11 Best Fit Food Making Recipe Books

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If you have finally decided not to go with whatever is available at home for your meals and pay attention to your food habits to live a healthy life in the upcoming days, you deserve praise! Because it’s for sure one of the most amazing habits that one can adapt.

Including a few Fit food and delights that will taste good won’t be simple, though. However, some great people love cooking and know quite a bit about healthy living, and they are open about sharing their ideas and thoughts with anyone who also thinks similar. 

And so, if you have no idea how to cook food that will help you with the overall wellness of life, providing nutrition, taste, and meaning, then getting a cookbook that explains various fit food recipes would be a great idea. We are here to talk about 11 such cookbooks that deserve a shout-out!

Consider These Factors When Choosing Healthy Fit Food Recipes Cook Book

There are quite a few things to care about when you are picking a recipe book. However, the most important one is what we will discuss in this segment.

Your Food Habits

Of course, you want to have a variety of food even if it’s about eating correctly and healthy. However, here’s something you should still prioritize. If you are a vegetarian or anyone who prefers meat, that’s a whole another equation and has nothing to do with ignoring health rules. 

You can enjoy tons of veggies used in delicious recipes. Then again, there are also fabulous delights to enjoy that uses meat. However, when trying to follow a cookbook, it should have recipes that match your food habits.

Of course, you want to have recipes that nourish fit the food concept. But being a nonveg person will annoy you if all the recipes in the book you bought have nothing to do with meat. So, keep that in mind when choosing.

Any Allergies Issues

Almost everybody has something they are allergic to with food ingredients. And you want to make sure the recipes you’ll follow has nothing to do with such elements. So, when trying to get a cookbook that would finally help you live that healthy life with all healthy dishes, don’t forget in your excitement to check if it has an element that you are allergic to.

Ingredient Check

Recipe books should have a table of contents that mentions all the ingredients used. Make sure these are something suitable for your food choices. Some people just hate chickpeas. While a few can’t stand the idea of broccoli. 

So, a recipe book that utilizes this one ingredient that you hate more than just a few recipes won’t come in use for you. That’s why make sure you are being thoughtful about checking the ingredients.

Your Skills

Are you a fabulous cook who has consistently received praise for every dish you try? Or you make just edible foods that nobody ever complains about nor praises? 

Depending on your cooking skills and experience levels, certain dishes could or not be something you’ll be able to pull off nicely. 

And recipe books to mostly eat fit food and stay in good shape means you’re likely to make those dishes every day. It is not manageable for you could later bring problems. And also, it’s going to be inconvenient overall.

Necessary Equipment.

Recipe books that encourage eating fit food are usually excellent. But some of them might have multiple recipes that use one kitchen equipment that you don’t have at home. This can be a problem. So, make sure that you check recipes if that support what you already have in the kitchen while choosing the cookbook.

Reviewing 11 Best Fit Food Inspired Recipe Books.

We have an excellent list of some recipe books that you must know about at least. Maybe you’ll grab one or two of them after going through why we love them. Keep on reading

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food
Absolutely fit food

Product Review

Starting with an absolutely fit food recipe book, the classic one from non-other than Gordon Ramsay. You may be tempted to download Gordon Ramsay fit food pdf version, but this one deserves a spot in your kitchen space for quick and better referring.

The chef has included all his go-to recipes that you can try to dine on every day. It comes with recipes that are just great examples of well eating. Just make sure you have a blender and food processor because these recipes need them.

You can pick from three choices—one for those who want to go healthy. The second one is for lean goal-oriented people. And finally, the choice of recipes that helps in being fit. It’s amazingly arranged, and that deserves a point.

This one will greatly impress those keen on fitness, exercise science, and a consistent healthy food lifestyle. 

The thin section has recipes you can use for days when you try high-intensity exercises. And then those who are more into resistance training will love the fit section more. During breaks, you can opt for Healthy section recipes.

Overall, it’s a great and an absolute fit food recipe book that has a bunch of information for helping you get your nutrition in a good way.


  •  Fabulously organized recipes.
  •  Fitness-inspired but not boring at all.
  •  It Needs less time.
  •  An easy read.


  •  Not helpful if you don’t own a blender or food processor.

Skinnytaste Meal Prep – All About Meals That You Can Make Ahead of Time

Skinnytaste Meal Prep – All About Meals That You Can Make Ahead of Time.
Fit food fresh

Product Review

It’s a beautiful way to keep track of your diet with these recipes. Because you are basically taking a certain period to make a plan for the whole week on what to eat. And when you have the goal of losing weight, it becomes easier to eat right as you plan everything.

Next, one of the New York Times bestsellers from Gina Homolka encourages meal prep while keeping all the health benefits intact.

One hundred twenty recipes are pretty diverse and super healthy. The meals are no less of a favor, and you’ll be complete. It also includes snacks.

This book is a combination of super time-saving strategies. And so, it is excellent for those who have hectic weeks—keeping your goals to ensure fit food fresh and beneficial.


  •  interesting ways of meal prep.
  •  Delicious wide range of dishes. 
  •  Easy to make. 
  •  Includes precise details.


  •  Targeted more towards the vegetarians. 

The Well Plated Cookbook – Delicious Recipes That Are Fast to Make

The Well Plated Cookbook – Delicious Recipes That Are Fast to Make
Well Plated Cookbook

Product Review

Everything about healthy eating seems right until you figure out that the recipes you’re trying to follow are super time-consuming. Well, this recipe book can solve that issue.

Erin Clarke has done an excellent job at putting together around 130 recipes that only used ingredients easy to find in supermarkets.

Also, it keeps things budget-friendly. The clever delicious recipes are super-fast to make. There are even options that all use one ingredient in many ways.

There are also ideas that you can use for reheating all leftovers from yesterday. Plus, ways how you can store things better.

It’s a great one overall that does deserve a spot in your collection of recipe books.


  • Uses one ingredient in many ways.
  •  Budget-friendly recipes.
  • Very quick to make.
  •  Keep very simple yet delicious.


  •  Quite heavy on nuts.

Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy, Lean & Fit – All About Mouthwatering Recipes

Gordon Ramsay's Healthy, Lean & Fit - All About Mouthwatering Recipes That Speaks Healthy Weight Loss
Fit food recipes

Product Review

Having healthy and fit food recipes that add taste and flavor simultaneously is impossible, right? But not with this fitness fanatic book made by the legend, Gordon Ramsay. 

As being world’s number one chef, Ramsay adds his favorite go-to recipes using foods that encourage healthy weight loss. 

Not considerable if you are an athlete or fitness wannabe, it keeps things simple with 108 tasty foods. And, the ingredients are kitchen-friendly that any fit food company will serve.

Three sections let you make brekky, lunches, and anything you want for dinner. Plus, the recipes are well-focused on boasting health benefits that most fitness freaks love about it.


  •  Improve your cooking skill.
  •  Very simple to follow.
  •  Detailed recipes with tons of pictures.
  •  Well-chosen ingredients.


  •  Only for fitness lovers. 

The Skinnytaste Cookbook: To Keep Calories Light Without Lessening Flavor

The Skinnytaste Cookbook: To Keep Calories Light Without Lessening Flavor
Fitting fast food

Product Review

Focused on taste and nutrition facts, Gina Homolka includes fitting fast food recipes made out of natural and fat-free ingredients. 

It is an excellent recipe book that helps you make low-calory and wildly flavorful meals for your family. A lot of people are whipped for her recipes that are very juicy but not fat-included. 

There are also calory wise recipes per serving that fill you up in total satisfaction. From creamy Fettuccini Alfredo to Western Omelet, it has all things a healthy person would desire. 

This book is relatively inexpensive, with 150 fit fast food recipes, including new dishes and must-have genres. It’s an excellent book of recipes that a busy mother would desire to have.


  • Provide gluten-free recipes.
  •  Includes vegetarian and freeze-friendly meals.
  •  Nice quality of pages.
  •  Easy to source ingredients.


  • Too flavorful for a dietitian.  

Cook Once, Eat All Week: Going Gluten-Free with Easy & Affordable Meal Prep

Cook Once, Eat All Week: Going Gluten-Free with Easy & Affordable Meal Prep.
Fitness food

Product Review

If you prefer a quick-to-cook and healthy-to-eat recipe book, then it’s your best bet. It’s a good meal prep made by Cassy Joy Garcia, well-known for her signature fitness plans.

There are a lot of precipices that you can make with essential kitchen ingredients. Gret, isn’t it? No matter how tired your day is, this recipe book will give you a hand to make easy fitness food within some minutes.

And, this recipe book will let you make beautiful meal prep using simple ingredients like potatoes and cabbage.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about daily dinners as it includes 26-week fitness food recipes and 20-minutes meals of bonus chapters.   


  •  Includes dairy-free and low-carb foods. 
  •  Simple instructions to follow.
  •  Time and energy-saving recipes.
  •  Perfect for beginners.


  •  Not enough flavored meals. 

The Primal Gourmet Cookbook – Say No to Dairy, Grain & Gluten 

The Primal Gourmet Cookbook – Say No to Dairy, Grain & Gluten
Fit foodie

Product Review

For the fit foodie who has low self-esteem and failed to keep a diet, this recipe book would work out providing tasty meals without causing your weight to boast.

Thanks to Ronny Joseph Lvovski, who has given more than 120 unique recipes that don’t count gluten, grain, or dairy ingredients. This recipe book lets you know about fancy foods that a foodie would like to eat.

It let you get rid of upset stomachs and ensures no ingredients that could cause allergy. Plus, all of the dishes are described in detail.

There’s also a category where he has picked favorite foods that most people loved, including Chicken Wings, Ribs, Lamb Stew, and so on. 

As a writer who has to go through a lot of obesity for his failed diets, he made this recipe simple but effective to lose weight.


  •  Ingredient lists are small.
  •  Servings are excellent.
  •  Favorable but straightforward recipes. 
  • Amazing varieties of sauce recipes.


  •  A lot of recipes don’t have pictures.

The Defined Dish – Wholesome Dishes for Busy People 

The Defined Dish – Wholesome Dishes for Busy People
The Defined Dish

Product Review

The weekend tasteful recipe book for the fit foodie stands out at the top position. This recipe book allows you to make foods with fruits, spices, and other yummy ingredients like salad.

Alex Snodgrass, the author of this recipe book, gives mouthful recipes that don’t need hard work if you have a busy day. There are yummy dishes that can be cook with black paper, chicken, and garlic.

These tasty recipes are fully satisfying for a business person to cook that won’t upset your stomach. Besides, it lets you have good ideas of flavors to succeed while making foods.

Matching with everyone’s taste and preference, these dishes work fine for amateurs. A lot of people love its creative recipes and ingredients choices to make easy but delicious meals. To sum up, it’s an essential recipe book for cooking freely.


  •  Interesting and creative recipes.
  • Nicely composed and written.
  • Quite simple to try out.
  • No fat or dairy products are mentioned.


  •  Not good enough for professional chefs.

Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love – If You Crave Comfort Foods 

Danielle Walker's Eat What You Love – If You Crave Comfort Foods
Eat What You Love

Product Review

With 125 recipes against the grain, gluten, and dairy, this cookbook is an ideal package written by New York Times bestseller Danielle Walker.

There are nourishing yet mouthful dishes available for filling the hunger of a fitness lover. It let you have paleo comfort food that is not boring or taste bad at all.

And also, making these recopies is very easy thanks to the food collections that can quickly serve on a table. Plus, the ingredients are straightforward that a fit foodie finds from a store.

Plus, it let you make each dish over a slow cooker or pot within 30 minutes of labor. Also, if you have the target to stay healthy and fit, this recipe book has 4-week plans and dietary recipes without egg, nut, and nightshade.


  •  Healthy and tasty dishes.
  •  Easy to learn.
  •  Avoids Common Allergic ingredients.
  •  Nice for everyday meal plans.


  •  The page quality is not nice.

The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners 

The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners – Treat for Both Tummy & Immunity
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Product Review

Are you dealing with inflammation while wishing for a perfect recipe book for dieting? It won’t let you down to get recipes of fast-fit food plans that won’t cost more money or time.

It’s an excellent way to keep on your diet while wanting a meal that includes flavors using simple remedies. Indeed, you have a lot of things in your mind when planning for meals.

But this recipe booklet you have fast-fit food for 2 weeks meal plan to start rightly. And, there’s a lot of health tricks and recipes to make healing food that helps you diet well.

It’s a perfect beginner-style recipe book that lets you learn diet, health, and some essential kitchen stocking tips. And, you only need easy-to-source ingredients to make the foods.


  •  Good recipes for easy digestion.
  •  Informative instructions with tips. 
  •  Include a lot of dishes.
  •  Use leftovers to prep meals.


  • Includes a lot of sodium in most recipes. 

Healthy Meal Prep Instant Pot® Cookbook 

Healthy Meal Prep Instant Pot® Cookbook
Simply fitting food

Product Review

Making healthy food is no longer hard using this recipe book written by Carrie Forrest, who is an expert to make simply fitting food using her fast and easy cooling skills.

It is Made for fit or healthy people out there; this recipe book includes all the instant pot meal plans. It let you have the benefits of the speed along with the comfort of making the food perfectly.

In this book, you’ll find 75 simply fit food recipes that take like magic and won’t disappoint even if you are on a diet. Amazingly enough, it let you have kitchen tips for cooking better by yourself.

And, the nourish fit food ingredients are straightforward that you’ll probably find from your fridge.


  •  Freeze-friendly and healthy recipes.
  •  A simple book with tons of tips.
  •  Nice ingredient choices.
  • Good for anti-inflammatory dietitians.


  •  The book text somewhat feels blurry.

Overall Thoughts

And we are almost by the end of today’s discussion on grabbing the perfect fit food encouraging recipe book. How do you feel? We hope you find at least one cookbook from our recommendation excellent for your eating needs. 

Also, keep in mind that no cookbook would have all the suitable recipes for you. Sometimes you may discover certain dishes and formulas you’ve never tried or considered beforehand. However, that’s sometimes the fun part about trying a cookbook. 

You don’t know what type of taste to expect from such dishes. And once in a while, such tasty surprises are not harmful unless it’s something that does not match your buds. So don’t wait and put some effort into getting the proper healthy cookbook, practicing some significant wellness rituals, and investing time in learning more about anything that encourages fabulous true fitness goals. I hope that never happens, though!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to order food or cook?

The fabulous thing about fit food for you could be its cost-effectiveness. When you decide to cook food at home with the proper recipe instructions, it’s going to cut down the monthly food expense short. Because yes, having food delivery or eating out will always be expensive compared to doing groceries and cooking at home.

Why is rice a comfort food?

If you think about it, rice is all about nurturing, softness and warmth. Because that’s precisely how we all tend to cook our rice, all of that just feels at home and has something comforting in it. And lots of cultures cannot think about a proper meal without rice being included. 

However, processes rice grains are high in carbs and also has minimal nutrition factor to it. On the other hand, organic food should be a perfect fit food for you and your family to have once in a while and enjoy the comfort of that meal.

Are quinoa, granola, and chia seed good for health?

One trendy fit food, quinoa, is often hated by many for its taste. But this thing has plenty of benefits nutrition-wise. However, it’s not very low in calories. So consuming quinoa in common portions is the way to go. 

Similarly, another very well-known fit food, granola, is packed up with micronutrients. However, this is also a calorie-dense one that you want to have in moderation, and then it surely will help in losing weight as well. Finally, another popular fit food, chia seed, is often fitness freaks’ favorite to spread in lots of delicious dishes to add the punch of benefits.

From bread to smoothies, these are compatible with most types of food items. And also, it provides a unique high providing of omega-3 fatty acid as well as antioxidants.

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