. You shall enjoy the experience and primarily benefit from it. 


1) What is a folding rowing machine?

Ans. It is equipment that has a similar mechanism of work like that of a rowing boat. In addition, it provides a full-body workout to the user. 

2) How does one benefit from exercising in a rowing machine?

Ans. Ninety percent of the body receives a workout while one exercises on a rowing machine. The fats get toned within a short time. The device provides exercise for the total body with forwarding and backward movements. The cardio-vascular capacities are increased, and the metabolic power is also enhanced in the user. For details of the benefits, read through the article.

3) Do all rowing machines come with an LCD / SPM monitor?

Ans. No, only some machines come with the LCD or SPM monitor. So you have to check the product details before you get one with the mentioned facilities. 

4) How much time should I spend on the equipment to get a toned body?

Ans. Spending twenty minutes on a rowing machine is just enough and gives you the desired effect. To get the maximum impact, practice with high resistance and increase the intensity of the exercise according to your capacity. However, take caution not to increase it at a high resistance all at once without understanding your power. Instead, increase the resistance with time. 

5) How do the pivoting pedals help in the rowing machine? 

Ans. The pivoting pedals typically come with an anti-slip system and foot straps. Thus, it facilitates a firm grip on the machine. At the same time, the pivoting system helps to accelerate the speed of the exercise. 

6) I have injuries of the bone. Should I use a rower?

Ans. You are advised not to use the machine unless you heal correctly and recover. Even then, consult your doctor before using the device.

Folding Rowing machine
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