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It would help if you had a suitable exercise bike, and your budget is 500 bucks. Now, what could be the best pick in these conditions? That’s what you’re trying to find. And, of course, you’ve come to the right place.

You see, we know how tricky things can be when one has to make decisions with a specific budget in mind. What features should be present in that budget and what features would be too much to expect are the things you should be aware of so that making a sensible purchase is possible.

Luckily, the 500 bucks’ budget for an exercise bike is a pretty decent plan. And you should be able to grab excellent quality and most feature-rich options with it.

Let us help you find the best exercise bike under 500 bucks. We have gathered around 6 picks that specifically deserve to stay on this list. Keep On Reading —

Reviewing Our Top 6 Picks – The Best Exercise Bike Under 500 Bucks?

Let’s just get things straight. We want you to go through the reviews that talk about the goods & the bad of each of these 6 recommendations. I hope that making a choice is easier for you.

1) Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike – The Super Star Pick Within 500 Bucks!

Highlighted Features:

  •  32 levels of resistance.
  • Resistance is silent.
  • Extra huge seat.
  • Seats cushioned.
  • Slip-resistant handlebars.
  • Powder coating is included for the frame.
Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike
Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike


  • Very well priced for the features.
  • Secure handlebars.
  • Avoid scratches.
  • It gives stability that prevents the bike from moving.
  • Resistance is good enough for intense sessions.


  • The seat might be uncomfortable for those who don’t ride bikes.

What You Need to Know: It comes with handlebars that are designed slip-free, easy to grip, and firm enough.

What You’ll Love: The bike has all the essential features it should have for the budget, plus the whole session stays extra-quiet which is something a lot of people appreciate in their workouts.

What You Should Consider: It’s not for someone who cannot comfortably ride regular bike seats, as it may feel too hard for them. Regular bikers, however, don’t mind the feel.

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

The Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike is overall the best exercise bike that you can get below 500 bucks with qualities such as precise resistance levels that are also quiet, additional huge seats with cushioning, scratch protection on the frame, and whatnot.

The design is kept pretty modern for sure. The tiny footprint is also nice enough. You should be able to get a perfect amount of workout using it.

The making of the equipment is also pretty sturdy, giving you the stability to work intensely without worrying too much about the bike moving from your movements.

The frame comes with a powder coat so that your movements cannot leave any rough scratch any time sooner.

It also comes with handlebars made well; padding is also designed to avoid slips while working out. The seat is also extra huge with cushioning, but it may not fit well with someone who finds a regular tough biking seat tricky to sit on.

To sum it up, the Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike will meet your budget concern of keeping it below 500 bucks, without missing on a good number of resistances, noise-free session, handlebars & seats being comfortable, and also a simple enough setup flexibility.

2) Schwinn 170 Upright Bike -Perfect Cardiovascular Exercise Bike Under 500 Bucks for Knee Joints Conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tracking tools included.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The console is completely loaded.
  • 29 workout programs included.
  • Dual Track LCD.
  • It includes telemetric heart rate sensors.
  • Seat contoured & padded.
  • Exchangeable seat concept.
  • Angle adjustability for handlebars.
Schwinn 170 Upright Bike
Schwinn 170 Upright Bike


  • Getting workout data is accessible.
  • You can listen to music for workout sessions.
  • The provided fan keeps you sweat-free.
  • It comes with a fantastic range of programs.
  • Great for knee joint issue holders.


  • It cannot hold people who weigh more than 300 pounds.

What You Need to Know: The upright bike comes with a perfect setup that fits a cardiovascular workout scheme that suits those with knee joint conditions.

What You’ll Love: A vast range of resistance and programs keep the workouts constantly improving and pushing for the trainers.

What You Should Consider: Anyone who weighs more than 300 pounds should not get it as that’s going to exceed the maximum capacity of the bike.

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

As you can already tell from the previous features section, the Schwinn 170 is in the top picks for a reason. But let’s discuss the benefits more intensely to get a better insight.

The Schwinn 170 includes tracking tools that are really hyped up and are mainly app-based. You can enjoy a bunch of monitoring benefits. From monitoring your overall progress to even setting those aims, the improved Bluetooth connectivity helps a lot with this whole app-based tracking feature.

If you have certain conditions with the knee joints, the Schwinn 170 can be a great one to get precisely then. It comes with a good bike design, so you should get the most cardiovascular workout benefits. And we all know how useful that is for someone with knee joint troubles.

The number of resistance, programs, and heart rate control aspects of Schwinn 170. There are around 10 quick keys for resistance-based use. And you can also enjoy approximately 29 distinct programs that come with heart rate controlling features. 

Also, you can customize the parameters, and you can do that according to your needs. For example, the frame is a walk-through style. It’s something anyone should be able to mount. 

However, keep in mind that the frame is not easy to move around, not to mention the padded seat, which is contoured by the way for additional comfort.

You should have 13 different types of feedback with the LCD system, not to mention the backlit screen that makes monitoring health data taken via USB drive easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3) JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike – The Best Exercise Bike Under 400 Bucks That Comes with High-end Features.

Highlighted Features:

  • It Uses a 35lbs flywheel.
  • Frame tube is 50mm thickened.
  • 200 lbs. of max capacity.
  • No noise with magnetic resistance.
  • 4-way adjustable wide seat design.
  • 4-way adjustable handlebar.
  • Adjustable straps with the pedals.
  • Steel-made toe-caged pedals.
JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Best Exercise Bike Under 500
JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


  • The build quality is too good.
  • No issue with taller frame people.
  • It comes with wheels for moving around easily.
  • Comfortable seat & handlebars.
  • No noise issues at all.


  • Monitor stats are not visible in dark settings.

What You Need to Know: The exercise bike would be able to accommodate taller frames without any problem.

What You’ll Love: The noise-free Joroto X2 also comes with a fantastic built-in and comfortable seat as well as handlebars.

What You Should Consider: Anyone who is not a mechanically-inclined person will need to spend a little bit more time assembling it.

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

Anyone willing to go a little lower than 500 bucks, maybe looking for the best exercise bike under $400, can look at the Joroto X2. If you share your space with someone, you don’t want to disturb others with noisy exercise gear.

And this one will be able to get your wish heard as the Joroto X2 comes with magnetic resistance for a quiet operation every time. But, of course, this gets even better with the belt drive system. Combined, both can give you a very smooth riding, which keeps any noise chances aside.

The provided flywheel is 35lbs, which means you will have a stable base for exercising vigorously without fearing a movement of the bike. There are horizontal adjustment knobs for this stability quality, 4 equally placed beneath the rear and front stabilizer.

The frame is AVP type and comes with 50mm thickening, making it evident that this under 500 exercise bike option is made solid enough.

The seat and handlebars both come with 4-way adjustability scopes. And then there are the pedals with toe caged design, also the adjustable straps. So that no matter how small or big feet you have, the pedals can hold you.

The safety features are also impressive; having an emergency stop brake is not a common trait in this price range. Also, even if you have a pretty tall frame, the bike should accommodate you without issues.

To be fair, the Joroto X2 is a gem in this price tag; such features are often noted in high-end exercise bikes, but in the price, the manufacturer being able to give so many scopes & benefits just makes it a fabulous pick you must think about seriously before skipping.

4) Cyclace Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike – The Best Bike for Exercise is Strong, Stable & Cheap!

Highlighting Features:

  • Triangular frame with thickened steel.
  • 330lbs weight capacity.
  • The handlebar is multi-grips style.
  • Adjustable resistance included.
  • Adjustable long seat.
  • 2-way adjustable handlebar.
Cyclace Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
Cyclace Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


  • Can adjust the seat 4-way.
  • Moving the cycle is easy due to the provided wheels.
  • Monitoring progress is convenient.
  • It comes with a holder for the phone.
  • The seat includes comfortable cushioning.


  • There’s no pin to readjust for different heights.

What You Need to Know: You don’t have to compromise on an odometer or good tension spinner with the exercise bike, even if it’s a budget option.

What You’ll Love: The assembly is super simple and barely needs more than fifteen minutes as the parts are too obvious of where they would go.

What You Should Consider: Different heights people can share this bike, but there’s no pin for adjustment like the exercise bike at the gym. Instead, you’ll find screws that need unscrewing and readjustment, which is not precisely very convenient.

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

If you are thinking about an exercise bike to get that can leave out a few bells and whistles for being extremely affordable, then the Cyclace Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is an ideal one to have a look at.

The price point is relatively low; actually, it’s less than 400 bucks. And so, apart from being one of the finest exercise bikes under 500 dollars, it’s also going to rule in the list that sums up picks for the 400 bucks’ range.

The Cyclace Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike can take up to 330 lbs., which is pretty standard. Also, the equipment is primarily quiet, so there’s no way your family members will get annoyed if you wake up early with the motive to spend a good hour on it burning calories.

Also, the bike is pretty stable, so no awkward moment making you feel like falling off the seat. The flywheel is 36lbs; you can tell why the stability is so fine due to this feature. The belt-driven system is also there to maintain a stable ride.

It comes to build quality; the triangular frame uses thickened steel. This exercise bike will not disappoint your durability expectations with the flywheel, belt-driven system, and structure.

There are also 2-way multi-grips handlebars, you can adjust the resistance with it, and the bike fits quite well, all from beginner to pro levels. Overall, it’s a great one to try if you have a pretty limited budget.

5) SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS INDOOR BIKE – A Budget-Friendly Exercise Bike with Basic but Essential Features!

Highlighting Features:

  • Friction resistance type.
  • It includes a pulse sensor.
  • 49 lbs. flywheel.
  • 275 pounds of maximum height.
  • Emergency brake included.
  • Transportation wheels mounted on the front.
SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS INDOOR BIKE, Best Exercise Bike Under 500


  • Great mid-budget option.
  • Durable bike in an affordable range.
  • Stable enough.
  • Transparent knob to use.
  • Easy to move around.


  • Not suitable for long-legs folks.

What You Need to Know: The SF-B1002 comes with an excellent flywheel that makes sessions extra quiet even though it’s an affordable exercise bike.

What You’ll Love: It’s a rock-solid exercise bike option that includes all the elementary features that might not be out of the ordinary but for the price point is still a steal for the money.

What You Should Consider: It might not be an excellent option for people with longer legs as the design seems more compatible with short-legged trainers.

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

The SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS SF-B1002 is a perfect exercising bike within the budget, something that won’t cost you more than 400 bucks and would have almost all the basic but standard features given.

The frame is quite robust. It uses sturdy steel and comes with a strong flywheel weighing 49 lbs. And that tells the pedaling will be extra smooth, and there should not be a lot of noise with it too. You should be able to find the front-mounted wheels for transporting this bike from one room to another without any problem.

There’s also a bottle holder in the frame that makes accessing your held water bottles easy. Something that’s a bit of an additional feature but so much handy for folks who like to keep themselves hydrated throughout the workout sessions.

It can hold up 275 lbs. weight, and so anyone having a weight exceeding that, unfortunately, won’t find this exercise bike any good.

Overall, under 500 bucks, the SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS SF-B1002 does deserve a shout out we feel like. The resistance is efficient for beginners, including customizing benefits with a 4-way seat and 2-way handlebar adjustment benefits.

6) Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike – The Best Exercise Bike Under 300 Bucks!

Highlighted Features:

  • 35lbs Flywheel.
  • 270 lbs. weight capacity.
  • It includes an iPad holder.
  • It consists of a water bottle holder.
  • Belt drive resistance.
  • Noise-free.
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike


  • Resistance is pretty smooth.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • It comes with convenient holders.
  • Safe option with cage paddles.
  • Super affordable.


  • The seat could feel small for a few people.

What You Need to Know: The Yosuda indoor cycling bike comes with an adjustable seat with 4-way moving and paddings for extra comfort. And the handlebars are 2-way, non-slip type.

What You’ll Love: It comes with caged pedals that are also adjustable and keep the whole workout extra safe from fast-paced pedaling, resulting in injuries to the foot.

What You Should Consider: The Yosuda indoor cycling bike does come with a pretty well-planned seat with padding and adjustability features, but it seems small to a particular crowd of people, which could be a problem. You may require additional steps to make the exercise bike seat comfortable enough. 

Where To Buy: Sold By Amazon.

Product Details

So, we are almost done with the recommendations; after talking about the last but not most diminutive bike that isn’t just one of the most fabulous options below 500 bucks, but actually, it’s a great exercise bike under 300 dollars.

Yap, we wanted to include a cheap exercise bike option for those struggling with the budget limitation. The price got reduced; actually, it was initially slightly higher than 300 bucks, but it’s still ticking our today’s concept. 

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike is not an option that misses out on many compulsory features due to the low price point. Instead, it includes some aspects that are usually noticeable in mid-range to high-end exercise bikes, and that’s why we have it on this list.

This stationary exercise bike for home comes with belt drive resistance. And so, you won’t have any unsmooth experience with pedaling. Nor will there be any noise messing up the mood of your family members or apartment sharers.

Keep in mind that the Yosuda indoor cycling bike would carry up to 270 lbs. Anyone exceedingly that much weight should not go for it. 

The built quality is pretty solid, though. However, it’s still best not to work on it without exceeding the maximum weight. Also, the flywheel is 35lbs, and the steel frame is heavy-duty. To make the workout comfortable, you can have the iPad in the designated holder and watch your favorite videos on it. Also, a water bottle holder keeps you hydrated throughout the session.

Overall, it’s going to be a decent purchase for those who want to keep the deal extra budget-friendly and can manage with having a little fewer expectations. So from the price point, the Yosuda indoor cycling bike is the best option to grab.

Finding Yourself the Most Suitable Best Exercise Bike Under 500 Bucks – Factors to Consider

Getting yourself a quality exercise bike would need some effort. You must consider little things before deciding on any one exercise bike. 

No matter how great the features look and its popularity, the bike must be suitable specifically for your workout needs. And these are the considerations that should help you assure that point.

What Can You Not Compromise In a 500 Bucks Exercise Bike?

  1. Anything that is not made well or lacks durability would be a big no; there’s no way you can compromise a strongly made structure.
  2. The exercise bike cannot skip being stable enough for you to go a little rigorous on the exercise bike fearlessly. You are spending 500 bucks almost; that ought not to be on something that is fully wobbly.
  3. It cannot have too few features; a moderate array of benefits is expected in this budget. So, you should be able to have your hands on quite a few good-looking and well-working features.

Choosing the Right Type of Drive

You can pick from a belt or chain mechanism to decide the drive type of an exercise bike. Both have pros and cons will be entirely on you which suits best for your routines.

With belt-operated mechanisms, you’ll get to enjoy less slippage, a smooth ride, and quieter sessions. But this type can snap over time as belts are usually not a very durable option. It’s said that the best exercise bicycle for indoor usage would utilize the drive belt mechanism.

With chain-operated options, you will face more noise as well as resistance. It also needs you to be good at maintenance. But the mechanism is usually very cheap.

Extra Cautious of Flywheel, The Heart of The Exercise Bike

As you pedal, the flywheel rotates and plays an essential role in ensuring safety and stability.

For Your Information – The part that stays at the front of the bike attached to pedals through a belt or chain is called a flywheel.

The weight of a flywheel will be in charge of restricting the rotation. And heavier flywheels are indeed more preferable choices of serious trainers. It would help to opt for something between 20 to 40 lbs. The more weight, the better challenging and effective your workouts will be.

Keep In Mind – If you must keep the extra pedaling smooth as a beginner or a specific health condition, lighter flywheels can be the right option. For example, 22 lbs. would be a balanced weight that won’t be too light to lack stability nor too heavy for having hard pedaling.

The Weight the Bike Can Take?

If the bike you get for yourself cannot handle your body weight, it will break at some point. Also, if you weigh slightly higher than the capacity, then too, it’s best to avoid the exercise bike. 

Because then you will very soon have the internal mechanisms breaking. Again, the purpose dies as you’ll need to buy another exercise bike or constantly repair it, increasing repair costs. Be sure to get an exercise bike that is compatible with your weight.

The Resistance Type?

  • If you want more prolonged usage, minor wear and tear, low maintenance, resistance adjustments flexibility, and high-speed sessions, then go for magnetic resistance. Most premium exercise bikes for home and outdoor would have this type.
  • Friction resistance, another type, would fit well for those who want to go the affordable route. But there are more chances with wear and tear with this type.

Should Be Able to Accommodate You.

Some exercise bikes are excellent, with the brands bragging about unique features. But it might not be able to accommodate taller people. And that’s something you should take into account. 

For making the right choice, you need to know your inseam. It is mainly the distance between the ankle bottom to groin underside. And then, you have some measurements to use for picking the right exercise bike that can accommodate you.

Tracking Your Progress

The provided display should give you some data on your workout sessions so that you can keep track and make progress based on this data.

Most would come with LCD monitors that could be used through physical push buttons or even touch screens. In addition, you may be able to connect with other apps through Bluetooth and even share your progress on the social media platform.

Ensure the display is durable and comes with an interface that feels easy to interact with.

Seat & Handlebars – Comfort & Adjustability

Having an adjustable seat will make it easier for anyone to sit on the exercise bike comfortably. 

Often pains and strains come from an exercise bike that does not enable the user for adjustments. The same goes for handlebars; if you cannot adjust them, you won’t achieve the correct working-out posture, leading to improper sessions.

Also, the handlebar should be slip-free and comfortable to grip. Similarly, the seat should be padded, well-sized for your body, and come in proper shape to make your sessions sitting on it relaxing.

The Popular Extra Features That’s FAB to Have!

  •  If you prefer working out while reading an article, watching videos, or just listening to music, the iPad or Smartphone holder would be an excellent functional extra feature to have.
  • An extended period of pedaling, if that’s what you plan to do with the exercise bike, having a water bottle in the bike’s water bottle holder would be beneficial.
  • Suddenly feeling a leg cramp or soreness in muscle, that’s when you immediately must stop spinning. And an emergency brake system in the bike will make that much better.
  • Slipping off your feet while going full pace, if that’s something you have trouble with, the caged pedals will help.
  • If you are likely to move the exercise bike quite often, transportation wheels can help.

Wrapping Up

And that was our recommendation for the best exercise bike under 500 bucks. Hopefully, you will find at least one precisely according to your expectation or preference. However, if you are having a little difficulty, there’s no harm in taking your time to find and think more. 

After all, it’s not a cheap purchase, something you’re going to use and own for a pretty long time. So better to consider all your concerns and then choose which one to get. Best Of Luck!

Frequently Asked Question

How good is it to use an exercise bike?

From weight loss to upsurging cardio health and whatnot, there are many benefits you are going to get by implementing an exercise bike in your regular life. If you are a busy person who cannot make it to the gym, this can be a fantastic route to fitness. You should give it a try. Combine the sessions with power yoga, too; you can try yoga extreme for excellent faster results. 

Are spin bikes good for weight loss?

Yes, one of the significant benefits of exercise bikes, including spin bikes, is helping burn fat and calories, leading to gradual but effective weight loss. 

However, keep in mind, being mindful of what you’re eating is also essential. For example, you should incorporate healthy fitness meals too. Unfortunately, the bike alone cannot achieve a very effective weight loss result.

Do exercise bikes cause knee injury?

Not unless your knees have certain conditions that cannot handle pedaling. Also, people with knee joint pains often opt for the best recumbent exercise bike as it provides a low impact workout. In addition, you can check more recumbent exercise bikes that are more specific towards relevant help to knee conditions. 

As the feet stay in touch with pedals, the strain on the knee feels lesser and better than the ground. And so, for most parts, using an exercise bike should not lead to injuries in the knee. So if you do suffer from knee pains, try the long ARC quad exercise; it’s effective. 

Can I practice riding a stationary bike every day?

Yes, you can. It’s a fanatic everyday low impact workout change you can bring into your busy lifestyle. Every day, a ten-minute session will keep your upper and lower body extra energetic and less likely to strain.

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