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The current situation has made people more home-bound. The hectic days of running and sweating have turned into cocooned days of work-from-home activities. The result is that you are becoming tied to your chair and burning fewer calories.

A pile-up of more calories means high blood pressure, increased glucose level, indigestion, and slow wear and tear of your body. All the more necessary it has become for you to get alert and do something pragmatically to beat the growing abdominal fat and bring the exercise-stepper home.

At the same time, you need to take precautions that outdoor sports like jogging and running do not bring you in contact with the virus that is causing the pandemic. In this hour, it is all the more necessary to keep your body fit and immunity strong.

So, what is the solution to the problem? Think of setting up an exercise regime at your home with a machine that is much within your affordability – say a pair or two of the cost of your good jeans.

Yes, a stepper machine is the right choice. Not only because it is affordable and compact to keep within the small space of a home but because it helps in systematically burning your calories without taking much of your energy.

Once you step on the exercise stepper, the rhythmic pattern will put you exceptionally on the flow, and you will enjoy your workout. You will feel great within a month when you find your muscles toning up, and you’re enjoying an excellent metabolic system.
So why wait?

Bring one exercise stepper home this week. Need more information?
Let’s read the article.

Do you know what an exercise stepper is?

Well, it is a machine that increases your stepping activities. In short, when you step on it, it helps you to exercise on a rhythmic pattern by continuing the stepping exercise. This enables you to burn down calories. It allows you to shape up the muscles of your body.

The machine is especially remarkable for toning up the lower body. However, nowadays, stepper machines are available in the market, which helps a regimen of complete body exercise.

The exercise that happens on a stepper is rhythmic and balanced. It also consumes less time to complete the activities on a stepper. Hence a stepper has been a favorite of fitness-conscious people.

A lesser number of people now have a dedicated gym room to their house, and fitness was only the fuss word of the elites. Now almost every other individual is a fitness freak.

Good that people have realized the essence of exercising for better lifestyles. Compact exercise machines are hence the need of the hour. A stepper machine just serves the purpose.

How is a Stepper proper?

The exercise on the Stepper is lighter than many other exercises. The workout on the machine is an aerobic one with low intensity and gives strength to your cardiac muscle and increases the power of the lungs. The forces of the lower part of the body, especially the legs and the buttock, shape up adequately.

At the same time, it cuts on the fat of the body by consuming piled-up calories. Knowing how to use the machine properly can give good exercise for almost eighty percent of the body muscles. It is indeed a good help for indoor exercise with a bit of tact and know-how.

How to do the exercises correctly?

There are different ways of using an average stepper and one that is computer-driven. However, if the stepper machine is computerized, one should care about the resistance numbers that one adjusts when beginning the exercise. At the start, the resistance set in the computerized stepper machine should be below.

This is because the new exerciser must be tuned with the exercise mode and slowly increase his capacity. The body needs to bear the strength of the resistance put in the automatic machine.

However, the exerciser must increase the resistance power with the passing weeks and months. The exercise, which is enough initially, may not yield effects as the person raises his capacity for exercising.

For regular non-computerized machines, the number of steps one uses should be low initially and increased with three to four days’ gap or after each week. The idea is the same as on automated machines, to increase the capacity with passing time for a better workout.

Ways to use the exercise stepper

  • Should place one foot comfortably on one side of the Stepper. Taking the balance should put the second foot on the other step.
  • Once one is placed on the Stepper, a light press on one side of the step should be done and balance again. Should press the other side down.
  • One should not hurry, nor should be too slow. Should do the pressing of the steps rhythmically.
  • It is better to get a stepper with cords or handles for the grip. This would give a balanced pose and can be used or utilized for rhythmic movement of the whole body.
  • The secret to using a stepper machine is striking a rhythm. If there is a cord, it can be pushed and pulled in synchronization with the foot movements. This helps in the exercising of the whole body.
  • The same pose holds good if the Stepper has a handle. The handles must be pushed in front one at a time while stepping on the machine.
  • However, one must take care not to slouch over or lean near the handles. This gives a wrong posture that affects the body movement and can cause an accident as the handle may suddenly hurt the face or chest. So, the ideal pose is a balanced and straight one with rhythmic movements of the whole body in a symphony.
  • Depending on your capacity and age factor, you can use the Stepper for five to ten minutes at a stretch in the beginning. The frequency of steps may increase to fifteen to twenty minutes when used with the machine and the exercise pattern.

Do maintain a gap of five to ten minutes after each series of five / ten / fifteen / twenty minutes according to your body power. Too much exertion on the muscles may lead to cramps of the muscles. So, remember to take your bit of rest in between. 

Product of Exercise Stepper

I hope you have made up your mind to buy an exercise stepper. You are thinking about where to get it? Well, there are a lot of online brands available, mainly from Amazon. We bring for you a few branded products 

Health and Fitness Mini Stepper

Health and Fitness Mini Stepper


If you opt for a workable brand within your fixed budget, this is the brand item you should look for. Though the listed price on Amazon. is $ 80 approximately, it comes within $ 50 with a discount. However, you have to pay for the shipping and import fees depending upon the country you stay in.

  • Within this low-price range, this Stepper provides an LCD monitor. It helps you maintain a record of the steps you are putting on and the approximate calories you are burning.
  • The machine runs by a system of hydraulic drive. This enables smoothness in the movement of the legs and gives the body a pleasing rhythm while exercising.
  • The pedals are non-slip. Footplates that are embedded are large and in texture. 
  • Adjustments are available for all heights. There is a knob that adjusts the peak for long or short-stepping facilities. The size of the pedals gets adjusted by pressing them anti-clockwise.

There are available training bands that are removable. These help the machine to press over twenty core muscles. The effect is a lesser impact aerobic workout. The system allows smooth toning of the shoulders and back and nicely curving the lower parts of the body. 


  • It is affordable.
  • It is non-slip.
  • It comes with training bands for whole body work out.
  • It has adjustable height.


  • Not for heavy resistance.
  • Not of high durability

The stair stepper from Sportsroyal

The stair stepper from Sportsroyal


If you are bent on a stepper with more resistance power, you should go for this brand. It can withstand up to 330 lbs. of resistance. No doubt it is one of the premier choice steppers for exercise freaks. The cost without discount is approximately $110, but with the deal, it comes to around $ 85.  

  • The company has updated the stair stepper machine in 2021. The make has been made more durable and one that can support 330 lbs. 
  • There is an adjustable twist stepping band that comes along with the machine. It helps to twist the body in a rhythmic pattern while stepping. This helps in increased cardio-vascular functions and toning of the muscles. It shapes best the upper torso of the body along with the lower body parts. 
  • It comes with a hydraulic drive that gives a zero-noise exercise regimen. It comes with a well-built cushion to protect the body from hurt during exercise. 
  • The pedals also are well built. They are non-slip and comes with non-skip pads. Also, the machine has non-skid floor protectors and a rubber cushion that is for shock-absorbing. So, there is no fear of slip or tear while exercising on the device. It is firmly protected. 
  • It also has a LED monitor and keeps track of the step counts and the calories consumed. This enables the user to plan up his exercise routine. 

The machine is an assembled one and is portable too. It is compact in its make and a great space-saver. 


  • Can bear high resistance.
  • Have monitor to track progress.
  • It is non-slip.
  • It has a stepping band for a whole-body workout.
  • Price within affordability.


  • Not suitable for those who prefer light exercise.
  • Bands need to be adjusted in the right manner else. The body balance may get disturbed while exercising

Advanced Twist Stepper for Total Body

Advanced Twist Stepper for Total Body


This is another stepper machine with value for money as it gives total body workout and is equipped with a digital monitor. The price which is listed is $90, but it comes for approximately $ 75. Though the shipping charges are extra and import duty, it may cost an additional $ 180 for Asian countries.

  • The digital monitor helps keep track of the steps, the time spent, the consumed calories, etc. 
  • It comes with a resistance band that helps in the exercise of the complete body.
  • The heights are adjustable according to the workout preference of the individual user.
  • The durable make helps in bearing a weight of 250 lb. and supports advanced stepping exercises. 
  • The base comes with a stabilizer ring that helps to fasten the Stepper to the ground. 

It is equipped with a twister band that helps in rhythmic exercises.


  • Digital monitor tracks progress.
  • The heights are adjustable.
  • It is durable and can bear the resistance of 250 lbs.
  • It is equipped with a twister band for a whole body workout.


  • It has to be handled with care and balance.
  • It is not fit for lightweight exercise.

Mini stepper and Stair climber


If you are looking for a sleek instrument, this is the one for you to choose within a reasonable price range. It comes for approximately $80 on Amazon.

  • The machine comes in a sleek design and a black color and is best suited for those who believe in a light exercise regimen to keep the body toned.
  • It is portable in make and can be adjusted anywhere. It requires low space to keep.
  • It is sleek in make and comes with three pairs of bands that provide resistance. Thus, it helps in the workout for the whole body in a lighter fashion.


  • It is sleek and compact.
  • Feet for light-weight exercise.
  • It has a resistance band for a whole-body workout.


  • Not fit for heavy exercise
  • It is high in price compared to the resistance power it offers.

Adjustable Stepper

Adjustable Stepper


A good machine with all the essential aspects for a moderate exercise regime is this one. It also gives value for money as it comes in approximately $53 though the shipping and import fees are extra and vary from country to country. 

  • Like all high-quality exercise steppers, this one comes with an LCD monitor. It helps to keep track of the exercise, the step counts, and the spent-up calories.
  • The footplates are anti-slip and are wear-resistant.
  • The training bands help to keep the body toned.
  • The resistance bands help in a rhythmic movement of the body on the Stepper.
  • The height is adjustable.

It has a hydraulic drive which helps to keep the rhythm. Now that you know about the brands also here are some FAQs you would like to know.


  • Has LCD monitor to track progress.
  • The grip on the foot is firm
  • It has training bands for whole-body exercise.
  • It is adjustable and noise-free.


  • It is not suitable for high resistance and heavyweight.
  • The resistance bands have to be used carefully.

Aerobic Stepper Bench from Gaiam Essentials.

Step Platform having Aerobic Stepper Bench from Gaiam Essentials.


Those looking for an exercise Deck that can be adjusted up to the required height on a low budget will find this equipment a good choice to buy. It comes in the price range of approximately $30. However, shipping costs and import duty are excluded in this. 

  • It is firm to step on as the surface is an anti-slip and comes in the textured form.
  • It helps the aerobic stepping and increases the cardiac exercises.
  • The height is adjustable.
  • It is highly durable in the make.


  • It comes at a low cost.
  • It has a firm grip.
  • It has adjustable heights
  • It helps in cardiac exercises.


  • Does not have hand bands
  • It is not one to bear high resistance.

Pivot Stepper that comes in white/Blue/Black colors

Pivot Stepper that comes in white/Blue/Black colors – from Wagan Tech


If you are on the lookout for a compact automated stepper at a moderate price, go for this one. The price is approximately $100 and comes with a discount of $79 dollars. Shipping costs and import levies are, of course, extra. 

  • It has a digital meter that has many functions
  • Keeps a record of your exercise
  • You know the calories you burn
  • Counts the hours of exercises
  • Very sleek and compact
  • It comes in assembled form and weighs a maximum of 21 lbs.
  • Durable blight-weight steel is in the making.
  • Pivot motion tones up the muscles well.


  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It has a digital meter to record your progress.
  • Good for muscle toning


  • It cuts a bit in the pocket

Premium Cardio Climber Stepping

Elliptical shaped Premium Cardio Climber Stepping from Sunny Health and Fitness.


It will cut in your pocket a bit deep though it will you give good value for your spending. It is approximately $500 and comes with extra shipping fees.

  • The frame can bear heavy-duty and a weight up to 260 lb. It is suitable for climbers and striders who do exercise for a long duration.
  • It is a machine that combines stepping and striding activities together.
  • The handles with foam pads give a good grip. The belt drive holds the body firm and creates minimal noise.
  • The pulse sensors measure heart rate during the exercise.
  • There is magnetic resistance power up to eight levels. One can adjust it according to one’s capacity. 
  • The machine is compact and can be moved from one place to another easily.


  • It Bears high resistance.
  • It has magnetic resistance power.
  • It has a good grip.
  • Measures heart rate.
  • Easily portable machine and is compact to use.


  • It comes at a very high cost.
  • It needs to be handled with care.

Aerobic Step Platform whole body workout

Aerobic Step Platform from Health Club for the whole body workout


The price range varies between $75 to $78, and the machine is highly durable and made in the USA.

  • The machine has strong durability.
  • It is made of polyethylene which is of very high density in the making.
  • The platform is anti-slip and has a cushion for enhancing the comfort of the user.
  • It can bear a resistance of 350 lbs. 
  • The machine comes with non-skid feet placed on a platform that is raised. It prevents floor scratching.
  • Has adjustable platform according to necessity.


  • It is durable.
  • It is anti-slippery
  • It can tolerate high resistance.
  • It Is moderate in price.


  • It does not have twister or hand bands.
  • It does not have a digital monitor to track the exercise.

Things to remember while using the Stepper

In the beginning, you may feel drained out after stepping a few steps. Do not feel disheartened.

  • Try with a small number of steps initially and slowly increase the number of actions on the machine.
  • Step on the machine slowly and carefully. Put one foot, take your balance and then put the other foot. Beginners may like to get a stepper with a cord or handles, which will help them strike a balance on the Stepper.
  • Always remember, the key to using a stepper best is to strike a rhythmic pose.
  • Avoid slouching or a bent posture.
  • Take rest in between
  • Increase your steps over the machine only when you feel confident.

Installation method of the Stepper

  • The place where the Stepper will be put should not be tilted or sloping or slippery.
  • The plain floor is necessary for placing the stepper machine.
  •  Should put it on the open ground without any rug or mattress.
  • Safety sports shoes should be used so that the heels do not get hurt on the steps.
  • While using the handles or the cords, it is better to use gloves. This will cover the hand and avoid bruises from the tension of the thread or handle.

Put one foot at a time and take your balance. Avoid hurrying on your stepping exercise.

How valuable is an exercise stepper?

Exercise stepper carries a huge value to fit your health. Let’s know the details.

1) It is a minimum impact aerobic exercise

The strength you need to put in on the stepping machine is much lower than a jogger or treadmill. Naturally, it is an excellent machine for anyone beginning the exercise regime and a marvelous one for aged people, women, and new fitness freaks. Using it is an intelligent way to do your daily workout.

The low-impact exercises keep the muscles intact from wear and tear. On the other hand, high-impact activities like jogging or treadmill or running can hurt the ligament, damage the bones or even tear up the muscles. Naturally, aged people and women who would opt for light exercises can not bear the tension of high-impact activities. It is not even suitable for their body.

2) It shapes up the muscles

Especially those who are bound to their sitting jobs hardly get the exposure to shape up their muscle of the calves, the thighs, and the buttock region. The exercise stepper is a beautiful instrument to tone up your muscles and give them a toned look. Besides which is more important, it increases muscle strengths. When added with handles or cords, it provides more tonality to the eighty percent of body muscles.

3) An excellent tool for cardiovascular activity

Using a stepper means a rhythmic motion between hands and legs and the whole body. This helps the blood flow in the body in a systematic manner. Similarly, it improves the breathing and inhaling, and exhaling process of the body in a rhythmic way. In an ascertained manner, the cardio-vascular system functions well and gains momentum. So, the machine is an excellent aid for increasing cardiovascular activity in the body. It helps to increase the function of the heart and the lungs.

4) Fantastic equipment for blood pressure control

As the exercise routine happens in a rhythmic flow, blood pumping in the blood vessels occurs smoothly. The effect is a hydrated body with balanced blood flow and pressure level under control. Those with high or low blood pressure will surely benefit if a regular fitness regimen is built around the stepping equipment for a considerable time.

5) Increases the activity of the brain

It is a proven fact that light exercise helps the brain to keep calm and be productive in the best form. This is increased with the systematic blood flow and a rhythmic exercise pattern. The brain’s hypothalamus gets thickened over prolonged exercise that is light and rhythmic and gives more creative power. You shall think logically and be at your creative best because of practicing these light exercises.

6) It cuts the excess fat from your body

This is what any repetitive lightweight exercise will do. But what is unique about an exercise stepper is its capacity to give an even-toned body. With careful and engaging stepping along with rhythmic hand movements, you will lose weight from the whole body quite fast and get a fat-free body and muscular built quite quickly. A three-set of twenty minutes on a stepper machine done with hand movements can burn 800 to 1000 calories for a middle-aged person on average. Don’t you think that is an outstanding achievement?

7) Requires lesser time than jogger or treadmill

As the whole body moves in a synchronized manner on an exercise stepper, it helps in reducing the weight of the body faster than other run-on-the-mill machines that are already available in the market. The statistics of how fast calories get burnt on a stepper are enough proof of that. So, it is a worthy investment and an intelligent way to get a healthy body faster. Naturally, people are getting more inclined to steppers.

8) Compact and easy to handle

A stepping machine needs less space than most of the exercising equipment to provide a complete workout for the body. It is available in portable makes also and is easy to move. It fits easily in the corner of the room where the exercise can be done regularly and with much ease.

9) You will like the quiet way it works

The exercise stepper works silently. It does not create much noise and squeaks. You may be in a room or flat where you need your children to study while doing your bit of exercise on the stepping machine. It has zero noise and helps to retain the peace of the environment. With the need for compact space, stepper equipment must be gaining popularity.


1) What is an exercise stepper?

It is exercising equipment that helps in the rhythmic movement of the body, giving it a proper shape.

2) How many calories do an exercise stepper burn in an average adult?

A three-set of twenty minutes exercise with a 10 to 20 minutes gap in each set can cut down from 800 to 1000 calories per day.

3) Is there a possibility of hurt on a stepper?

If one steps on the Stepper with proper balance, there is no chance of hurt or bruise as it is a minimum impact aerobic exercise.

4) What is the cost of an exercise stepper?

Depending on the resistance power, brand, and make, the availability starts from around $50 and goes up to $200. However, shipping and import fees are extra that may cost up to an additional $150 in the Asian countries the product is availed from Amazon. in

5) How does the exercise stepper help?

It helps make a toned body, a healthy mind, balanced blood flow, reasonable heart rate, and increased cardiovascular activity.

6) How should the machine be installed?

It should be kept on a plain floor surface without tilts or slipping surfaces. It should be placed on the open floor without rugs or mattresses.

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