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It is an established belief now that exercise keeps you healthy. Most of you have a fitness routine, and the few who have not yet indulged are probably planning to start one soon. So far, so good. But do you know, health experts stress on gaining “Absolute Fitness” nowadays? Gone are the days of the same type of routine workouts. 

Now the focus is on a result, and the stress is to keep your physique fit. Before discussing how to gain absolute healthiness, let us explain what we mean when we aim to achieve the body’s complete wellness. 

When you are fit, it means you can breathe properly, and your blood circulation is perfect. It also means you have enough strength or endurance to bear the weight of your body as well as the weights you need to carry. You should be able to move quickly. It would help if you had got the perfect body balance, and your brain should function properly. 

In short, you should be able to perform your regular chores efficiently without feeling tired and should be competent enough to respond during exigencies. You should be equally able to do both simple and complicated tasks with ease. To do so, a workout that combines all aspects of the total fitness regime should be included. 

What should be the holistic approach for Absolute fitness?

The workout program should aim at some aspects of increasing your vitality. The six elements of gaining complete fitness are explained below.

1) A flexible body is a must

The joints of your body and the muscles must move with ease. The stretch and bend postures should be done without any hindrance or pain in the joints or the muscles. There should be activities done that help increase flexible movements, reduce imbalance and pain in the forces, and enhance the strength or capacity of the muscles to stretch.  

2) It would be best if you were agile

You can be agile when you can do swift body movements at your will in a desirable way. This means that your activities are balanced, in control, have momentum, and have proper reflexes. It is, in fact, a great ability, and you are agile when you have absolute healthiness. 

You need to train your muscles and body parts so that they gain agility. It would help if you had proper weight training so that the reflex of your body increases. 

3) The Core of your body needs to be strong

The strengthening of the body core entails the maximum strength and flexibility of the core parts of the body. The spinal cord needs to be straight and flexible. The muscles and body parts in the abdominal area, the back, the chest, the limbs, the torso, the hips, and calves all should bear the strength and should be flexible enough. The limbs and the body should be able to move without constraints and pain. 

A strong core helps to perform daily activities and even strenuous jobs without much strain and pain. It helps in the balanced reflexes of the body, which in turn helps in improving agility. It also means that the inner system or the function of the body parts are exemplary and have no hindrances. 

Work requiring strength is done efficiently, and tiredness does not occur if you have a strong core. Your weekly exercise routine should include workouts to strengthen your core parts as well.

4) You must be able to endure stressful workouts.

Whether it be exercises or your daily activities, you must endure the stress and sustain yourself to work for long hours. Endurance power differs from person to person. However, research shows, the more stable is your metabolic and heart rate is, the more you have the power of endurance.

 What is the measure for a reasonable metabolic or heart rate for those with Absolute wellness? Modern medical researches state that if you can walk briskly or run five kilometers at a stretch, your endurance capacity is strong. 

There are specific pieces of training for increasing endurance capacity too. Excellent endurance training boosts the ability of the lungs, body muscles, and bones to sustain long and strenuous works. It accelerates the rate of metabolism and increases the capacity of the heart. 

This training keeps in check the blood pressure level and helps to control diabetes. The circulation increases in the body and the functioning of the brain gets more robust. 

5) Toning is a must for a healthy body

You need to have a fat-free body that is evenly toned. However, one thing you must remember. The only exercise will not help you attain the even-toned body unless you check your diet. You need to cut down the fat and oily items from your daily intake.

Take enough salads and fruits along with cereals, carbohydrates, and proteins in balanced proportion. This works wonders if coupled with the proper exercise regimen. Complete fitness also entails that your diet is healthy. 

Exercise in the right way, which helps an all-around fitness regime, helps in the total fitness of the body. A routine workout and combination exercise evenly spread out during the week will help attain the purpose. It will be best done under the guidance of an able guide. 

At the same time, there should be observed some restrictions. One should avoid smoking altogether. Drinking alcohol should be curbed. If not stopped completely, one should avoid alcohol before, during, or after workouts as this harms the body. 

6) Make yourself strong

You are firm when you can move or prevent your body parts or other objects easily. Training is there, which increases the power or strength of your body. This prevents you from falling quickly and developing injuries.

Strength training burns calories enough and makes you slimmer. It improves the power of your brain. It increases the thickness of your bones and makes your ligaments stronger so that they do not break or tear easily.

An informed coach will guide you on the proper strength training and help your muscles and bones grow more robust. However, you need to consult your coach and your doctor if you have developed any injuries or diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. If that is the case, specific exercises may not be suitable for you. 

So, it is all the more advisable to check out with your trainer and doctor before you start your daily routine of workouts.  

Now that you have known about the different aspects of gaining absolute health, you must know how to achieve a complete fit body. Exercise is the recipe. But what should be your routine for a total workout? It is best to get the guidance of an instructor. But those who would like to take charge themselves should be benefitted from the writing below. 

A balanced workout plan is a key

Perform a mix of aerobic exercise, strength training, and exercises to increase your balance and flexibility. A perfect mixture of the four types of workouts will give you a toned body with complete fitness

What should be your weekly workout?

● Two hours of aerobic training stretched over the week with a thirty minutes session each day.
● Strength training two days per week is a must for a healthy person
● Every alternate day there should be twenty minutes of balance exercise.
● There should be twenty minutes of flexibility exercise on the other alternate days – at least two days per week.
● There should be a ten-minute warmup period before starting each day’s exercise schedule and eight to ten minutes cooling before stopping the workouts.

Total fitness
Aerobic Exercise – A must for a fit body

About Aerobic workouts

Aerobic activities help increase the capacity of the cardiovascular system. Hence, they increase the endurance of the body. Jogging, swimming, running, stepping, cycling are examples of aerobic exercises. Here are the sound effects of aerobic exercises. 

Tips for doing aerobic exercises

● Aerobic workouts increase the capacity of the lungs.

● These exercises increase the function of the heart too.

It helps to burn down the calories.

● Aerobic exercises increase the enduring capacity of the body.

● Start with warming up. For example, try to first brisk walk before jogging or running. You can start with some yoga postures, too, so that the body is prepared for the next exercise.

● Start slow and increase the speed gradually as much as you can bear without too much fatigue.

● In the initial days, keep the workout minutes less for a stretch. Do a ten minutes exercise and then start again after a ten minutes recess.

● With passing, days increase the limit of your exercise. But remember not to extend the total workout (all the activities together) for more than sixty minutes in a day. Overtraining can have the reverse effect on your body and make you tired to complete your daily chores.

● If you are jogging or walking, choose to do so on level ground. Avoid roads with Pebbles or stones as that may hurt your feet.

● Get a good pair of athletic shoes that will keep your feet safe. Check if the soles are flexible and you have a cushion to support your feet. In short, buy a pair of shoes that will safeguard your feet in the best ways.

● Wear breathable cotton clothes that keep your body temperature cool and absorbs your sweat while exercising. Care for your comfort while dressing, and avoid clothes that tighten around your body unless they are stretchable.

Absolute Fitness -Increase the capacity for lifting slowly

Include strength training in your routine to gain absolute health

To increase your strength, you must work with weights and workout instruments, dumbbells, resistance bands, weight machines, etc., to increase the capacity to increase resistance. Lifting weights or pushing against a wall with force increases the strength of your body and your resisting power enhances. It helps you to maintain your daily activities efficiently. 

Tips for strength training

● Stay focused on the style you do the exercise.

Even if you work with light weights, it can give you good results if you do it properly. On the other hand, the wrong application of instruments can impair your growth and bring injuries. When you start the exercise with weights, you need to keep it extremely light and then slowly increase your capacity a bit.

● Strike a rhythm while exercising.

Put on some rhythmic music which will help to keep you energized. Lift the weights with the beats of the piece, hold it for some time, then put those down slowly. If you can not avail of music, slowly count numbers and do the workouts. These will help you to do a lot more or exercise and keep you focused.

● Take gaps in between

It is essential to mix your strength workout with rest in between. While doing the exercise and rest in between the sessions, breathe so that you get enough oxygen and the blood flow in your system is good. Good circulation and deep breathing will help you to pull weights and practice your workout for longer.

● Get a good pair of gloves.

This is necessary to cover your palms and the forearms from bruises while you lift a weight. Invest in a pair of gloves that give you a good grip and are soft and cushioned at the same time.

● Take two days of complete rest between two strength pieces of training.

This is required as the muscles need time to cool off.


Include Balancing workouts for Absolute Wellness

With the advance of age, we sometimes get off our balance as we lose the flexibility and agility of our bodies. Right exercises and balance training can help us maintain the balance and even regain the flexibility of posture that we have lost. 

Tips for balance exercise

● Include balance exercise for half an hour in your training on three alternate days.

● Combine the balancing exercise with other exercises as stated to give you the best effects.

● Try on Yoga postures as a means of good balance exercise.

● Get a good pair of shoes, a pair of cushioned gloves, and stretchable clothes for exercising. Check that your clothes give you the best comfort while you practice your workout.

● To enable you to do the best workout best, get a yoga mat or a yoga chair that will help you do the different postures properly.

complete fitness
Absolute Fitness – Exercise to stretch

Exercise to make yourself flexible

Some Yoga postures and stretching workouts enhance the flexibility of the body. It is essential because we need to increase our reflexes’ capacity to perform the work in our day-to-day life. With a flexible body, one can turn, twist, bend as desired, and do the usual chores. Other than that, it prevents the stiffness of joints and prevents pain in the body.

Tips for stretching exercises

● Always do some warmup before starting the stretching exercises. This will help the muscle to expand in a usual way without any clamps.

● Similarly, remember to have a cool-down period after the stretching exercise which will help the muscles to contract naturally.

● Stretching exercises should be for sixty minutes a week with a twenty-minute session each alternate day.

● It would help if you got the routine checked by your instructor and physician you have any disease of the muscles or the bone. However, it is always advisable to get the guidance of an able coach anyways.

● Stop stretching when you feel a little bit of contraction or stress, and do not extend further to avoid injuries.

● Avoid any bounces while doing stretching. This is because muscles work in the reverse mode while bouncing and stretching with bounces can cause harm to the muscles.

● Take gaps between five minutes to ten minutes of stretching sessions and repeat the sequence until you complete a twenty-minute session on each alternate day.

● Inhale and exhale deeply. This will help to expand the muscles to the maximum and help with your stretching exercise.


A body with perfect fitness is flexible, agile, robust, enduring, and balanced. It should be trim and not obese at all. In short, it should have the correct toning too. Gone are the days when a single mode of exercise was practiced for gaining complete fitness of the physique. Modern medical researches prescribe a combination of activities to achieve a body with absolute fitness. 

Want to acquire such a fantastic fit body? The process is simple but requires patience and a bit of time. Just include training to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and toning. Also, pay attention to strengthen your core muscles and body parts. A regular practice maintaining the guidelines will provide the desired results soon. The best is to get a routine under the guidance of an able coach or follow the instructions that have been put in this article.


What is absolute fitness?

Complete fitness is a state when the body is entirely healthy. It means that the body has strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and toning.

How does one get absolute fitness?

A mix of exercises in the right proportion will increase the capacity of the body in all respects. A mixed training routine with weight, aerobics, stretching, and balance training will help gain a fit body.

Is it necessary to do a warmup before starting an exercise?

Absolutely yes. It prevents the body muscles from injuries during workouts.

What kind of weights should you use for training?

Always use light weights but correctly do exercise to gain maximum effects from workouts.

What should you avoid during or after stretching exercises?

Avoid activities that need you to bounce after stretching exercises. This is because the muscles work in a reverse manner during stretching and bouncing. It may cause harm to the muscles if you mix the two.

Absolute Fitness
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